Wednesday, November 18, 2009




We've been working on our Live Writer problem to-day but we are not a lot further ahead than when we started this morning despite reading reams of info, applying fixes, trying this & trying that.  And I should say it was Kelly who was doing most of the working. 


After Live Writer failed to publish last night again for about the 8th time in the last couple of weeks I was just so mad I grabbed the anchor chain & jumped overboard.  Kelly spent part of the day hauling me back aboard after RICK from Cowichan Bay in British Columbia had thrown me down a long lifeline in the form of an email this morning.  One of my self imposed problems is that I work on the blog at exactly the wrong time of day.  I am usually very tired at night & it is that time of day I have the least amount of patience left in my daily  patience reservoir for things that go bump in the computer.  I think Blogs & things like that are best done in the morning but my problem is, by that time I've probably forgot most of what went on the day before.  So, I'm stuck with nights.DSC_0012-2

Kelly chased the problem up this alley & down the next.  Emails to Microsoft & help forums.  She found that others were having similar problems & she found answers & solutions by various people.  She tried them all & none of them worked.  She went at the problem from different angles as did Rick from B.C.  Rick sent emails with possible fixes as well.  We practically re-wrote the rules but nothing worked.  And where was I when all this was going on??  I was making up some egg salad & peanut butter sandwiches to put in my knapsack before heading across the desert on foot to the distant mountains.  Figured on becoming a Hermit to escape all this frustrating technology stuff.  Living in a cave with a stick actually seemed attractive.


However, Kelly convinced me otherwise so I ate my sandwiches & sat down at the computer.  Ran a series of simple test Live Writer tests using text only, text & pics, pics only, plus photos in the Live Writer Photo Album.  Five out of 6 tests published successfully & thanks to the folks who responded with positive feedback about those tests.  The one test which failed was Live Writer's Photo Album after I uploaded about a dozen pics to it.  I am beginning to suspect a problem with that animated photo album.DSC_0002

To-night I will just put a  few simple photos in the blog & see if it will publish.  To-morrow night maybe the same plus a Table or something.  I'll add a little more each night until it fails to publish again & that should give me an idea of what feature is broken in Live Writer.  Or maybe I'll do all of that to-morrow as more tests.  We'll see.  Plan to slip into the Elfrida Library while Kelly goes to an exercise class in the morning & get my Picasa Web Albums updated.  Don't want to use our Verizon bytes for that.DSC_4132

We also have to get ourselves working on some day trips around the area shortly as well.  Our blog numbers are dropping like the autumn leaves & that tells me I'm boring people so it's time to get out & rustle up some excitement, new ghost towns, & interesting places.  Besides, this old rolling stone is beginning to get some moss on him again and I don't like when that happens!!  I didn't spend this past totally boring summer sitting around waiting to get on the road again just to sit around allowing moss to grow on me!!


Ok, I'm gonna try & post this now, but if it fails to publish again to-night I am definitely loading up my knapsack with peanut butter sandwiches & heading for that cave in the mountains!!!!!!

P.S. And thanks to Rick's sharp eye for pulling my bacon out of the fire this morning when I got my Jerry's & Suzy's, & Sherri's & Barry's , mixed up with my Bruces & Mooses again.  Whewwww, close call there for sure.  Thought I saw my life flash before me....................10-4


GROANER'S CORNER:))  A few years ago I thought my mining job was interesting.....but then they gave me the shaft!!



The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now....AL.


  1. AL, all the pics opened up nicely.However theres only so many remote caves and with a cutie like Kelly you just are not cut out to be like me!

    the hermit

  2. Al,
    Jean and I loved looking at your pictures of Bisbee as it is one of our favorite spots for photography. Brewery Gulch does go up further and turns into a dirt road which washes out a lot during the monsoons but we haven't had a good gully washer in a few years. You had several of the buildings, walls, etc that Jean and I have taken pictures of but I think you missed one so I will include it on my Soapbox Corner tonight.


  3. Hey I'm still here and still reading, even if you aren't out ranging in the hills. I had some trouble with Live Writer when I first started using it and it seemed to trace back to the Photo Albums somehow. So when it doesn't publish now I immediately go back and drop the albums from that days writing and all seems to work again. Oh, just in case you are wondering it is still winter up here and we have about a foot of snow. Enjoy the weather down there and I will stop by everyday for a glimpse at how the rich and famous

  4. Your pix were great, and thanks for using the one that Suzy took! Now I have to ask -- are you following Rick's example of mixed up sandwiches? Egg salad and peanut butter? You'd do better with our "horrid" peanut butter and onion sandwiches.

  5. Hey, the pics worked great! and we are LOVING the pics of the ranch! Now we see why you were so excited to get back there. Thanks for mucking your way through LiveWriter again just to share with all of us. It's REALLY appreciated by us House-Bound folks of the North.....

  6. Great pics Al & Kelly. Rich colors of the Southwest are so eye appealing. Let us know if you take that call to the wild side. You may need more than a pb sandwich.