Thursday, December 10, 2009




When I read posts from our fellow northern bloggers I am reminded how fortunate we folks in the southern parts of the States really are.  Our weather isn't the best down here in a lot of places but it is sure one heck of a lot better than what I am seeing up north.  I had better stop my grumping about the cold nights.  We hit 77F this afternoon:))


Kelly was off to exercise classes at 9 so I started pulling a lot of the dead summer flower stocks out of the flower beds & worked on another little adobe brick step down from the wrap around porch deck.  Sun was hot & I was actually down to short sleeves for a few hours.  Kelly's Yoga class is in Bisbee to-morrow morning so I'll hang out here & continue with my little projects.  Figured out how to start the ATV so that makes things a bit easier for hauling around dirt & bricks now.



The Facebook controversy continues over privacy issues & BITS FROM BILL has another post out to-day dealing with even more shady ways of big business.  Always something huh!!



Picasa has just released their newer Picasa 3.6 photo editing program yesterday so I upgraded last night but I don't see anything different from Picasa 3.  I actually went from Picasa 3 to Picasa 3.5 a couple of months ago & noticed some positive differences right away but then just a week or so ago my 3.5 mysteriously reverted back to Picasa 3.  So now I went to 3.6 & it looks the same as Picasa 3.  Confusing??  You bet it is & I don't know what's up with the Picasa folks but I sure hope they stop messing around with their photo editing program before they totally screw it up because there is not another photo editing program out there to compare with the ease & simplicity of Picasa.  All my photos are done using Picasa.


Mentioning Picasa reminded me about one of the most asked questions that come across my desktop...... what kind of a camera do you use?? I have blogged about this 3 or 4 times before so I will keep it short.  I have a Nikon D50 with an 18-55mm lens, & a Nikon D40 with a 55-200mm lens.  I also carry with me at all times a Canon Powershot A720IS & I have an 80mm Stellarve Refractor Nighhawk telescope that I can adapt to either one of my Nikons giving me a telephoto lens equivalent of 700mm.  I also carry a 2X tele-converter that doubles the power of any lens it is matched to.  All my cameras do a great job for me & as an advanced amateur they are all I need for our simple travel blog.  I've had my Nikon D50 for about 4 years, my D40 for 2 years & my Canon A720 for about a year & a half.  All cameras were purchased at HENRY'S camera shops except the Canon which I picked up at Wal-Mart.


Live Writer threw an error message at me last night about 2 minutes into the publishing process but it was a different one than I usually get so I waited a couple of minutes & tried again.  Success, but it sure had me doing some jumping up & down for a few minutes!!       10 A.M.  MORNING MOON >>>

GROANER'S CORNER:((  Men are like fine wine: They all start out as grapes, and it is your job to stomp on them and keep them in the dark until they mature into something you'd want to have with dinner.






The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now....AL.

MY SMUG MUG (I am finally working on updating this site)


  1. I really love the donkey photos you post. They look like great critters to talk with. Hee Haw.

    Simple blog???? You post just about the best photos out there. They are all FANTASTIC.

  2. 77F - short sleeves! I'm glad to see you've finally turned the furnace on down there as I'll be there shortly!! I agree with you on Picasa too - it's simply the best.

  3. Thanks for turning us on to Picasa. It's a great photo organizer and I can't wait to start using all of its features.

    Rod and I decided last week that our Christmas present to eachother is a great Camera. We have a high end Nikkon 35mm we purchased several years ago but its not digital. Your information is timely and valuable to us.



  4. Love your groaner's corner today, I think I am gonna pass that one on!

    We are seven degrees BELOW zero (Fahrenheit) and wind chills of 22 below zero. So enjoy your desert!

  5. Al, you done got a lot of cameras there man.For me one camera at a time and one computer at a time.Although I got an awfull scare this morning when the battery on the puter went dead and it just quit.I thought the puter was toast until I realized that I was plugged into a dead outlet.Maybe its time to have a backup camera and puter.All it takes is money,ha ha.

  6. As we fired up our laptops this morning, Mike said, "Al's groaner is worse than usual." Janna read it and said, "I like Al's groaner this morning." Got only a grunt from Mike! Enjoy your warm weather guys, looks like we are in for more snow.

  7. The camera is just a tool, and a simple one in the hands of an "advanced amateur" can take excellent pictures. An $800 camera in the hands of a klutz will take klutz pictures. A good camera in the hands of a true photographer like our friend Al? That will take pictures to show on the Bayfield Bunch blog!

  8. Also like your pictures. Will have to check out your photo editor. I have been just using MS Office photo editor because it is quick and easy.