Thursday, August 06, 2009



I enjoy reading most other RV'ers blogs because there is always much food for thought. When I read about thoughts, ideas, plans, dreams, successful ventures & failed adventures I am comforted to know I am not alone in my thinking. In GYPSY'S recent post I sense her frustration at having to deal with the public in her job at Lassen Provincial Park, California & the recent loss of her dog plus the isolation she is feeling by not being connected to her internet friends because of a poor internet signal where she is located. CONE FLOWERS

I've been following ROD'S blog as they have been bubbling along the interstates heading west through Colorado & Wyoming in their brand spanking new Class A Allegro. You can feel their excitement as they get to know & discover their way around the big coach. WANDERING WILLY is somewhere up around Dawson City probably lost in a big cloud of dust on the Klondike highway & BIG JOHN must still be on his horse down the road from Dogpound somewhere. SANDRA & GORDON are traveling in the Georgian Bay area in Ontario & heading east. RED WING BLACKBIRD

Those are just a few of our traveling RV friends, some of whom we've met & most of whom we haven't. Some of them are traveling & some of them like us are at home for the summer. I liked HOWARD'S blog to-day as they recounted their last 4 years fulltiming & the many camping areas they have been in. It is an interesting read to see how they have rated the places where they have stayed. I liked how he stated their thoughts, feelings, & preferences. They are people like ourselves who like peace & quiet but in their workamping roles I can also sense his frustration at times when having to deal with the fickle public. I would absolutely be no good at that whatsoever anymore..........but there was a time:)) A NEIGHBOR'S BIRDHOUSES

RICK'S blog caught my eye again to-day when I noticed The Bayfield Bunch was in it:)) We have much in common plus the love of RVing. Our traveling habits are a bit different but that is simply what makes everything so interesting. If we all thought alike we would be a planet of cyber clones living in dull lifeless world of fog & ash. When I was looking at one of Rick's pictures from Desert Hot Springs I noticed mountains in the background & wondered if we may have been camped on the other side of that range last January in Borrego Springs. At the end of Rick's post JERRY & SUZY left a comment which got me thinking about another RV traveling phenomena I have experienced. THE BAYFIELD RIVER LAZILY MEANDERS THROUGH THE COUNTRYSIDE ON IT'S LONG SLOW JOURNEY TO LAKE HURON & EVENTUALLY THE SEA

This might sound a bit odd to anyone who has read my constant rumblings & grumblings about our nomad traveling lifestyle in the winter but I do like going back to places we have already been. I like it so much that I have quite a struggle with myself sometimes to head off in new directions to see new things. I have always been a nostalgic creature by nature & really enjoy re-visiting places of pleasant memories. Our first adventure took us to Big Bend State Park in Texas a few years ago & now I would love to go back again. Columbus New Mexico created a lot of memories for us & holds a special part in my heart as well. One of our first RV Park ventures was at HICKIWAN TRAILS in Why, Arizona back in 07 & we did return there in 08 & 09. We really enjoyed that area the first few times there but when we stopped again in 09 it just wasn't quite the same anymore. The newness had worn off for us. The excitement at seeing & doing new things was gone. We stayed one night at Hickiwan which at one time was our favorite place & then rolled out early in the morning in search of new frontiers. But, you know what, I would still like to go back to the Ajo, Why, Organ Pipe Cactus Monument area again because we have so many great memories there. But only long enough to see the mountains & walk the desert floor at Hickiwan, say hello to some old familiar Saguaros & maybe build a few Inukshuks. I seem to bond with things like cactus, mountains, animals, trees, lakes, streams, rocks, shrubs, old buildings, forest pathways, desert trails, & worn out shoes. You know.....all that really important stuff for guys like me. HEY WISEGUY WITH THE CAMERA......I HEAR YA BEEN TAKIN PICTURES OF ME, EH!!

I am drawn like a magnate to old familiar places but I am always equally pulled in the direction of new scenery & new adventures. I live a life of opposing interests that in fact do have something in common. Whether traveling back to old haunts or traveling ahead in search of new frontiers the common thread is.........traveling!! TRAVELING......not sitting around every day like an old tired moss covered rock on a stream bed for months on end!!!!!!!!!!!

Borrego Springs in California is another strong draw for us although this year didn't seem quite as exciting as our first year there but I would still like to go back for a burg & fries at Jilbertos. I can't say Quartzite is a favorite place of mine though. We've been there 3 times in the past few years & if we have to go again I will not be a happy camper. Nothing wrong with Quartzite except for the ka-zillion million people, traffic chaos, zillions of RV's scattered about in the desert, noise, vendors, shoulder to shoulder crowds, etc. etc. When we go there Kelly likes going into town & mixing it up in the madness while & I remain chained to the motorhome for 4 or 5 days!!

Well anyway, I think you kind of get my drift. We are all different folks with different interests but we all have the love of RVing in our blood. We are all fellow travelers happily moving to-gether along the highways & byways of this vast country of ours. Whether you stay in one spot for months at a time or park your buns in a new area every night doesn't matter. If you want to drive along in your underwear, that's cool. If you to paint orange racing stripes on one side of your toad & green squares on the other, that's cool too. If you want to blast Stompin Tom Connors tapes out of your stereo speakers in the middle of nowhere, that's super cool. And if you want to play shrieky Italian Opera on your bass power assisted boombox early in the morning...........well, that is way not cool & you will be sought out & your boombox will be smashed into a ka-zillion million pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GROANER'S CORNER: *Why is there a light in the fridge and not in the freezer?

The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...AL.


  1. Al you just have a way of getting it across. I certainly can agree with you and your points of the Rving styles. I enjoy reading your blogs.

  2. Great blog, Al. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on the similarities and differences in the way each of us approaches RV'ing. I too share your opinion of Quartzsite. We've been there the last 2 years, and we don't go next year I can't say I'll be disappointed. It's too much of a zoo for me I'm afraid. Maybe a year or so off will make a difference.

  3. Love Stopin Toms tunes!!!

  4. We are certainly different from most but we have a lot of fun skirting the states Sherri works in. We have seen places that we would have never seen if it not for her working. Oh well the longer trips will just have to wait but until that time we will do our thing and hope everyone joins us in our adventure. Love your photos...keep them coming.

  5. Well said, Al! Thanks for putting a link to our blog in yours. I haven't figured out an easy way to do that, so I have more computer exploring to do.