Friday, January 15, 2010


I had really hoped I would walk out of the theater with a big "WOW" factor under my belt but it didn't happen!!  I know I'm going to take a big hit right on the end of my chin for this but I was not that impressed with this Avatar movie like the rest of the world is.  But, that's OK because I'm used to being in the minority when it comes to many opinions & popularly held beliefs anyway. 

First, what I liked about the movie.....yes, the special effects were very good & I especially liked the beautiful colored forest scenes with all those magical little twinkie boos floating in the air & with 3D glasses they came right out into the theater & softly alit on the tip of my nose.  And I always like those deep space scenes with spaceships & things.  The costumes, make up, & special effects for the blue people was done very well too.  But, that's about it.  Yes, the obvious hidden meanings may or may not have been there & you can look at the blue people as the north American Indians being trod upon years ago & the white man running them off their land or you can spin it to mean the great American Satin with it's greed & military mite in full domination mode against a primitive people, or, or, or, whatever.  Make it what you will but that's not how I saw the movie.

Maybe I have seen one to many G.I. Joe movies over the years.  Seen too many action hero movies.  Seen one too many 'big mega weapons' movies.  Same old plot, same old super hero's, same old dastardly villain, same old corny dialogue, same old big bulky machine gun & rocket firing steel behemoths like so many other Hollywood movies.  In fact I think they must have borrowed some of the big clunky two footed canon firing robots from Star Wars.  James Cameron probably cut a deal with George Lucas.  And what would a typical Hollywood action flick be without big guns & big explosions.  For sure I thought I was going to see Arnold Schwarzenegger appear at any moment with multi-barreled rocket launchers in each arm belching forth with full blown automatic fire blowing up every moving thing in great huge giant fireballs.

Guess I was looking for something special from this movie.  Something with a WOW factor.  Something that would leave me with a feeling of awe.  A movie to send me out of the theater with that deep sense of mystery that makes one look deep inside asking questions & searching for answers.  Guess I was just looking for some good old reality magic too.........& Avatar just didn't do it for me.

Ok, I've put my helmet & flak jacket on so bring on the slings & arrows.

Guess I didn't really make it clear in last night's blog whether Ron would be returning to Belle's Silverado Ranch.  Yes, Belle has agreed to take Ron on at the ranch & Ron said he's looking forward to returning & beginning work on renovating the 3 small cabins for starters plus many other handyman repairs.  No start date has been set but I'm sure Ron will be on the job as soon as he ties up loose ends & gets things squared away where he is now.

The Avatar movie started at 3:15 so we were in Sierra Vista by noon because we are not 'last minute people.'  Quick trip to a pet store for dog food, popped into & out of a Loews, & went shoulder to shoulder with the locals in the normally very crowded Fry's grocery store.  Thought we would try an Appleby's for something to eat before the movie because we had never been to one before.  Not a good experience.  First & foremost I don't care for Roadhouse type places.  Loud crappy music was assaulted my ears from cheap little tin can speakers in the ceiling & it was 25 minutes before the first plate of food hit the table.  Mine came 5 minutes later.  I am a very easy guy to please when it comes to food & generally eat whatever is put in front of me.  This was not the best food.....but I ate it all anyway.  We will never go back to another Appleby's!!

GROANER'S CORNER:((  I got used to arthritis & I've resigned myself to the fact I'll have to wear dentures forever.  I can manage with my bifocals Ok,  but boy oh boy do I ever miss my mind.



The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now....AL.


  1. Al, perhaps you analyze things more deeply than the movie makers expect the movie goer to do. You are looking for things to make sense, with meanings other than cheap agendas. I would guess that you aren't their target audience. This perhaps is why I probably will pass on attending.

  2. I completely agree about Appleby's. Sometimes they are called Bennigans, Houlahans, Olive Garden - any restaurant that is part of a chain, including Burger King, McDonalds, and the like. What they can do to food is criminal, the service is iffy, and the music is always too loud. Hey, I can't find my flak jacket!

    Not being a movie goer I wouldn't have seen Avatar anyway, but I'm glad to read a serious fair-minded comment about it.

  3. From all the previews I have seen about Avatar, I think I would feel the same way as you do about it. Good thing we live 40 miles from the nearest theater and don't go to see movies. I doubt if I will even get it on Netflix when it comes out. thanks for an honest opinion.

  4. You tell it like it is, friend! You and Nick Russell would make a good pair. If you haven't met him, we can arrange it!

    We have enjoyed Applebee's a couple of times, not enjoyed them a few times. Tend to agree about chain restaurants. They are dependable, if you're happy with what they have, they'll have it at the next place too. But little local joints are what make our traveling more fun! We had dinner at the Mescal Bar and Grill last evening -- we've wanted to stop there for quite a while. We may have to post a blog about their steak and hot links sub sandwich -- drive Mike McFall out of his gourd!

  5. Hey Al, I agree 100% with everything you've said today! I should just go back to bed and get some rest now! First, Appleby's - worst hamburger I've ever had - I won't be going back either. Avatar - haven't seen it and won't, the previews and internet clips are enough for me to see that it looks very lame except for all the special effects stuff which I don't care for anyway. Take away the 3D, special effects and what's left? A pretty dumb movie. Glad to hear that Ron is returning to Belle's soon.

  6. After watching Avatar yesterday, I went out on a limb on Facebook and gave Avatar the thumbs down. The only reason I went to see it was the rave reviews from Facebook friends - and it is a movie I would never recommend to anyone.

    Yes, I loved the 3D effects. Why couldn't they have used 3D on a movie like ET,or Close Encounters of the Third Kind? Sci-Fi movies with heart? The hero of Avatar was such an arrogant jackass I wanted to see him die (as he deserved) in the first half-hour!

    Okay, enough ranting - suffice to say you are not alone in your low opinion of the plot and endless destruction. What a waste of wonderful 3D technology, my time, and our money.

  7. The previews of Avatar on TV don't turn me on in the least. Give me movies like the "African Queen" and I'll see it but this newfangeld junk they put out now... NO.