Thursday, July 30, 2009



Most days are OK & some days are even better than OK but every once & awhile you have one of those days that just kind of sneaks up on you & clobbers ya one. Had one of those last night when I sat down at the computer to work on the blog. Things just didn't come to-gether in a positive way & I posted a blog I should have re-considered. After the posting I backed away from the keyboard, headed out the door, & took myself for a drive down to Grand Bend, parked on the beach & watched the big red sun sink into a placid Lake Huron. A quiet country road drive home watching the twinkling lights in the farm houses winking on reminded me of how fortunate we truly are to be living in the country we do & the peacefully scenic area we call home. Our health is good & we have so much to be grateful for. I sometimes forget that!! OUR MAXWELL BOY

Kelly had the day off so we sat for awhile this morning talking about our long term future RV plans & it wasn't long before we had the train back on track with some new ideas. We concluded that full timing is still a viable option for us but we just have to be patient for awhile longer to see just where this economy thing is going to end up. We hope to begin doing some RV trips next summer too. In the meantime our snowbirding plans for this winter are still a go & we're planning to be on the road sometime in early October. Da earlier da better:)) MET THIS CHARMING FELLOW IN THE GARDEN THIS MORNING
Felt so good after our morning talk I hustled right out to the rig & within minutes bin doors were flying open, plastic storage containers were being rounded up, things were being moved around & the entire basement was bustling with re-organization. Boy, I love when that happens. My annual mid summer slump was finally over & I figured with less than 10 weeks to go before we get the big wheels rolling again I had better get into high gear, keep that adrenalin pumping, & let my excitment have it's way with me. YESIREEEE, ONLY A LITTE MORE THAN 2 MONTHS TO GO
Thanks folks for the encouraging comments & emails. Sometimes we all just need a lift, a kind word, or something as simple as a good swift kick in the pants. My personality is such that it is always looking down the road wondering what's around the next corner & over the next hill. My ancestors must have been travelers & explorers because I'm always chomping at the bit to be just about anywhere other than where I am at the moment. Kelly says I'm quite an impatient handful at times, & I say....................she's right. "DIDN'T THINK I COULD CLIMB THIS GREASED POLE DID YA!!"
Dug out a couple of old bird books I had back in the late 80's when I was a member of the Stratford Field Naturalist Club but still have not been able to identify that bird in Tuesday's blog. We added another bird feeder to the pond yesterday & have noticed the bird traffic is defintely picking up. The birdseed eating Chipmunk traffic is picking up as well so it is a constant battle of who is outsmarting who for the seeds!! So far it's Chipmunks 5 & Al......2!!
Missed the groaner last night so to-night's it's gonna be........a double groaner!!!!
1. A nut named Hazel held up a bank saying 'give me all the cashew have'.
2. At a pet store: 'buy one dog, get one flea'.



  1. I just love that frog! Glad you are feeling better. I feel your pain. Although we consider ourselves 'full timers' the stick house is still controlling our a point. This is our second summer trying to get the place updated to put on the market....everyday we get a little closer, but boy do I long for the open road......times a wasting and there is so much I wanna see and do!

  2. Welcome back, Al and Kelly! Guess we got out at the right time, although if we'd waited, it would've been netter, unless we waited too long. Timing is everything.

    Isn't it great to have wives that can temper our hitch itch? I'm the guy who always want to move on, Suzy is the one who wants to stay a little longer. We make a good team.

    See you this winter near Douglas!

  3. October is sneaking up pretty darn fast! Thanks for being honest and posting how you feel - it's not always easy. But, life is good, right?