Saturday, September 26, 2009


A TRIO OF MORNING GEESE ON GOLDEN POND ROD'S mention of Sirius satellite radio in his blog this morning gave me the idea it was time to move our radio from the van back into the motorhome again for our trip south in about a month.  A big personal thanks to the folks who invented the satellite radio system because it sure saved me from having to listen to commercial radio any longer!!

PURPLE FLOWERS ALWAYS REMIND ME OF EARLY SCHOOL DAYS We made the decision awhile back not to take the bicycles this year so to-day I took the bicycle carrier mossmagaitus off the hitch assembly.  One less thing to worry about back there now.  Takes a few pounds out of the weight factor as well.

COLOR ON THE FOREST FLOOR Picked up a load of Tim Horton coffee & President's Choice natural peanut butter this morning & squirreled it away in the rig because once we cross the border that's about it for those items until we come back again in the spring.  I figure one month from to-day we should be somewhere west of Memphis with our nose into the wind & our eyeballs on our cheeks.

LIFTING OFF FROM THE POND Marty Robbins kept me entertained for awhile this afternoon as I puttered around in the rig with the satellite radio, battery checks, & some bin re-arranging,   Other than that it was a dull, overcast & drizzly kind of boring day……10-4

A WHOLE HOST OF PRETTY WHITE FLOWERS ALONG THE POND GROANER'S CORNER:((  Life is waaaaaay too short to spend it all in one place!!


The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...AL.


  1. Oh, Al. You know that as soon as you don't have the bikes with you, that you will need them. That's the way it goes.
    Lovely pictures, Thanks.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  2. I guess if I listened to the radio, I would definitely get Sirius. But, radio noise drives me nuts while I'm driving so I couldn't even listen to commercial free stuff. We are going to take a bike with us this year though for riding around the RV Park.

  3. You're right, life IS too short to spend it all in one place!

    You like Marty Robbins? There is a new Marty Robbins museum in Willcox, Arizona, two doors down from the Rex Allen museum. Just in case you want to spend a couple of you hard-earned bucks seeing a legend!