Monday, July 06, 2009



My Monday morning weigh-in was a good example of the old saying, "is the glass half full or half empty?" I have to be optimistic & say the glass is half full as I weighed in the same as last week.....209 pounds. Although I didn't lose any weight.....I didn't gain any either!! IN OUR FRONT YARD BUT DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS

For the first 3 or 4 years we lived here at the 5 Seasons Estates I did a lot of gardening & landscaping around our place. Our unit hadn't been lived in for 3 years & the outside grounds were pretty barren & shabby looking. Quite a change from then to now as I have basically created a jungle like monster all around us. It's a never ending job of maintenance but I'm not complaining. I made my big green monster & now I must keep it's voracious appetite for gobbling up space under control. This morning I headed over to a neighbor's house & spent over 3 hours wrestling her front yard back from Mother Nature's wild & weedy side into something resembling a suggestion of order & control. The first 3 or 4 years we lived here I used to do a bit of gardening & landscaping for the park & some of the residents,but the last few years I have scaled all that back to mainly dealing with our own jolly green jungle monster. STELLADORO LILY WITH HEAVY DEW

Noticed a post in RV NET this morning that caught my attention. In one of the forums the topic was, Inconsiderate RV'ers, & that reminded me of a time back in January of 2008 when we were boondocked in Quartzite, Arizona. In the space of a few hours we were forced to move not only once..........but TWICE!! GETTING MY WALLPAPER MEASUREMENTS RIGHT

Did a little more painting in the motorhome last week around the stove area. Tried my hand at putting on some vinyl wallpaper plus wood trim. I amazed myself by not screwing it up too bad. Didn't even make any measuring mistakes for a change & I actually got the wallpaper right side up. But.......not to be outdone by my perfection I went ahead & nailed the wood trim on with the wrong kind of nails. Should have been small finishing nails but I used something akin to railway spikes. What was I thinking!!!!!! THE AREA TO BE PAINTED

I scrambled out of the park last night pretty quick when a fast moving tropical downpour like storm blew in across the lake complete with thunder & lightning. I'm always on the hunt for storm photos but only managed a few last night & they were not anything spectacular. I remember one enjoyable night years ago just northeast of Stratford when I set up my cameras during a very nasty night storm & got some great lightning photos. Unfortunately that was the old pre-digital era & those photos were on slide film. LAST NIGHT'S DARK STORM CLOUDS

To-morrow I'm off to London with the mobility van so at least that will get me out of the park again, dust me off, & give me something to look forward to. I always enjoy the ever changing rural scenery....................................

TO-DAY'S HUMOR: Why do cows wear bells? They wear bells because their horns don't work.



  1. Glass half-full or half-empty? I used to get so discouraged by weigh-ins when trying to lose weight, I quit the scales thing altogether. Now, I just go by how many notches I lose on my belt. I've lost almost 3 in 2 months and now I'm happy. I have no idea of how much weight I've lost because I never even weighed myself to start. This method sure takes a lot of pressure and anxiety off - for me, anyway.

  2. I love the new paper, so colorful!
    Those storm clouds look a lot like the weather we have been having recently.

  3. Al, your new look in the MH kitchen is great! Some folks (like us) shy away from bright colorful decorating schemes, but yours looks wonderful.

    We linked back to your Quartzite blog. Such chutzpah! Such inconsiderate people! You showed mighty forbearance in not nailing them with railroad spikes!