Friday, August 28, 2009


A REFLECTIVE LOOK AT OUR FRONT YARD IN THE EYE OF THE GAZING BALL (Photo taken with 700mm lens from the house waaaaaaay in the background reflection)

Co-incidentally it seems like Thursday was the day for haircuts & head jobs in the RVing blogger community. While JANNA was getting the grey out in Montana, RICK was heading into Victoria BC to get his locks shorn & I was in the chair myself at home with Kelly wielding a creative pair of scissors. I've been very lucky since meeting Kelly back in the summer of 93 because that's the last year I was ever in a barber shop. With 5 kids to raise, Kelly wasn't about to pay for nearly a dozen kid's haircuts every couple of months so took it upon herself to learn the art of haircutting by trial & error. I imagine she had a few little errors running around the house for awhile until she got the hang of it though. She said the kids made good little Guinea pigs:))

BEFORE & AFTER THE HAIRCUT....Kelly says I'm still not allowed out of the house regardless!!!!

Came across an informative boondocking blog site yesterday. If there any boondockers out there I think you will find this fellas site very handy with all kinds of tips & pictures. In fact you don't have to be a boondocker to enjoy this site because he's got all kind's of ideas for doing things easier & better in & around his rig. You can find him here...LMIC. (Like Mom I'm Camping)

We lit the pilot light on our little sunroom gas stove yesterday in preparation for the coming cooler temps. Now that we have the computer in the sunroom I'm sure we'll use that a lot more. It still amazes me how we can run that fireplace with just a remote control. Don't have to go crawling around in the bush for firewood. No hauling, stacking, or carrying in of wood either & no bugs & beetles to get into & eat up all my morning cereal before I do. NO MISTAKING THIS BLUE JAY

Here's a fulltiming RV couple with his & hers blogs. When they visit somewhere you can actually end up with both his & hers opinions of what they saw. An engaging concept & no doubt they have some interesting conversations over coffee about their views. Jim & Mary are about to make the move from an older Class A into a brand spanking new one. Check them out here.....RAMBLINMAN JIM & MARY'S RAMBLIN'S. OUR LITTLE GAS STOVE FIREPLACE

Good internet connections while on the road seem to be the number one concern of most RVer's traveling these days. It's almost more important than food itself. Air cards, satellite dish connections, Wifi hotspots, broadband, spaghetti sauce, gigabytes, bandwidth, Skype, routers, roosters, & rutters.....what does it all mean. What does what & which does it best. It's a real minefield of technical decisions out there. Kelly has a better technical mind than I do & has the patience to wade through the reams of information. After reading techno installation instructions for about 30 seconds my head explodes & I have to go take an Aspirin or something. Besides it really messes up my hair when that happens too!! CALA LILY FLOWER

For the past 3 years we have traveled with one computer but this year we're thinking of taking our desktop as well. All the while we are away Kelly takes the forwarded phone calls from Deerpark Lodge here in Bayfield & looks after the bookings & registrations. That means a substantial increase of her time on the computer. I always have a lot of photos to work on plus the blog so at times we are competing heavily for computer time. I am happy to report though that no one has ever been injured in this intense quest for on-line cyber time . Adding a second computer of course adds a few more technical challenges so we've been reading with interest lately about routers. RICK'S POST a couple days ago shed some light on that for us so I think we'll check a little further into this Cradlepoint stuff. We first began hearing of Cradlepoint routers last winter while boondocked down in the Borrego Springs area of California.

Three seasons ago we were constantly on the look-out for hotspots & our internet connections were frustratingly spotty at best. Two seasons ago we were wrestling with a technically & physically challenging satellite system. Last year on our way to the southwest that satellite system failed near Silver City, New Mexico & we made the decision then to go with a Verizon air card. We've been happy campers with that service ever since. Nothing like cruising down the highway, being on the internet, & taking care of business at the same time. Try that with a satellite dish or a McDonald's hotspot!! Is all this technological stuff expensive?? What isn't expensive anymore in this day & age!!!! You practically need a full time job just to buy a bag of jube jubes nowadays:(( JEWEL WEED FLOWERS......JUICE FROM STEMS IS GOOD FOR POISON IVY....I KNOW!!!!

I made a mistake in last night's blog when I mis-linked a blog site to the wrong people. I have to figure out now where I saw Rick & Orinda's blog so I can correct that error with the right website address. Unfortunately my short term memory is of no help to me at all!! Ok, just found them with the help of Google's search engine......FULLTIME RVING WITH RICK & ORINDA. ALMOST NIGHT TIME AT OUR HOUSE

We've got a wet gray drizzly day going on here in southwestern Ontario but that's OK. Just a nice time for plunking away on the keyboard & watching all the birds out the windows in front of me. Some days are just somehow kinda more better than others..............:))

GROANER'S CORNER:(( You know your getting old when you wake up looking like your driver's license photo.

The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...AL.


  1. Hey Al you sure are looking good... Kelly did a great job! We use a cradle point router with our computer and games... It works great and also boosted our signal some. I am sure you will be happy with its performance and the support team is the best to work with. I am heading over to check out Jim & Mary now... Have a GREAT night!

    Have Fun & Travel Safe

  2. Al, as I told Rick the other day, having only one computer in the motorhome while we traveled was the only thing that nearly has led to a fight between my lady and me! Now we travel with two, and when we're home we have three!

    Now we are almost fighting about having Internet access on only one computer at a time, so we are also looking into routers and so forth.

    I guess there's something going 'round. (But I didn't get a haircut Thursday, so I guess I'm different.

    Put your hat back on! We don't recognize you without your hat!

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