Wednesday, September 09, 2009



Late getting to the computer to-night so I have a feeling it may be short blog. A friend asked me yesterday what we were going to do for television this year in the southwest so I proceeded to tell him that we would just take our chances with the rig's antennae again. We used it last year & went with whatever signal we could pick up. Most we ever picked up was maybe 3 or 4 that were clear enough to watch. While 7 weeks at the ranch this past winter we had 1 channel. It was NBC & it was grueling. Explained to my friend that "who needs television, just a lot of garbage on it anyway." So, with that all said & we decided to go with a Star Choice television satellite dish program. Just don't figure do it!!!!!! A RASCALLY SQUIRREL MADE OFF WITH KELLY'S SUPPER TO-NIGHT

We have the heavy duty tri-pod from our previous satellite internet system & a new (last year) StarChoice receiver already. Star Choice will ship us a free 30" dish so why not go with some decent television channels this winter. Anything's better than one NBC station!! We'll grab the cheapest program package they have & be satisfied with that. So how's that for knocking garbage television programming one day & then signing up for a multi channel package the next day. That's what I like about my mind......nothing is ever for sure!!!!


I'm still moving frogs from our little front yard pond to the bigger pond across the road about 300 yards away. I think the little green buggers are hopping back under the cloak of darkness & crawling into the front yard pond every night again. I takes them down & they hops themselves back!! I've noticed a change in the bird activity out front too. Not seeing the Goldfinches & Grosbeaks. Even the Grackles have disappeared & very few Robins around. I have a feeling the great bird migration south has begun & it won't be long & we Snowbirds will be heading south ourselves. CHECKERS TAKES A MORNING DIP IN THE BIG FROG POND

I think we have set our departure date for Saturday October 17th. Just not enough time to take the Colorado route so we're going our usual way down through the Ohio Valley. I always like to leave early on a Saturday morning & take advantage of the lighter traffic on the week-end. We can make it to just north of Indianapolis by late Saturday afternoon & then rip through Indy early Sunday morning with little opposition or heavy fire. I don't like to be anywhere near a large city around early morning or late afternoon rushes. Been there, down more!!!! From Indianapolis it's clear sailing all the way to just east of Dallas, Texas. We then take a northwesterly route through Sherman & Gainsville around Dallas & hook up with highway 380 around Jacksboro for the easy cruise to Roswell New Mexico. It's an easy climb up & over the mountains through the Apache Pass. When we reach Alamogordo on the other side I consider us having arrived in the great American Southwest & the relaxing part of the lifestyle begins from there. I feel as if we have arrived in our second home. And home is wherever we park the rig. Ya just gotta love it:))))))


GROANER'S CORNER:(( If you want breakfast in bed........sleep in the kitchen!!!!

The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...AL.


  1. I know what you mean about the tv. We went with our antenna for about 2 years. We only get CBS here at the river so this year we signed up for Direct TV. We plan on leaving Indiana around the same time frame---heading down to Florida for the month of December. Give us a big wave as you pass by Lafayette..... :-}

  2. Glad to see that once you make a decision, it's final! Just like me - lol! We have Starchoice as well and bring along a tripod - works great. Oct. 17th? Lucky you - wish it was us leaving then!!

  3. Pack 'em up, move 'em out, Al. And I wasn't tallking about frogs! Your trip to our neck of the woods sounds OK to me.

    Interesting comparison, though. In another blog we sometimes read, the author says he never discloses his route when he's going to travel, for security reasons. You've just about set yours out for all of to see. I could probably open up my DeLorme Street Atlas program and trace your path. Hey, maybe I will!

  4. At least with satelite you can get the History Channel, Discover, Travel, Food Network.... a LOT more choices (and Football! Go Packers!)