Friday, July 10, 2009



After a lengthy decision making process over the past couple of months I have finally decided it is time to sell my motorcycle. I put the ad up onto the internet this morning. I lost the excitement of motorcycling along the way somewhere a few years ago & try as I did I just couldn't get it re-started again. It was hard to justify paying insurance 12 months of the year for something that could only be comfortably used for 3 or 4 months. Interests & priorities change & this marks the end of a motorcycling era for me that brought a lot of enjoyment in the early years I rode. I will miss the bike on those few special warm summer days every year but in the long run I know I will feel better having at last made my decision. And so it is done.


Without the internet we would all have far fewer friends & much smaller address books. Isn't it amazing how many old school chums, business associates, fellow workers, relatives, & neighbors we all have now. Where were all these people before the internet. Personally I think the internet is the greatest invention since pickled chicken feathers. It allows us, in the privacy & comfort of our own homes to go out there on-line and meet people we'll probably never really meet in real time anyway & enables us to keep in touch with those remaining people that we actually have met. It is a comfortable kind of distance friendship for people like me who are not out-going & socially bubbly. I have what might be called, Wizard of Oz syndrome. I can ruffle & bluster & make a big noise on my keyboard but if you pull the curtain away you will find a slightly portly, quiet, shy, unassuming, & somewhat uncomfortable aging cursmudgeon hiding under a shock of graying hair complete with moustache & beard. Aw yes, it is the age of Ozlike Cyber Cursmudgeonism:)) (I know cursmudgeon isn't spelled right but I prefer to have a little s ahead of my mudge) 2002 HONDA SHADOW AERO 1100

It is still early July but to-day I found myself sitting with Atlas & magnifying glass in hand pouring over various routes to the American west. We have a standard route we like that takes us into the southeast corner of New Mexico but if we decide on the Mesa Verde National Park area near Durango Colorado this fall it's going to mean a totally different trek. Two years ago we slipped through Chicago straight across to Denver & then over the mountains to our first destination of Moab, Utah. I imagine we would use the same route as far as Limon & then head southwest down through Colorado Springs. However, I haven't checked our mountain directory guide yet so that may change things. As beautiful & breathtaking as the Rocky mountains are they can be a real SOB to haul a motorhome & car through. RV friends of ours blew a Motorhome engine last year in the mountains on their way south from Alberta. Not a good thing to have happen!! From the 4 corners area we would then make our way south into Arizona running down through Apache Junction to southeastern Arizona for our 3 week November Ranch sitting job again near Douglas. Well, it all sounds good in theory anyway. In the meantime I had better get myself busy collecting pop bottles for some gas money again!!

TO-DAY'S HUMOR: A man walks into a bar with a slab of asphalt under his arm, and says: 'A beer please, and one for the road.'



  1. Noooooo not the bike! Seriously? You sure? You know, once it's in your blood it's always in your blood.

    About that itinerary, be sure to swing by Fort Collins CO to come see us at our new digs OK?

  2. I agree with you completely on your Internet comments. It certainly adds a whole new world of entertainment and knowledge to us as we get older. The communication aspect is just incredible. By the way, congrats on keeping your bike so long - I sold mine 20 years ago!

  3. Better on the helmet than in your hair.

  4. That was a big decision. We know of other RVers who have made the same decision, and even some who have gone the other way and gotten a new-to-them bike. Me? A four-wheel drive Suzuki XL-7!

    It will be interesting to watch your journey into our part of the country. It you are going to be going through Apache Junction, you'll probably have to go through Benson on your way to Douglas. If you do, you'll have another chance to meet more Internet friends - us!