Monday, August 24, 2009



It was kind of a gloomy cloud covered morning so figured I needed some good old southwest sunshine & scenery to cheer me up....real quick!!. Cracked open my Picasa Web Albums site, put on my hiking boots, & took me for a cyber walk through BRYCE CANYON, Utah. OUR 'BRYCE CANYON PINES' CAMPGROUND WEST OF BRYCE CANYON RUBYS INN

I first hiked the Sunrise/Sunset trail in Bryce back in May of 1992 & what I saw that time has always stayed with me. Kelly had never been there so in November of 2007 we rolled into Utah's Bryce Canyon area with our hiking boots at the ready, our water bottles filled, & our enthusiasm in overdrive. ON THE SUNRISE TRAIL INTO THE CANYON

We had a few touches of snow here & there because of the higher elevation but we found a cozy & quiet little campground about 6 or 7 miles west of Bryce on highway 12 called, The Bryce Canyon Pines & as luck would have it.....we had the whole campground to ourselves for the 2 days & nights we stayed there. THIRD HOODOO ON THE RIGHT IS THOR'S HAMMER

It was breakfast next morning at the well known RUBY'S INN (nice place but expensive!!) & it was off for a few hours hiking in Bryce Canyon just a few miles down the road. There are various trails in Bryce but we chose the Sunrise to Sunset 1.6 mile trail because I remembered how nice it was from back in 92. It's easy walking with wide flat paths as you descend into the canyon but there are some grades & a steep switchback climb out of the canyon at the other end of the trail at Sunset Point. It's one of those walks where you really want to take your time to see everything because the beauty of the hoodoos are all around you. There is an overwhelming sense of peace & serenity here so there is no hurry to finish the walk. ON THE FLOOR OF THE CANYON

Bryce isn't a canyon that you just stand & admire from afar, it is a canyon that you become a part of as you hike right down to the floor of the canyon itself. It's a magical fairyland of cotton candy colors with castles, spires,, hoodoos, & great gargantuan rock creatures lurking all around you every foot of the way. This is a place you have to see to appreciate. Again, a picture is worth a thousand words so come walk with Kelly & I as we take you around the winding magical PATHWAYS OF BRYCE CANYON:)) (you might like to click on the Slideshow feature when you get there) KELLY COMING THROUGH A HOLE IN THE ROCK

GROANER'S CORNER:(( If at first you don't succeed......skydiving is not for you!!

The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...AL.


  1. Well, Al, you've done it again. A few days ago I made plans for us to visit the Carlsbad Caverns after I read your blog and saw the pics. Now, you go and post this!

    Looks like I'll have to add the Bryce Canyons to my list of "places to see(before I'm 105)". Great pics as usual.

  2. Great pictures of a beautiful area. Thanks for re-sharing.

  3. Al, you said one picture is worth a thousand words. We have just enjoyed 111,000 words with your slideshow! We've been to Bryce Canyon but didn't actually hike down into it. Thanks for taking us along with you. Yes, we know those are the actual colors!

  4. I'm going to "Follow" your blog from here on. Really great stuff! Thanks for the "do's and don'ts" of blogging. I'm new to this and I got a lot of pointers from your post. Look forward to checking in often.

    a fulltimer now...