Wednesday, August 26, 2009



A bit late sitting down at the old keyboard to-night but I did manage to throw a few photos to-gether of a favorite boondocking spot we camped at back in late February of 08. It's just west of Ajo, Arizona in the AJO HIGHLANDS in a place commonly referred to as the Darby Wells Road area.


Anybody who follows our blog knows we are boondocking folks who avoid RV Parks wherever possible. I've blathered on quite a bit about our dislike of crowded parks in the past so won't re-hash myself here & get all the RV Park folks chasing me around with big sticks again. MY IDEA OF BOONDOCKING

To-day's boondocking photos show what we consider to be just about the perfect setting for people like us who prefer the peace & tranquility of Mother Nature. Only sounds are the coyotes, Gila woodpeckers, a few ravens, & the desert wind. No security lights, trailer lights, or headlights, only the beautiful light of the moon in a clear star studded night sky. Nothing moving past your rig except for the odd rabbit or roadrunner. No big flat sided fiberglass RV's 10 feet away, just endless miles of Saguaro cactus, Cholas, Ocotillos, majestic rock formations, & mountain ranges on all sides for as far as the eye can see. I'll bet this is all sounding pretty boring to a lot of folks out there & the question arises, "what do you do all day?" My answer to that is, "why do we have to do anything!!" We are totally immersed in domestic stuff for 6 months of the year when we are at home in Canada & we consider it a great privilege to step right out of that world once we get down to our desert home in the southwest. And that home is wherever our rig is parked & the quieter the place we can park it the better!! EVERY DAY A CAMPFIRE, EVERY NIGHT A DAY'S MEMORIES

We don't do the same thing day after day though. We do day trips with the car, pop into the nearest town for groceries, & spend large amounts of time relaxing around our rig. If you give it a chance, that relaxing stuff really grows on you. Always a morning hike though. I'm not a television person so couldn't care less if we had a TV or not, except for the news. Nightime is when I enjoy putting the day's blog to-gether. It's a favorite time of mine. Another favorite time is reading. While in Canada I never read a thing but the boondocking lifestyle for me totally lends itself to settling down in a comfy reclining lawn chair in the shade of the rigs awning with a good book. No interruptions, no honking horns, no blaring television, no neighbor's stereos or screaming kids, dirt bikes, ATV's, no social stress & no pesky neighbors. JUST THE WIND, THE THOUGHTS, THE PLANS, THE DREAMS, & THE MEMORIES WAITING FOR THE DESERT MOONRISE

GROANER'S CORNER:(( A diplomat is someone who can tell you to go to hell in such a way that you will look forward to the trip.

The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...AL.


  1. Your blog has made me anxious to get down to the desert in January. I can't wait to see the palm trees, the cactus, the mountains - just like you said. I'm also looking forward to the beautiful swimming pool, the spa, morning and evening walks around the park and getting my satellite TV and Internet all hooked up. I love reading too, outside in a recliner, just shutting out all the sounds around me! We certainly do have a different approach to this wonderful lifestyle!

  2. Al, you are making us drool! We do not boondock, but the life you have described sounds ideal.

    We could do it if we had solar, no question about it, but our motorhome has no solar, we can't add the weight of the necessary batteries, and we can't afford the additional cost.

    But by jumpin' jiminy we can enjoy YOUR boondocking experiences in your blog! We don't envy you that life, because we have a good life in our own way. We are happy for you, and we are happy that you so freely share what you see and do. Keep it coming, Al!

  3. Hey Al... Loved this post and loved where you were boondocking... I would love to do that but being a chicken I would want at least one more couple with me... How long do you stay out there and how do you do with water & electric???? Let me know please!

    Have Fun & Travel Safe

  4. Hey there! I don't think we're in this exact spot, but we found a nice site. You probably remember it: there are lots of cacti, blue skies, birdsongs, and mountains.

    One question: did you come in through Ajo, or up from the south? Because i had to do Lamaze breathing while Annie was maneuvering us around that skinny pass just out of town.

    The Good Luck Duck