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Last night was one of those blogs that rolled off my keyboard & ended up later giving me a hard time about the thoughts I had put into it. When I re-read it this morning I didn't feel right about what I said regarding fellow RVers traveling lifestyles & inferring that doing the same old thing all the time was boring or unexciting. I'm sure there are many types of adventurers out there who would find our type of travel not to their preference either. We are all different people traveling the road of life with many varied destinations & stops along the way. Wherever we are on that road & whatever stage we are at we generally feel it is the best place for us at the time. Interests change, eras come & go, new challenges are met & old ones are left by the roadside. It's a good thing we are all different or we would be a planet of robotic drones without spark, fire, or that special kind of thunder that individually makes us who we are. To-day Kelly & I embrace the adventurous spirit within us for as long as we can make it last. There fast approaches a time when interests & circumstances will change & we'll move on to a new era of forced winters in Canada again or maybe just taking the shorter route to Florida & happily lazing the days away in an RV Park remembering the good old days & waiting for the early bird specials. One thing is certain though, despite me repeatedly using the phrase 'same old' in last night's blog, nothing ever remains the 'same' & the word 'old' only applies to dinosaurs, left over pizzas & aging hippies!! Interesting post on the RV NET this morning about the use & abuse of CB (Civilian Band) radios. Many RVers have them in their rigs including us. I remember getting my first CB radio in 1975 when most of the channels were alive with all kinds of colorful chatter. The CB craze was in full swing & it seemed like everyone & their dog had a CB. A lot of guys on CB's were trying to sound like truckers with lots of phony southern drawls, big 10-4's at the ends of sentences, loads of swearing & tall tales. Remember C.W. McCall's popular trucker song, Convoy. And did you know that was not his real NAME. Anyway, fast forward 32 years to when I decided to put a CB radio in our motorhome. I honestly felt I had a defective radio because all the channels were silent. The non stop chatter from the mid 70's was gone & there was not much of anything left but dead air. Times have sure changed in CB-Ville. I leave the radio on channel 19 now while traveling & the only other people on there seem to be the truckers. Sometimes their conversations are interesting & sometimes they are just plain rude. In the 3 years I have had the radio I have never had occasion to use it. Idle chatter isn't my thing but I do like to have the radio present for traffic congestion & emergencies, etc. And who knows, maybe someday I'll just grab that old mike & let loose with a big, Hey little Buddy how's it goin........10-4:)) MOTORMOUSE IN THE LAUNDRY BASKET

It's now July & we have entered the dog days of summer. If your wondering where that phrase came from just hop on over to JENNY'S blog & she'll tell ya all about it. RICK, on the other hand blogged about his favorite RV accessories he wouldn't leave home without. I, in turn left a comment on Rick's blog about something Max, Checkers, me, & the Motormouse wouldn't leave home without either:)) WORKING ON A LITTLE WALLPAPER TRIM IN THE BATHROOM.....YES, WE DO LIKE TO MAKE THINGS COLORFUL IN KEEPING WITH OUR SOUTHWEST THEME:))

Did a Twitter Tweetdeck update to-day & it really messed around with my Facebook account & website. Took me awhile to get things straightened out but everything appears to be back as it was & no Tweetfaces were harmed in the process. Sun is shining, computer stereo is rocking with ambient tunes, I'm in the same chair at the same time of day with the same coffee cup typing on the same keys using the same cranium I work with every night. I have on the same track pants, flannel shirt, & brown socks, I had on last night. Same, same, same, so everything is somewhat basically the same as usual. Now if that isn't routine excitement for an aging RV hippy type guy........then what the heck is huh........:)) Adios Amigos A TOUCH OF DUTCH JUST DOWN THE ROAD FROM OUR PLACE ABOUT HALF A MILE

TO-DAY'S HUMOR: A blind man with a guide dog enters a Wal-mart & begins swinging the dog around over his head by it's collar. The store manager rushes up yelling, "stop, what are doing!!!! The blind man answers, "just looking around."


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  1. It's kind of funny, but I didn't read your blog last night as inferring that others preferences, including mine(lol), were boring. I just took it as expressing what your favorite type of experience is. It sounded kind of appealing to me, and once I get a couple of Honda 2000's, I just might give it a try - risk a little. It's a good thing we're all a bit different but it's also a great thing that we seem to have more in common.