Friday, October 09, 2009


DSC_0010-1Didn't have any photos for this post so I had to dig to- day's pictures out of my trash bin where I had thrown them one day last week when I realized they were all out of focus.  At one time I left my cameras on 'auto-focus' all the time but over the course of the summer I have mainly been using manual focus.  There is a small switch on the lens that lets me alternate between manual & auto-focus.  I thought I was on auto-focus when I took the pics but it was set for manual & I failed to notice that.  I was hurrying to get the shots before the lighting changed.  Careless on my part.  But, at least there are some nice color contrasts & you do get the idea a storm was passing over despite the focusing problem.  Maybe think of them as paintings & not sharp imaged photos.

DSC_0011-1 My internal sleep mode button malfunctioned last night causing me to remain in a conscious state for 5 of the 7 hours I was in a horizontal position, the result of which will cause me a very irritable Friday.  I will have to remain on my leash confined to barracks for fear I may bite someone.  Lack of sleep does that to me so I have learned to not attempt any mechanical things or computer fixes on days like this.  In fact it is not even wise to attempt to tie my shoes!!

DSC_0015-1 Our nice weather day yesterday turned to rain last night as I see a big storm front on the computer weather map marching eastward across the States.  The up side of that means it will be easier for me to stay inside out of the cold wet weather to-day.  Might be a good time to spend a few hours with my coloring book.

DSC_0009 RICK had a good tip in his blog this morning about using your keyboard's PrtScn button on the top row of keys to the right.  It will save a webshot of whatever you have on your screen & now it will save it right into Picasa.  I knew about the PrtScn function but hadn't realized it would work with Picasa so when I read Rick's blog I right away set about pecking on my PrtScn button like a manic woodpecker at a dead grub convention.  Of course, because of my lack of sleep last night it would not work for me.  Around about this time Kelly came into the living room to see what all the grumbling, complaining, & pecking was all about.  I blustered about the PrtScn thingy & she immediately headed for the desk top computer in the sun room & came back minutes later with the solution.  Picasa 3 has to be open & running on the task bar first before attempting to capture a screen shot.  I tried it & it worked perfect.  This method of solving things I call the old G & F solution.  I do the Grumbling & Kelly does the Fixing.  Works every time:))DSC_3780I'm sure getting dinged for medical coverage this trip.  Because of turning 65 & the fact I was briefly HOSPITALIZED in Colorado with a kidney stone on November 2nd of 07 the insurance company has of course tacked on an extra $500 to my policy which puts my 6 month medical coverage to over $1100.00.  Kelly's is slightly over $500.  I can certainly understand now how a lot of Canadian RV folks cannot afford to travel south anymore especially if they have have any medical issues.  Had we waited until after Nov 2nd to leave it would have been much cheaper because my 2 year 'medically free' time would have been up.  We had totally forgot about that 2 year period but our departure date is a must before November 2nd.  Should be cheaper next year & my next built in insurance increase will occur at age 70.  Kelly said if she didn't need me to dump the black water tank it would have been cheaper to just leave me & the dogs at home!!  Oh dear, I had better not lose my black tank dumping skills or it could be back to some mighty long hard cold Canadian winters again for AL:(( DSC_0007-3GROANER'S CORNER:((  A doctor examined a woman, took the husband aside, and said, 'I don't like the looks of your wife at all.' 
'Me neither doc,' said the husband. 'But she's a great cook and really good with the kids.'


The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...AL.


  1. Print screen works well but if you have Windows Vista you can use the built-in snipping tool. With it you only copy the area you want to save. It is a great little tool and I understand that Windows 7 will have it too.

  2. Keep those black tank dumping skills honed to perfection - you don't want to be left behind in the cold, and how would you figure out the tough computer questions.

  3. Geez, Al, I'm so sorry for adding all that unnecessary aggravation to your day. Glad Kelly came along and solved the dilemma though before you put your fist through the screen! I'll try and be a bit more thorough next time. Maybe you should just stick to sharpening up those black tank skills for the next few weeks so you are sure to get down to the desert!!

  4. I'll bet you sleep like a baby tonight. Why do gal's have such a fear of the sewer tank? But then will fight over who will change the baby! I wanna do it, no I'll do it, go figure.

  5. As a painter...absolutely LOVE your photos! Would love to use them for "inspiration"!...may I?

  6. We aren't painters, Al, but your "fuzzy" photos were most appealing. Maybe I should leave the camera on manual focus more often. I do it often enough accidentally already.

    Now thanks to Vera, I have to figure out Vista's snipping feature, and I haven't even begun to use PrtScn!

    Oops, just learned a new lesson: always set down a full coffeecup before leaning over in your chair. Sploosh!