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New RV bloggers K & D have just launched themselves out here into the Cyber blogging world & are off to a good start. Located in picturesque British Columbia they have just posted their 4th blog entry & you can find them here.............. Welcome aboard the good ship Lollyblog:))


To-day we had one of those perfect weather days. Low to mid 70's, no wind, just the right amount of fluffy clouds, no humidity & warming sunshine. Geeeezzzzz, I like when that happens. We have a small storm coming in over the lake at the moment but it's not a big one. Some rain, some thunder & lightning maybe & then it will be gone in the night. At least I hope so. Thunderstorms scare the beejeebers out of our little Motormouse & she noisily hyperventilates a lot, crawls into the bathtub, under Mom's bed, & tries to hide under my T-shirt............. while I'm still in it!! A CLOVER BUNCH ALONG THE TRAIL

Had a mobility van run over to London & back this afternoon so I really enjoyed being out motoring through the beautiful June countryside. Only about 10% of the run itself was in the City of London & anytime I don't have to be in a city for any reason I consider that a huge bonus. Why oh why oh why would any sane human being live in a city if they didn't have to. Just one of the many perplexing questions in my life I guess. Have I ever lived in a city......Yes!! A couple months in Montreal, a year in Halifax, about 9 months in Toronto, about 5 years in Kitchener, & about 20 years in Stratford Ontario. That's it for more cities!!!!


In regards to yesterday's blog about the Vintage car rally in Bayfield I managed to lay my hands on a summer schedule to-day for Clangregor Square. Any car buffs in the area might be interested in the "Vette Fest" (corvettes) for July 4th & 5th. Not to be outdone, the "Ford Thunderbirds" meet will take place Sunday July 26th.BIG FROG POND BOSS

Bayfield is a very "happening" village during the summer & for anyone traveling in the neighborhood be sure to drop in & spend some time in a little old town by the lake. Check out my photos of Bayfield here & you will see what I mean.....


When I was a boy growing up, Sundays were always quiet restful days. I still adhere to that, especially the quiet part. I know I have become less tolerant to noise in these latter years but it really annoys me when people insist on firing up lawn mowers, chain saws, weed whackers, or leaf blowers on these supposedly quiet mornings. Some even decide to work away on their cars with sanders, lug nut machines, etc. We have 6 days of the week for all that kind of stuff. Whenever I hear those machines running on Sunday mornings it tells me something about the person at the other end of that device. Not considerate of neighbors feelings & probably too absorbed in self to really care anyway. Do I wish we lived out in the country betcha!!!!

And remember..."Inside every older person is a young person wondering what the hell happened."


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