Thursday, September 03, 2009



A couple days ago I blogged about men & their mistakes & how some of us post our errors & goof-ups by hanging them out on the line like laundry for all to see. Well, have I ever got a doozy piece of laundry to hang on my line to-day. COULD THIS BE A FAR OFF GALAXY AS SEEN THROUGH MY TELESCOPE.......OR JUST A CARP IN THE RIVER BELOW A COUNTRY ROAD BRIDGE. Hmmmmmmm:))

Nice morning so figured I'd take the motorcycle & head up to Goderich & re-new the yearly license stickers for our Dodge Van, Santa Fe & Motorhome. Was also time for my driver's license re-newel as well. Filled out the forms & added the mileage for the van & car. Started up the Motorhome to get the mileage & then decided to leave it running for a bit because it had been a couple of weeks since last starting it. Re-checked my license form to make sure I had everything & then fired up the motorcycle. Not using the van now because of the transmission problem. Trying to decide whether to go with a re-built transmission or a used one from the auto wreckers. Pros & cons either way but it's basically a thousand dollars vs two thousand dollars!!

Nice ride up to Goderich with a stop at Tim Horton's for coffee before heading over to the license bureau. Fully expected a line-up but I walked in & right up to the counter. Bonus. Got my license re-newed plus the vehicle tags & exited the building $252.00 poorer:(( AND YET ANOTHER CHILDRENS SCHOOL BUS SHELTER ON MY RIDE TO-DAY

Our weather has been so perfect this past week so figured I might as well head north out of Goderich with the bike on a relaxing country road tour while the weather is good because the bike will be going into storage in another 5 weeks or so. I had loaded both my Nikons into a saddle bag before leaving home figuring it might be a nice morning for some photos. NEVER A SHORTAGE OF BLUE JAYS IN OUR FRONT YARD

Spent the next four & half hours riding the back roads & marveling at the beautiful countryside here in Huron County. Stopped along the way for photos whenever I saw something interesting. Traveled through some wooded areas that I will definitely have to back to in early October when the leaves will be in full color around here. GROWING ALONGSIDE THE ROAD BUT DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS

Finally made my way back to Bayfield in the afternoon & stopped down near the harbor looking for a wasp nest. Someone by the name Peter had left a message in our Shoutbox about a large nest near the footpath entrance but I couldn't find it. I'll have to get eagle eye Kelly on the case & I'm sure she will spot it right away. ALWAYS NICE TO SEE COWS & HORSES IN GREEN PASTURES

Finally arrived home about 2:15 which meant it had been 4 hours & 40 minutes since I had left this morning. Parked the bike in the carport & shut it off. Hmmmm, thought I could hear the sound of an engine running nearby. Glanced around & saw the Motorhome's headlights on. OH NO!!! I had left the Motorhome running this morning when I headed out on the motorcycle. So, for 4 hours & 40 minutes the Motorhome had sat there in it's spot, idling....all big 8 cylinders of it. To say I was disgusted with myself would be putting it mildly. Switched it off & didn't even look at the gas gauge. I'll save that little insult for later. I just hope all that idling hasn't hurt anything & what a waste of engine running time that was. Unless your standing just a few feet from the Motorhome you can't hear it running because it is so quiet. Wished it would have backfired itself a couple times when it saw me about to pull out on the motorcycle!!!!! Four hours & forty minutes!!!! Can you believe it:(( NO MISTAKING THE SUNFLOWERS

Have been seeing the occasional video pop up on people's blogs lately & the other day I came across a 65 second video in my Picasa files I forgot I had. Made it just a little over a year ago after buying my Canon A720 digital camera. Wanted to try out the video feature so decided to take the camera for a ride on the motorcycle. (not one of my better ideas)
I should have run the bike up through all the gears before starting the video but without putting much thought into the project I clicked on the camera while in second gear. That wasn't too smart because now I had to shift up through the rest of the gears while trying to hang onto my camera as well. You can see the result of that little goof-up in the video as you hear the shift change coming. Too get the full effect of the video just enlarge your screen to full size, muster up your deepest Vroooom Vroooom voice sounds, & place a fan about 4 inches in front of your face turned on high. Singing Johnny Horton's, Honky Tonk Man is optional but you might want to give it a try.

OK, Let's review.....Vroooom Vrooooom, fan in your face & belting out loudly........... "I'm a honky tonk man & I can't seem to stop. I love to give the girls a whirl to the music on an old juke box. But when the money's all gone I'm on the telephone. Hollering' Hey Hey Mama can your Daddy come home."

Louder please......I can't hear you singing!!!!


GROANER'S CORNER:(( Did you know bills travel through the mail at twice the speed of checks.

The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...AL.


  1. If it will make you feel any better, it cost 4 times that much to renew three cars here in Kansas. In USD to boot. Kinda makes a little gas in the MH look cheap to me. Besides it was good to get the oil completely warm and cook the water out of it. I know petrol is a bit higher priced up there, since I paid $2.33 USD for a gallon this afternoon. When we were in Vancouver, it was $1.096 Cn a liter. Ouch, we went back to the states and filled up.

  2. Al you made me smile from ear to ear with this little story... I kinda felt that was going to be the punch line but wasn't sure. And thanks so much for the motorcycle ride... How neat was that??? Have a great day my friend!

    Have Fun & Travel Safe

  3. Ok Al, my comment that you didn't receive last night was something like this

    "Some of your best blogs are when you are airing some of your trials and tribulations; and that sometimes they have both of us laughing pretty hard". Well who would have thunk that the very next night, bingo... another blog to make us both laugh... thanks Al! (You don't do this kind of stuff on purpose do you?)

  4. Thanks for the great bike ride Al, that was really exciting! I actually went for 3 or 4 rides - better than going on a roller coaster!! That 'laundry' you hung out was a pretty good one, I have to admit - but, it's only the cost of gas! I wouldn't worry too much about doing any damage - probably did more good after sitting so long. I've done worse, believe me. I forgot I had my little utility trailer hooked to our van in the driveway. Just got in backed up and turned then wham!! The trailer jackknifed and caved in the side of our van - stupid, stupid, stupid! Could not believe I had done that! That was before we had our 5th wheel. Surely, I could never forget that was hooked up, right??

  5. Al...I can totally relate! Excuse me for laughing myself silly while reading about this particular piece of "laundry"! (I wasn't laughing AT you...well, maybe a little bit!) but more with you because I am certainly doing my share of forgetting these days...way more than before entering my "60's"!
    I also loved your video. Felt like I was back on a motorcycle with my friends back in the early 70's. None of us had cars..just motorcycles..and we would go camping on weekends...The Pinery..Ipperwash..Jackson's Point..etc. Good times! Hope you don't mind...but instead of singing
    Honky Tonk Man...I sang.."I'm Just A Bug On The Windshield of Life" by Roy Blount Jr.! (Honest, its a real CW song!)

  6. Great shot of the moon rising through the trees, and it is good to give the motorhome a little warming up from time to time.

  7. Al, we all do dumb things once in a while. I had to go looking for my car keys one day, found them hanging in the ignition with the motor running. It had been a while, but not as long as your time. I think you won on that one!

    Noticed you mugging for the camera. You're a rakish looking fellow, astride that bike with your pennant flying!