Friday, September 11, 2009



Our mobile home was built back in the early 80's when the wood grain paneling & cupboard look was still hanging on from the 60's. My trusty roller & paint brush took care of all that wood grain paneling about 5 years ago but our bathroom & kitchen cupboards were still dated & dark. Kelly informed me a couple days ago it was time to make some more changes!! It was time to bring those frumpy old looking eyesores from the dark age's into the dawning new age of the techno pop future. In other words.......paint the darn cupboards!!!! NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS PROJECT!!

I probably wouldn't mind painting so much if I could just snap open a can of paint, get a big gob on my brush, & swoop it on the wall....once!! No fuss, no muss, no bother. Boom, boom, boom, all done. But, oh no....not as simple as that of course. Gotta do all that time consuming & ultra boring preparation baloney. First comes the task of taking all 25 cupboard doors off. That is 25 cupboard knobs, 50 hinges, & 250 dinky little screws that scurry their way under the refrigerator, stove, & whatever else they can scurry under. BUT, AS YOU CAN SEE.........CUPBOARDS ARE JUST TOOOOOOO DARK

Fortunately a neighbor is going to spray paint the doors in his garage but all those 25 cupboard doors have to be thoroughly cleaned first so the paint adheres evenly. Next, get a bucket of warm water, add a dose of TSP & begin scrubbing them all down. Follow that with a thorough rinse & drying to make sure all the TSP is washed off. Why did I have to put it on in the first place!!


I will be painting all the cupboard framework here so next comes the lovely task of tedious masking tape madness. So what if paint gets on surrounding stuff. I figure it gives things a Picasso look. And besides, I have to take all that tape off again later anyway. Don't figure!! TAKING KNOBS OFF THE BATHROOM CUPBOARD DOORS

With these dark cupboards I am told that a primer paint has to be put on first. Well, there goes my quick once over theory. I absolutely hate having to paint something twice but I am told I will likely have to paint all this monster framework stuff at least 3 times. And then there's the bone grinding business of getting down & back up off the floor about 6 dozen times while getting lower doors off, taping, washing, & hunting for screws under the refrigerator, stove........ well you know. Bones just don't flex anymore. Forgotten muscles & tendons are called upon to perform Herculean lifting & lowering tasks & grunting loudly is the norm now. The louder the grunt, the easier the move. There appears to be a fine line between grunting & screaming these days too!! And then there's my troublesome disintegrating right knee........but I'll complain about that another time:((

Just finished the first primer coat in the bathroom & if that's any indication of things to come I'd say I'm going to end up having to paint this monster 25 times!!!! It's not a latex or water based paint either so everything is extra messy. The primer didn't go on worth a snoot. I think it's time to chuck the paint brush, fire up the motorhome, & leave this totally rotten & boring paint project in the dust. Hi-O Silver awaaaaaaay!!

GROANER'S CORNER:(( And did you know that it is impossible to lick your elbow:((

The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...AL.


  1. CRAZY! We have the same washer and dryer you have!..........(isn't nice to know someone looks very carefully at your pictures....LOL)

  2. I agree with Rick. The real solution? Take the doors off and leave 'em off. The open and airy look is real nice.

    Thanks for backing me up on the grunts and groans, plus the fine line between groaning and screaming! I have crossed that line once or twice. We can share stories about right knees when we meet up with you here in Arizona.

  3. Hey Al, It’s been several days since I have been there to visit you... Lousy slow service where I am at right now... Sometimes I have internet sometimes I don't... The cupboards look like too much work for me.... That's why we don't have a house anymore...LOL LOL As far as achy knee mine is the left one... Oh owwwieeee! I bet you are getting itchy to be leaving since it is coming up fast... Have Fun & Travel Safe