Monday, January 11, 2010



No particular plans for to-day except my photo group in the afternoon.  Cleaned up around the outside of the rig raking stones out of the gravel, etc.  Kelly had an exercise class in Elfrida & was back by 10:15.  She did some rose bush trimming & I did some tree watering & that was about it till noon.

Three of us out for photo group so Marybeth, Ray, & I sat around chatting about a variety of subjects including some photo stuff.   Good idea keeping up to speed on what's happening in the community & our talks are always informative. 

The sun seemed extra warm this afternoon so we just kind of sat in our reclining lawn chairs outside & soaked up some sun for a change.  Listened to some good old western CD's as well.  They just seem to sound so much better when you listen to them in the very cowboy country where the words were inspired from.  Words from an era long gone.  Words from a simpler time in the world.  Back in time when songwriters knew how to write songs &  musicians knew how to play simple instruments.  No voice enhancements, no multi-tracking, & no bafflegab.  Just simple folks playing simple music together.  They pulled it off with raw talent creating legendary music that will be around long after most of to-day's garbage & noise has long been flushed away.........& rightfully so.

Tomorrow, a fellow is coming over from New Mexico to meet with us at Belle's ranch.  He is interested in the well being of Belle, her animals, & the Silverado Ranch.  We are not out of the woods yet on finding the exact right person/persons for Belle but we're going to keep trying until we do.  We'll see what tomorrow brings. 

Like a lot of other bloggers, we receive many nice comments & emails from people every day.  Because I am the fellow who writes the blog & takes the pictures a lot of those comments are addressed to me.  But, I am only one of two people here.  I am only a small part of the Bayfield Bunch.  We are a collection of 3 dogs & 2 people & the credit for anything must go to the whole team. Without Kelly there would be no Bayfield Bunch.  She totally handles all the phone & Skype calls & makes all arrangements for everything.  I am in charge of my own peanut butter sandwiches.  Kelly is the calming influence on stormy days, the positive approach to seemingly impossible situations, & she is our computer tech.  I know how to turn the outside water off at night.  She makes sure the dogs are fed properly & I make sure they all get lots of snuggles & toys time.  Kelly can fix most anything & I am good at getting into a fix.  She is a great person in the kitchen & I'm pretty good with a shovel.  I have never understood how a person can remain on a totally even keel no matter how stormy the seas can become some days.  Even in the Navy I got seasick!!  Kelly's a good driver....but I'm better:))  She has the discipline to regularly attend her exercise & yoga classes every week while I don't have enough discipline to keep my face out of the peanut butter jar:((  The list goes on & on but you get the idea.  The credit for the Bayfield Bunch really belongs to her.  I'm just the guy who writes the blog & takes the pictures……………. & eats the peanut butter sandwichs10-4:))

And the Bayfield Bunch welcomes our latest follower Serena.  Welcome aboard & thanks for finding us interesting enough to follow:))

Just received an email from Belle so it looks like I'll be feeding & watering the critters again tomorrow morning……….Yaaaaaay:))



GROANER'S CORNER:((  The nice part about staying in an RV Park is that when you don't know what you're doing, somebody else does!!




The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now....AL.


  1. Al, Al, al.... we only make the nice comments to you, because we know you need the extra daily boost in an otherwise harsh and unforgiving lifestyle you lead. We know that Kelly is steering that Bayfield Ship, and you are the strong hand to open the pickle jars! Way to go Kelly and the other 3 steakholds. (did you get that? I called the dogs steakholders, Like stakeholders, but dogs are probably happier as steakholders... LOL! Keep up the great work!

  2. Al, that was a very nice tribute to Kelly in recognizing all of her many efforts in managing the Bayfield Bunch. Sounds like you can be a lot to manage sometimes! :)

  3. Hey, nuttin' wrong with peanut butter sandwiches. Sometimes add some jam or jelly (usually sugar-free) or honey or bananas. Might have to get a hogie roll and try all of them at once. Sounds like Kelly does have her hands full just managing the cursmudgeon guy. But I bet she does it with a smile.

  4. Heh, I just noticed I commented with the wrong account. Neil Z above = AntZEE that normally comments here and on other RV blogs.

  5. Hey, you know I'm always asking if I can borrow Kelly from time to time!

    Individually you are all great; together you are the greatest!

  6. Well, Al and Kelly, you are a great team, you and Cora and Max and Checkers. As the writer on our own team, I have to second your comments. My lady is a fine complement to me, and deserves a fine compliment from me, like you gave Kelly.

    Incidentally, you keep forgetting to put raw onion and mayonnaise and salt on your peanut butter sandwiches!

  7. Hey Al, you didn't have to explain all this - we already knew! Nice of you to acknowledge Kelly's contribution though!

  8. It sounds to me that "the pretty Dutch lady" and "the cranky old cursmudgeon" make a GREAT team! Congrats to you both!