Saturday, August 15, 2009


AT LAST.....A HUMMINGBIRD:)) (click to enlarge)

Saturdays are busy days for Kelly at Deerpark Lodge so she was out the door early this morning. Humidity had rolled into the area Friday & to-day turned out be another cooker. The humidity really draws out the mosquitoes & biting flies so I didn't get far with the dogs on our walk this morning before the bugs drove us out of the forest. It just kind of turned into a low energy morning & I sat on the front porch with my camera watching the antics of all my bird pals coming & going to the feeders & bird baths. It's quite a pecking order they follow & I can also tell you it's really hard to get a humming bird to sit still!!. RED BREASTED MALE GROSBEAK

Had a mobility van run this afternoon so that made 3 this week. At this fast pace I might even be able to make enough money this summer to actually buy a whole tank of gas for the motorhome by October. Guess I shouldn't complain because at least I have something. There are a lot of people out there right now with no employment at all, not even part time. Kelly phoned to say she saw Stella to-day for the first time since she went missing a couple weeks ago & it was quite obvious that Stella was a happy dog to be back with her owners again. She had been picked up by someone in a black SUV & luckily 2 small children had seen it happen. When Kelly made up all the 'Stella Is Missing' posters she put the children's description of that dark colored SUV on the poster. Kelly distributed those posters far & wide & went to a great effort to make Stella's disappearance known throughout the community. We think this was a contributing factor to Stella's eventual return. Stella's picture & the car description were everywhere & finally Stella's owner got a call from someone saying, "I have your dog & am willing to return it." A meeting was arranged in Clan Gregor square here in Bayfield & Stella was returned to her rightful owner. We think the pressure was just too great for this person who may originally have thought they were just picking up a stray mutt off the street. Anyway, it has all worked out well in the end & Stella was once again racing around over at Deerpark Lodge to-day just as happy as can be. Yaaaaay Kelly:)) Yaaaaay Stella:)) And Yaaaaay to all the folks in Bayfield who were keeping an eye out for her:)) STELLA:))))))

It was nearly a year ago to the day that I made a very big mistake with my motorcycle that could have ended up costing me a whole bunch of money but thanks to the keen eye of a young gas station attendent in Goderich I was spared that fate. You can read about my big mistake......HERE.NOTICE THE TINY FLY ON THE LEAF TO THE RIGHT....NEVER SAW IT UNTIL I CROPPED THE PHOTO IN PICASA

GROANER'S CORNER:(( You know your getting old when you try to straighten out the wrinkles in your socks and discover you aren't wearing any.

The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...AL.


  1. Hello Al, What wonderful pictures of the birds & the fly... LOL It should have been a bee ;-D The hummingbird pictures were incredible...So clear!

    Have Fun & Travel Safe

  2. I love looking ay your amazing photos. The humming bird is my favorite. I have a couple at this campground, but I've yet to get a photo of them. So, I'll just enjoy yours. :)

    Happy Trails,