Tuesday, June 16, 2009



For most us us the names Fred & Wilma immediately conjure up memories of the Flintstones years ago. The TV cartoon has been off the air for a long time now but RV bloggers Fred & Wilma are alive & well living in Michigan. Quickly approaching retirement they are looking forward to taking their 38' Winnebago Adventurer into warmer winter climates in the very near future. You can find the Flintstone namesakes at http://flintstones1970.blogspot.com/ VIEW OF THE KID'S PLAY AREA FROM ATOP THE BEACH HOUSE

Our "Blogs We Follow" list is growing so I have decided to trim it up a bit by listing only the blogs that are remaining currently active. I will still keep an eye on the bloggers who haven't been posting for awhile & if & when they are up & running again I will either re-add them or make mention of their post in the blog. For anyone reading those blogs at the moment I sugguest you add their websites to your favorites so you don't lose them. I will do this Wednesday night. I'm going to keep Gypsy97 on the list though because I'm expecting her to re-surface any time now. I think she has got herself into a bad reception area. Her last post was May 27th. If anyone has heard from her, let me know & I'll post an update on her status. GRAND BEND'S ONLY LARGE BUILDING.....A BEACHFRONT CONDO

Beautiful day but rain moving into the area over the next couple days so figured it would be a good morning to take the bike for a run down to Grand Bend & have a look at the new beach renovations there. The motorcycle was needing a good run anyway & so was I. After a stop at the Bayfield carwash to hose all the pine pollen off the bike I was southbound for the Bend. Don't like washing vehicles here at the house because the strong chlorine in the water always leaves spots. NICE MORNING FOR A RIDE TO THE BEND

Grand Bend's main drag looks the same but they sure have made a lot of improvements to the beach area. I really, really, hope the summer teen-agers will respect all the hard work, time, & money, that the people of Grand Bend have put into their now family oriented beach project. It's obvious they are trying to make it family friendly. I have put this mornings beach pics in a photo album which can be found here.

An old Tavistock (my hometown) friend from many moons ago dropped in this afternoon & we had quite a chin wag. Been about 10 years since we last talked over in Stratford & it turns out he now lives just 3 miles from where we do. Small world.


Looks like I'm going to be busy with the mobility van over the next couple of days so I'm looking forward to some nice scenic country driving. It's one of the many advantages of living in a small town because everywhere you go involves driving through the countryside to get to where your going. I call that a huge bonus:)) ROMANCE WILL ALWAYS BE ALIVE ON THE BEACH AT THE BEND

Sidenote to the Grand Bench beach........My Dad as a young man was stationed at an air base just east of the Bend during the war & he told me how the guys used to get a car to-gether or hitch-hike into the Bend on Saturday nights to go swimming & dance the night away in the beachfront Pavillion. He said he had many a good time on that beach. My Dad died in 1992 & on the morning of his funeral I drove to Grand Bend & went for a walk along the shore. I picked up a small pebble in the sand & later slipped that into my Dad's jacket pocket to take with him & bring him good luck on his next journey..........................

OUR PHOTO ALBUMS http://picasaweb.google.com/stargeezerguy/


  1. That beach looks pretty nice - they did a great job with it. As for Gypsy, she is workcamping at Mt. Lassen Park in Norther California and is without a wifi connection - that's why she hasn't been blogging. I think she's there for another month or so.

  2. I meant to mention that for my Blogs I Follow list which is long also, I just take the option to list the latest 15 that have posted(setup option). That way, current posters always show up on my list while inactive ones aren't lost - they just don't display.