Sunday, September 13, 2009



Well, so much for my NO PAINTING idea to-day. By noon I was up to my elbows in paint, brushes, rollers, trays, & whatever else all this messy business requires. Figured I'd get myself a little smarter to-day & only paint the upper cupboard framework & leave the bottom sections until my knee is feeling better. I think it was that getting up & down off the floor performance on Friday that somehow did my knee in. I'm hobbling around with the aid of a cane now trying to be patient because I know this ouchy knee will take a few days to clear up. I also know that I am probably in for a knee replacement somewhere in the future but I'm just not there yet. Got to get a few more miles out of the original equipment first!!!! ONE OF THE THREE EMERALD POOLS

Fellow RV blogger GYPSY has finally finished up her backwoods camp host job at Lassen Volcanic National Park in northern California & is back on the road blogging again. She had a nasty encounter with an immovable object at a fuel stop near Vale, Oregon & is now having to deal with a damaged 5ver. Gypsy has a true pioneering spirit & is handling life's challenges well but if you have a minute you might want to drop by her site with a few words of encouragement.CAN YOU SEE THE 2 ROCK CLIMBERS....ONE IS DIRECTLY ABOVE THE OTHER

Been having a few problems with my RV Hotmail account lately. WANDERING WILLY & I have been emailing back & forth with info regarding some satellite equipment. I'm getting his emails but he's not getting mine. Another couple, MnMnM have had trouble posting comments to our blog as well. The comments come into hotmail. I'm now concerned that some emails I've sent to folks lately never got through so if fellow bloggers, MIKE, K&D, & Borrego David L, could let me know if they received an email from the Bayfield Bunch this past week I would appreciate it. Hotmail has been acting kind of grumpy lately so I may switch our RV email stuff over to our Gmail account. I'll post that if I do.


In last night's blog I posted a photo of the moon taken from our front yard. I had meant to add to add an explanation of how I did that but forgot. The actual moon was of course smaller so I had to crop a lot of sky out thus enlarging the moon. I added some contrast to bring out more detail on the moon's surface & then added some color to the otherwise black & white picture. All this was done in Picasa 3 & shows once again what can be done with Google's easy to use free photo program. In all those colorful pictures you see in magazines with photos of planets, galaxies, nebulae, etc. color & digitizing has been added to produce those striking images. Those pictures did not just pop out of a camera looking like that. THIS IS A VERY MAJESTIC CANYON

My sore knee these past couple days reminded me of when this knee problem reared it's ugly head enough to grab my attention. Been aware for 3 or 4 years now that it hasn't been up to par but while hiking in ZION CANYON, Utah back on November 19th of 2007 I must have done something to really tick it off. It was a long hike for us & the next morning my knee felt swollen & was very painful to walk on thus ending any further hiking in Zion Canyon. Very disappointing so we moved on from there down to Kanab & did a driving tour down to the north rim of the Grand Canyon a few days later. Our ZION CANYON BLOG & PHOTO ALBUM for that day can be seen by clicking these colored capitalized words.


Wandering Willy made mention in one of his emails a couple days ago that TIOGA GEORGE had made mention of him in his blog called, Intertwined Lives. WW has spent time in Mexico during the winter where Tioga George is now & had mentioned a great place for Shrimp Burgers. To be mentioned in Tioga George's blog is a feather in the cap of any RV blogger because Tioga George is kind of thought of as the great Grand Daddy of all RV bloggers out here. TG was one of the earliest blog people years ago & has been going strong ever since. Another very well known blogsite in the 'who's who' world of RV bloggers is the RV DREAMS people, Howard & Linda Payne. They have a very large following & their blogs are loaded with lots of helpful tips & RV information. They have a forum as well & hold some rallies every year I think. A scheduling conflict prevented us from meeting Howard & Linda in Benson Arizona this past winter. We almost met Tioga George near Gila Bend one time but he was a few days ahead of us in his travels. We have all these people in our, 'Blogs We Follow' so you can find any of them there anytime. The RV Dream site can be found at the bottom usually because it isn't a Blogger format so doesn't show up in our daily list. We have a few other blogs we follow that can be found there as well. If anyone knows how we can get them into our daily blog rotation I'd appreciate it. COLORS ARE VIBRANT IN UTAH'S AUTUMN

And not to worry, we'll continue our ghost town explorations again this coming week. Maybe even some photos of a wild west gunfight in Old Tucson too:)) GUNFIGHT IN OLD TUCSON

GROANER'S CORNER:(( And remember, don't let your mind's too small to let out on it's own!!

The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...AL.


  1. Can't help you about Howard and Linda; all I can say is they show up in our Blogger reading list every morning.

    The old right knee has me on the hobble list also, and someday in the not-too-distant future there will be a replacement. Ain't medical science wonderful -- sometimes!

  2. I thought painting my bottom cabinets would be easier and I had the same problem....getting up and down....and man by "butt" was sore too from sitting and sliding on that hard kitchen floor....with all that 'extra' padding back there you'd think I'd a been 'sittin pretty' but guess not.....

  3. Loved the photos from Utah. That state is on our "bucket list" of places to do extensive touring in. You've given me new inspiration and I thank you!