Sunday, August 02, 2009



No luck finding Stella again to-day so we're beginning to think someone may have taken her. We did have a scare this morning when Kelly phoned the Bayfield Garage to inquire if any motorists stopping in may have mentioned anything about a dog. The young fellow answering the phone said there was a black colored dog lying dead on the shoulder of the highway across from the service station. There was little doubt in our minds that it was going to be Stella so I put a tarp in the van & we headed into Bayfield. I saw the body on the east side of the road but as I went by to turn around I thought it looked too small for Stella. I was right, it wasn't her but we felt bad for the poor dog & it's owners just the same. Kelly phoned the animal control fellow to inform him of the dog's location. SMALL RED ARROWS POINT TO BIRDFEEDER STATIONS

I returned home & Kelly went to Deer Park Lodge for the day & did up a bunch of "missing" posters. Stella's owner's son put them up around Bayfield this afternoon. Kelly also called a local radio station (The Beach 104.9) & they were kind enough to make several annoucements on the radio. I drove around Bayfield 3 different times plus went down to the beach but Stella was no where to be found. We are beginning to think that somebody has probably picked her up & kept her. It's a long holiday week-end here in Canada & Bayfield is bustling with thousands of tourists. The fact that no calls have come in to the animal control people or police doesn't bode well for her being found. We will continue our seach.................... STELLA.....PHONE HOME!! (Stella is a year old)

Great weather day so took the motorcycle for a spin up to Goderich for my 10 o'clock coffee. Picked up a Finch birdfeeder at Canadian Tire & headed home. We now have 7 feeder stations including 2 suet cages. Spent a few relaxing hours on the front porch reading my bird books, enjoying the weather, & watching the antics of the Blue Jays, Cardinals, Grosbeaks, Finches, Sparrows, & Chickadees. No sign of the rascally Chipmunks though. Figured because it's Sunday the Chippys were home relaxing & spending the day with their families. I wished the neighbor with his noisy lawn mower would have been considerate enough to do the same!! Would be nice if everyone could set aside their petty religious differences & feuds & all agree to at least have one quiet day of the week. Maybe just call it Family Day or something.........................well, I guess that is never going to happen!!!! DO YOU THINK WE HAVE ENOUGH TOYS FOR OUR 3 FURRY AMIGOS

Groaner's Corner: A prisoner's favorite punctuation mark is the period. It marks the end of his sentence.

The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...AL.


  1. It's just hard for me to understand how someone could find a dog and keep it without trying to find the family that owns her. It just seems pretty cruel to me. I sure hope someone is just taking care of Stella and will contact authorities very soon. I haven't given up hope yet!

  2. That is so sad, we will continue to hope that someone sees the posters or hears the radio announcements. It would be horrible to never know what happened to Stella.