Monday, December 07, 2009




By the time I got out of bed this morning Kelly was already on the computer doing battle with Microsoft's Live Writer.  She had read my post last night about being unable to find out where to un-install LW so she had her bulldog teeth into the problem.  Didn't take her long to dig up the un-install info on the internet but it also came with another option.  The site she found also came with a Microsoft Live download repair so we have decided to try that first before trying the un-install.  The repair wizard found 5 repair fixes to MS Live applications.  I'm hopeful this will work but I am not optimistic about it.  Been in these spots before & fixes do not have a good reputation for working.

I am going to keep the blog short (ya, I know....I always say that) & try to load a photo album plus pics & see if that works.  If you see a photo album in this blog you will know it did.

Last night we got a wake up call about 11 as to what to expect to-day in the way of weather.  One of those 44 car speeding express trains came roaring out of the mountains last night & slammed in to us broadside waking us both up.  The motorhome shook, shrieked , rattled, & rumbled, for about 5 minutes & then just as quickly as it had come......the big wind was gone & it was quiet for the rest of the night.

Wind warnings on the news this morning told us what we were in for & sure enough it didn't take long for the winds to pick up & start blowing real darn good by late morning.  We pulled our slides in before I went to my photo group because the winds were trying their best to rip the slide awnings off.  While at the photo group we watched many big tumbleweeds tumbling across the parking lot outside as the wind kept increasing.

By the time I got back shortly after 3 the air was just a howling & the rig was just a rocking.  We decided to eat in the ranch house so had another big feed of turkey with all the dressing.  Beaks & feet.  Inside the ranch house you would never know there was a big 44 car freight train wind a goin on through.  Had to take some blankets out for the chickens because the wind had nearly clean blew all their feathers off.  The donkeys were hangin on to the fence posts & the two ranch dogs were in the house watching television.  Charlie the cat was reported eastbound at an altitude of about 300 feet somewhere over El Paso.


Ok, I'm going to load this blog full up with photos right now & an album to see what happens.  Want to try it early in case I have to transfer everything over to blogger again......which I fully expect I will have to do.  All photos are of this morning's sunrise which I took outside in my pajamas.  No Jerry, they are not red:))  And a note to Fred & Wilma.......To-day at the photo group I talked to another person who is having the same Live Writer problem you are.  It scatters her photos asunder as well.  Looks good when she composes the blog but when it's published her photos & text are not where she had placed them!!!! 


GROANER'S CORNER:((  Doctor! I have a serious problem, I can never remember what I just said.
When did you first notice this problem?   What problem?



The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now....AL.


  1. Oh ye of little faith!!! The Blog looks perfect. The pictures are great. I like the way the album is scattered. How did you do that? I use Live Writer and it works well but I cannot scatter pictures. Hmmmmm Hope your trouble with Live Writer are over now.

  2. Yep....what Vera said...It looks awesome! Good Job :) Have a great night and I hope you keep your home on the ground!

  3. As usual some great photos! No fun with the wind in the RV.

  4. Everything looks good and functions here Al.Although i may not respond every night, i do enjoy reading what the whole "bunch" is up to each day.

    the hermit !

  5. Awesome "sunrise" photos Al. Mother nature sure is amazing..and everday she presents herself anew!
    Cheers, Renee

  6. After being blown off of Pilot Knob(Yuma) last month,I'll take the humidity,warm rain,ants and Bees here in ole Mex, over that sideways gravel.
    I actually felt the trailer twist in the wind that day.Here,my awning never goes in.
    Hang in there guys....Maybe a poor choice of words.Ha ha.

  7. Everything looks good on your blog from here - including the albums. Good thing Kelly's along with you or you'd still be chiseling in stone!!

  8. Wonderful photographs. My favorite is the one of the out buildings. Thanks for sharing how you caught that light, now I'll be looking for it.