Monday, June 22, 2009



Monday morning weigh-in......206. Down 2 more pounds from last week but I was a bit disappointed in that number. Gonna have to chalk it up to that strawberry shortcake last night!!

First full day of summer rolled in this morning right on queue bringing with it warmer air & sunshine. Soon the humidity will build & I will be so glad to have something new to complain about instead of the same old cold & wet weather complaints I've had to listen to all spring.

It was a nice working day as I took a lady to Stratford & back in the mobility van. While at the main entrance of the hospital this afternoon I was reminded of another time I was there with the mobility van two summers ago. I had taken a lady in a wheelchair inside & while I was in the hospital some low life scum ball drug infested low life came right into the mobility van & stole my Fuji digital camera & Sirius Satellite radio. I had seen him sitting on a picnic table smoking near the main entrance when I pulled in but my attention was on the lady as I left the van for a few minutes to wheel her in the front door. I have zero tolerance for garbage people like that & I'm still mad as hell about that incident!!!! The police informed me at the time that Stratford was infested with druggies & they themselves were having difficulty dealing with the upsurge in crime. Too bad because I spent 20 years in Stratford & had found it a nice place to live from the mid 70's to the mid 90's.

It's another working afternoon for me to-morrow as I once again head back to Stratford with a fellow going there for an eye appointment. I'll be on the road Wednesday morning as well so I consider myself very lucky to have had 3 part working days in a row. The company I drive for is going to equip all the vans with Blackberries very shortly & there may be a seminar one night this week for all the drivers & others on how to use them. That would be a good thing. When it comes to phones I'm still back at rotary dialing 101. Phones are not my favorite thing!!

Rick sent me over a comment on how to put a link in the blog without having to use the whole address so I'll try that here. I'm in Outlook Express right now but when I copy & paste this email into the blogger dashboard I will try that. If Rick's name at the beginning is highlighted then you know it worked & Al has taken one more large step for himself & made one more large leap for mankind. Oh boy, wait till I go from rotory 101 to Blackberry 9000:))

Dragged the power washer out this morning for the first time this season & power washed a bunch of cement sidewalk slabs. Nearly power washed my feet into oblivion too. Man oh man those pressurized jets of water are powerful. Great way to get that garden dirt out from under your fingernails though......................................:))

TO-DAY'S PUN....... A set of jumper cables walk into a bar. The bartender says, 'I'll serve you, but don't start anything.'


  1. Al, your link worked liked a charm! After you become "educated" on the Blackberry, you'll be ahead of me because I'm still on a regular old Motorola Razr!

  2. Hmmm, my Motorola is so old it doesn't have a model name. You are a technowhiz compared to me, I can't figure out how to get the pictures at the top the right size even though I have read and reread both your and Lauries explanation. Oh well, I'll save it for someone to do for me when I am in the SW this winter.