Monday, September 21, 2009


 VIRGINIA CREEPERS COLORS OF AUTUMN After 3 weeks of sunny dry days it's nice to see the rain coming down this morning.  Just in time to help out my newly planted cedar trees.  Re-located & transplanted some shrubs yesterday so it's a bonus day for them as well.CANADIAN THISTLE

Remember to hover your mouse over the photos to see the captions & click on the photos to enlarge them.

Forgot to include the address for LIVE WRITER yesterday so just click the link.  I have a few more things about Live Writer to say & then I'll get on with other things.  And thanks to some helpful tips from RICK, LAURIE, & ROD, I've been able to fit a few more Live Writer pieces to-gether.  DSC_3672

Yes, LW can be saved to draft & also auto-saved as your doing it.  That is very important!!  Go to Tools-Options-Editing & put in how often you want LW to auto-save your blog to draft.  I minute!!  Do not forget to do this because it will save you a lot of grief & frustration down the road when your computer suddenly winks off for whatever reason & your in the middle of a blog.  Just re-open LW later, go to Drafts & resume where you left off before being so rudely interrupted!!  Your blog can also be manually saved at any time by just clicking on the ‘Save Draft’ button near the top left of center.


Figured out the Photo Album feature too & that is going to be super helpful for sure & here's a neat-O feature I like.  When you press 'View Photo Album' it opens up our Windows Live Photo Album.  You can click each photo individually but I would recommend clicking on 'Slideshow' because it presents the photos in a really super nice photo color format.  Also recommend looking to the bottom of that screen & clicking on the little square box with an arrow in it.  That will give you a full screen...'WOW & DOUBLE WOW!!'  Microsoft has done a really nice job here. Press your Esc key at the top left of your keyboard to exit the full screen mode.

DSC_3651 DSC_3673
DSC_3662 DSC_3649 DSC_3674

Vera, a faithful blog follower liked the way Blogger would substantially enlarge the photos she clicked on before but LW wasn't doing that.  Well Vera I think I may have solved that last night as well but not sure yet.  Might take me a couple blogs to get my settings correct but I think we can make those pictures nice & big for you again once I get the hang of things:))

I have both our Hotmail & Gmail accounts set up to receive a copy of each blog everyday & that has been my way of backing every blog up.  I will continue to do that but another great feature of LW is that it automatically places a copy of your blog into ‘My Documents’ each time you publish a post.  You don't have to try & remember to do that......LW automatically does it for you.  Wow, how great is that!! OUR KITCHEN & CUPBOARD DOORS ARE BACK


I also figured out how to add a Video.   Has some kind of ‘You Tube’ connection I think.  Only takes a minute or two setting that up & it's done.  Now you can click & & press buttons for instructions on how to get your video from your hard drive to the blog.  Depending on the size of your video it may take a few minutes to load.  While loading you can continue with your blog.  I’m going to try adding a video to the end of this blog:))ARCHES NATIONAL PARK NEAR MOAB, UTAH I know what tags are so I'll try adding them in this blog later then click them on-line to see if they work.  My 'previewed' blog last night wasn't exactly the same as I had laid it out but was close.  Probably just needs a little tweaking on my part.  And I still haven’t got my picture sizes right quite right.THIS IS CALLED...PARK AVENUE

Now, one thing that has not worked for me is my Picasa plug in thingy which is found at the end of the 'Insert' list.  At least I don't think it's working because I kept getting an error message trying to install it half a dozen times.  I'm not really sure what it is supposed to do but I know I can only access about a third of my photo albums at the moment & it may be connected to that.  Would appreciate any help on that one.NAVAJO ARCH

I am typing this blog using my old method of doing it in my Outlook Express email format.  In yesterday's blog I did it entirely in LW itself.  I feel a little more comfortable doing it in Outlook for now until I'm a bit more familiar with LW & then may make the switch to doing the entire blog right there.  THESE ROCK FORMATIONS NEAR THE DEVIL'S GARDEN ARE CALLED...FANS

I had a video all set to go in here but after 4 unsuccessful attempts to upload it I will have to call it quits & head back to the drawing board.  Thought I had this video thing figured out but I guess not yet!!

IN CONCLUSION..… Hardest part for me so far is getting the photos sized right so I am going to have to devote some extra time to that.  I do a lot of cropping in some of my photos & I think that is what’s giving me a hard time when it comes to sizing.  When I previewed to-night’s blog everything looked fine but I have a feeling when I publish it the photos will somehow come out smaller…….We’ll see.  Sure is great brain exercise though!!

GROANER'S CORNER:))   A Pessimist sees a dark tunnel, an optimist sees a light at the end of the tunnel, & a realist sees the lights of a coming train.  The train engineer sees 3 idiots standing on the tracks!!


The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...AL.


  1. Looking forward to the large pictures, Al. You and Rick got me interested in blogging. What a learning curve! I had started one long ago but gave it up. Since I stay home now, it was too boring. Now it's the learning part I like.

  2. Looks like you've got it all pretty much under control, Al. I haven't played with LW as much as you have, but I do appreciate its ease of operation. Now I have to learn more about my new keyboard. It's one with the two halves separated, twisted sideways, and sloped like two sides of a little hill. It's supposed to be ergonomically correct, but I catch myself with one hand trying to cross over into the other hand's territory. And both hands want to do that. Why do they keep improving things that don't need to be improved?

  3. Al...don't forget us Air Card users out here with limited down load. I may be missing some of your videos. Today we are in Tyler at an RV Park with free WIFI and I can down load on their dime....

  4. Great post, Al and very nice pictures. From what I can see you seem to have the enlarging part of the picture sizing down just fine. The enlargements look spectacular!