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Kelly got her Yoga times mixed up this morning & headed out about 8:45 for a 9 o'clock class.  She was back about half an hour later after realizing the class didn't start until 10:30 on Tuesday mornings.  Lost her incentive to go back again so we decided to take a drive over to Belle Starr's & help her a bit more with some computer stuff.  Belle was hoping to get her website back up & running but despite Kelly's best efforts, Belles treasured site has been erased from her website carriers site & is not retrievable.

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Belle is such a caring person with a heart of gold.  Her love & care of stray animals is well known in these parts.  Her determination & spirit is to be envied & admired by all who meet her & Belle goes out of her way to help the homeless & downtrodden.  And therefore.........therein lies a sad problem.  It is these very people who have most often taken advantage of Belle's kindness & caring.  Her trusting nature has led to her house being ransacked by a 'person' while she was in the hospital with a broken hip.  Equipment has been stolen from her property by people she befriended & she is a constant target of internet scams & flim flam artists. 

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As we talked with Belle this morning it was apparent she was in pain from her broken hip back in August.  A second fall has injured a knee but this 82 year old independent lady won't let any of that daunt her & is reluctant & afraid about returning to hospital.  She still struggles to get her wheelchair & scooter out the door & down to her John Deere gator tractor.  Belle can't ride her horses anymore but she can still drive her John Deere down to the corral to see them.  Belle’s spirit is not going to let something as trivial as a broken hip & injured knee stop her.  She has had a young fellow helping her on the ranch the last while but he's moving on this week.  Thad travels in a travel trailer but he's headed east to do some fishing.  Belle took in another homeless person a few days ago to help with the horses but after meeting this fellow to-day I'm not to optimistic about that working out.  Belle & the ranch are in desperate need of a 'responsible' person or persons to help, whether it be short term or long term!!  She really needs a trusting person to step in & take a leading hand at getting the ranch back in shape!!

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As Kelly & I drove back to the rig this afternoon we were both saddened by Belles circumstances & felt helpless in not knowing how to help her.  Belle is in need of medical attention & her house & ranch are in need of repair.  All the animals are doing OK right now but hooves need to be trimmed, manes combed, etc.  Fences need repair & corrals need to be strengthened.  Some electrical work in the house is much needed & some plumbing repairs to some outside RV sites are needed.  A general clean up would go a long way into an overall improvement for both Belle, the animals, & the ranch.

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So, I appeal to my fellow RV'ers/Bloggers/Friends & Boondockers out there.  If your in the area or know of anyone who can stop in & help this lady I ask you all to spread the word.  Belle has 2 workable RV sites plus acres of boondocking land & it's free for anyone to stay there & help Belle out if they can.  Water the many miniature donkeys, hay to the horses, feed for the geese, pheasants, & peacocks.  Belle's dogs are all friendly critters & wagging tails greet all visitors.  If you love animals, there are plenty of critters here to love you:))

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Kelly & I are not members of any RV clubs or have an abundance of RV friends but the thought occurred to me this afternoon about some of the clubs like the Escapees who have a lot of people functions & rallies.  I know they have a boondocker division for example & I wondered if they had any 'special rallies' where they gather to do good deeds for unfortunate people.  Thought how a club rally at Belles ranch would be be a good idea for everybody.  She has the room, she has a great personality, she has facilities in place, & she's only a 10 minute drive from beautiful Bisbee & 20 minutes from Douglas & it's big box stores.  Belle would love nothing better than to get out around a campfire again with a bunch of great people, play her beloved western music, & spin her favorite tales of old Nashville friends from her music days.  

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Belle's property has ATV & hiking trails leading into the mountains as well & she has Hughes net Wifi on the property.  I see the possibility here for a win/win situation for both RV folks & Belle Starr.  And, like I said before, if any of our readers, fellow bloggers, friends, & RV folks can help or know of anyone who would be interested in helping this grand old gal of the wild west we'd sure appreciate hearing from you.  For obvious reasons I'm not going to post Belle's email address so just email Kelly & I here at the Bayfield Bunch.  

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I will include the link to my post about BELLE STARR a couple weeks ago & in that blog you will find more links to Belle & her Silverado ranch.  Wouldn't it be great to gather a bunch of folks to-gether sometime in March maybe for a big get to-gether at Belle's ranch:))  Ideas & opinions would be greatly appreciated.......... AL.


All photos to-day are from Belle's place:))

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  1. I hope you get some good responses, Al. You have lots of readers and this sounds like a really good opportunity for the right person or people to help this lady out. Good luck, and please keep us posted on how it goes. Thanks.

  2. It looks like Belle is swimming upstream in a raging river. Don't know that we can personally do much, but we can add a link to your blog again, and maybe one of our readers will have a bright idea.

  3. Good for you Al for taking the initiative to help Belle - she sure sounds like a lady who deserves some assistance. Paulette and I will be in that area in a few months and we'd be happy to drop by and see if there is anything we can do for her.

  4. Al, you and your lovely wife are awesome! Your concern for her welfare is heartwarming and genuine. I will post a link up on RV Dream Forums for you.

    I wish we were in a position to help at this time but we aren't. Hopefully someone will find it in their hearts and schedule to come to her aid.


  5. What a wonderful thing you're doing for Belle... I will see what I can do about spreading the word... Have a wonderful New Years Eve & travel safe.

  6. Thank you so much. Jeanie and I stayed 3-4 days with bell in 2006. We along with 3 other people did a 1 day clean up. We had planned to return to belle's to do what we could to assist her. Health has prevented us from doing that.

    I have had her website posted on my Boondocking with solar group since I launched it in 2007. i was sad to see it had gone down. i will post your link and have already posted the blog link on my new blog that will launch Jan 1.

    Again thank you for what you have done for Belle she is one wonderful Lady. We are so sorry that health has prevented us from getting back to help her.

    Rojo and Jeanie

  7. It breaks my heart to see such a beautiful woman have to deal with such adversity. Her positive attitude has saved her so far. I will be spreading the word to any who pass through our neck of the woods and on my blog and some camping club groups to see if any can be of assistance. Thanks for letting us know of Belle's plight so we can pass the word and get her some help.

  8. Hi, my name is Peter. I just learned about this website. Is Belle still in need for help? We are down at the Mexican Border (on the California side) and might be able to drop in at her ranch in late march or even stay a bit out april for helping her.

    email: peterharwerth@yahoo.ca (Canada)