Thursday, June 11, 2009



I came across a ladies blog to-day & her June 9th entry caught my interest right away. She talks about something we animal lovers don't like to think about yet we know the day comes for all of us in dealing with the loss of a pet. Her site is called Nodin's Nest & it looks informative.......

In about 10 days summer will be officially upon us. Wished I could say we have had a lovely spring here in southwestern Ontario but it has been cool, cold, cloudy & damp. Fingers are crossed for a pleasantly warm summer.

Gas prices are on the rise again just like last year at this time so I imagine a lot of fellow RV snowbirds are beginning to get a little nervous about this upcoming winter's plans again. In this day & age making any kind of medium or long range plans about anything is like trying to figure out when mosquitoes will someday harass the first astronaught to play golf on the far side of Saturn's rings.

I have been wrestling with a decision for quite awhile now that keeps me flip flopping back & forth but lately I've been doing more flipping than flopping. My logical mind tells me that it doesn't make a lot of practical sense to keep something that is costing me about $45 a month for 12 months of the year when I am only able to use it comfortably for about 3 of those months and for at least 4 months of the year it cannot be used at all whatsoever. It is not an essential thing & I have actually been using it less & less every year. Of course I am talking about my motorcycle. Aside from the first couple of rides in the spring of every year the excitement & thrill of the ride has kind of gone out of it for me. There are so many other practical areas where insurance costs, license fees, & maintenance monies could be used. This is my third motorcycle & when it's gone I'm not under any illusion that there will be a fourth motorcycle in my life. What makes the decision harder is the fact that this motorcycle is a Honda which just about puts it at the top of the motorcycle quality list. A beautiful bike in tip top shape & a real joy to ride. But...............:((

My new eating habits are going very well & I'll be posting a weight on Monday morning. I have already noticed my legs are beginning to feel better & maybe, just maybe, I'll begin fitting into some of my other pants again in a few weeks. It would be great to get out of the same old fat guys clothes I've been wearing these past bunch of months. Looking for my Discman in a drawer the other day I came across some brand new underwear I had bought a year ago. Before re-checking the size I had opened the package only to discover they were too small. Stores don't like taking free-wheeling underwear back so I was stuck with them, or would they would have been stuck on me if I had tried to wear them. Figured at the time I might someday shrink into them. Hmmmmm, dya suppose there could come a time when a new underware celebration day will be in my future................................:))


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  1. Why not tie that bike to the back of the motorhome...Then you could use it all winter too!!..