Friday, October 23, 2009



The day before we headed south last year it was a miserable wet, windy, & cold rain soaked day.  To-day was a repeat performance as I hooked the car up to the motorhome in the rain.  The last time I hitched the car up was around March 23rd of this year when we left the ranch near Douglas, Arizona.  I surprised myself by remembering how to do it without having to get in a big snit with my myself.  We have the rig parked on the road in front of our driveway now & plan to roll out as early as we can in the morning.  Probably won't sleep good to-night so I have a feeling it will be an early start.  There will be no excitement or smiles on our faces until we clear the border!!!!


Wow, sure is a big stampede going on in the blogging world with the release of Windows 7 this week.  Blog after blog I'm reading are talking about it.  Some folks have Win 7 on order while others are going the upgrade route.  A friend of mine (Gary) in Bayfield emailed the other night saying he just got a new laptop with Win 7 installed.  From the early reports it looks like it's going to be a great program.  We had talked about it a few months ago but will wait until next year before deciding on a new puter.  Our AMD desktop running XP is about 4 years old while our Toshiba, also with XP is a little over 3 years old.  So far they are both performing fine & we'd like to get a few more miles out of them.  One of the big mistakes I made when we went from Windows 98 to XP was in trying to turn XP back into Win 98.  I think we have a habit of routines & sometimes we try to resist the change by clinging to old habits.  I did manage to mess it up pretty good & a techie guy had to straighten it out for me.  Kelly then straightened me out right quick & we've all been one big happy family ever since.

IMG_0902 In a matter of hours our sticks & bricks life of the past 7 months will literally change overnight to our five & a half month life on the road with over half that time boondocking somewhere in the deserts of Arizona & California.  And with this overnight change to-night comes the re-learning curve.  Everything is different.  Gotta figure out the rig's TV remote again plus this year we'll have Star Choice.  Haven't driven anything 53' long since last March.  That length includes the car. 

DSC_0015 Water will take on new importance as will gasoline & propane,  Solar panels, inverters, & batteries will once again enter our daily vocabulary.  My nightly sleeping arrangement will go from a spacious double bed in my very own room here at home to a single bed in the front of the coach with 3 dogs all piled up around me.  Kelly has the spacious & quiet luxury of the big bedroom in the back of the coach.  So, am I sireeeeeee.  Us old dogs gotta stick to-gether!! 

DSC_0005 I'm going to miss my hot lobster showers every single morning after we leave too.  I am already missing my big recliner, stereo, big TV, double bed, comfy cozy computer room with stereo sub woofer computer sound, & bigger kitchen conveniences.  Is this stuff enough to stay home for??  No way Jose but I'm going to miss them all anyway & even though I love traveling I'm already looking forward to coming home at the end of the long dusty journey & ka-flopping into my big old comfy chair again:))



Noticed TIOGA GEORGE  stopped in to see WANDERWOLF in Ajo, Arizona to-day.  We popped into to see Mike, his rig Wanderwolf, & his dog, Little Bit, last December when we were passing through the neighborhood as well.  You can read our blog about that meeting HERE.  Tioga George is on his way from Mexico to California at the moment to get his Datastorm system fixed.  I blogged about Tioga George about a month or so ago.  Wished I had some kind of quick reference system here for finding things in previous posts.  Tioga George just past the 4 million visitors to his site mark about a week ago.  I think he has the largest following of all RV folks on the road to-day.  Maybe one day the Bayfield Bunch will get to meet Tioga George:))  WANDERING WILLY once met him.


Well, time to call it day & this will be the last post from this computer here at home for awhile.  Hopefully I'll be back to-morrow night from somewhere north of Indianapolis.  Wish us luck at the border & when you hear that whoosh of air go over your head sometime in the morning it's just the Bayfield Bunch letting out a big huge sigh of relief as we finally clear the border.   And if you see something sparkle in the sky it's just the sun's reflection off our big toothy Cheshire grins as we point our faces into the wind, put the hammer down, & head off for the sunny southwest...............10-4:))

DSC_0019 And Sandra & Gordon.....hope you can still get things worked out & are not too far behind us.................


GROANER'S CORNER:((  What lies at the bottom of the ocean and twitches?   A nervous wreck.



The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now....AL.


  1. I envy you!!!!!!! Have a great trip and I am looking forward to your Blog this winter. It's going South by proxy for me :-)

  2. It's finally here, the day you live for each year!!! Blast off to the ole Western USA... And best of luck with the customs folks, lets hope you don't have any fresh pork, chicken, or fruit!!! They were having a big to do over Apples when we came back from Vancouver last summer. Some kind of fly whose eggs get killed by the Canada winter, but will go crazy in the warmer climes of the USA.
    Did you ever stop to think that none of the kids now days have any idea what Yabba Dabba Dooo means??

  3. Hey Bayfield Bunch! Have a great trip and a safe trip. I know you are ready for the warmer climate of the southwest. I'll be waiting for notice of new posts!

  4. The best of luck in clearing the border patrol, and may you have good tailwinds!

  5. Travel safe my friends I'll be riding along looking over your shoulder, virtually anyway...

  6. By the time you read this,you will probably already be across the border,and that big sigh of relief already done.I have no doubt that all will work out in your crossing.
    Happy trouble free motoring guys, and I hope to see you sometime this winter.My countdown has also begun.I start saddleing up in a few days.Bien Viaje.

  7. Safe travels guys and good luck at the border crossing! Enjoy yourselves, as you know, you never know what can happen!

  8. Safe journeys.....and we hope to be on our way Oct 30.....yipee!

  9. And we, my friend, are down here waiting with open arms to greet you when you arrive. If you can't stop by, at least blow your horn and blink your lights. We'll wave from our folding chairs in front of the casita!

  10. By the time you read this, I hope you are well on your way towards Indianapolis and your first stop of this year's big adventure. Travel safe, have a good time and I'm looking forward to hearing all about your travels!