Tuesday, June 09, 2009



Well, I'm sitting in the same place as I was last night at this time staring out the same window. My fingers are resting on the keyboard revved up & ready to go but the thought patterns just haven't come down from command central telling them just what to rev about or where to go. Last night's dripping rain has been replaced with rays of evening sunlight filtering down through the pine trees & my desk's timepiece has moved a full 24 hours ahead. Oh dear.....could another blog jam be upon me:(( PHLOX IN THE PINES

I may have blogged about this before but let me say a few words again about one of my favorite all time favorite loves....Music:)) There is not one single solitary thing in my entire life that has brought me more continuous pleasure than listening to music. I was reminded of that again this morning when I decided to put to-gether some new music CD's from my extensive Winamp media library. It's a library I began about 10 years ago when I downloaded my first tune from the internet. THIS & THE FOLLOWING PHOTOS WERE TAKEN IN THE AREA THAT "GHOST RIDERS" WAS WRITTEN ABOUT

The library has grown over the years to encompass the Big Band Era & all the popular music from the 50's right into the 90's. I have broken the music down into categories such as Rock & Roll, Blues, Old Country, Relaxation, Folk, & my current favorite over the past 8 years or so.....ambient. I even have a folder of favorite TV themes from long ago & add to that some old radio programs as well. It's quite a mixed bag of music but you won't find any opera, hip hop, religious, or rap, on my computer. HEADING WEST TO-WARDS DOUGLAS, ARIZONA

This morning I decided to re-do some old country CD's that I like to take along to the southwest in the winter. When we think of Roy Rogers we think of his Palomino horse trigger & his rootin tootin television show back in the 50's but Roy sang with a group called, "The Sons Of The Pioneers." I came across their music years ago when I first caught the southwest bug. To date I have 51 of their songs here on file. It's not only the cowboy stories of the old west but it's the harmonies in the voices that I find so hauntingly beautiful. Best version of, "Oh Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie" I've ever heard & it's one of my favs. In recent years I have also become a Hank Williams Sr fan so I was busy putting a CD to-gether with a bunch of Hank's tunes this morning as well. What makes these CD's especially meaningful for me is our winter trips through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, & California. To drive through & camp in the very areas & settings these songs were written about is something I always look forward too. In this world of harsh realities it is one of the few fanciful escapes I can relate to. Last winter we drove down a road through an area in southeastern Arizona where years later on June 5th, 1948 Stan Jones wrote the country classic, "Ghost Riders In The Sky." Words & pictures plus how Stan Jones was inspired to write that song can be found here............ http://deenotes.homestead.com/ghost.html Looking forward to returning to this area in October & November. Well, look at that..............for not having anything to say an hour ago it looks like command central finally managed to rev up the fingers enough to put a few paragraphs to-gether again & send another blog winging it's way to wherever these blogs wing their way to.................................:))


  1. Wow - a very enjoyable post to read. And the pics were great too. Thanks!

  2. Are you just getting things caught up over the summer?? I love the pictures and the landscaping around the garden area you did.

  3. I have always thought that ghost riders in the sky was an eerie tale, and like Ole Marty Robbins version. But then I like everything Marty sang.