Saturday, January 02, 2010



Needed a few groceries so figured we would head into town this morning but then Kelly dropped.....the 'S' word.  She decided if we were in town anyway she could hit a few stores.  Well, that was it for me.  After my Sierra Vista shopping day this past week I figured I was good until 2015 so had no interest in getting dragged through more stores.  Kelly headed off for Bisbee & I stretched out in a lounge chair with my 'Sons Of The Pioneers' CD shakin up the chickens.


Turned out to be a very busy morning on the computer anyway so was glad I had stayed behind.  I had emails to respond to, photos to sort, emails to organize, & fellow bloggers to read.  I responded, sorted, & organized but didn't get any blogs read so I may keep this post short to-night & do some catch up.


Noticed we have some new followers so want to welcome Belle Starr, Jeanie, & Yarntangler.  Do you suppose Yarntangler might have something to do with quilting.  Seems like every third or fourth RV/Blogger we meet is a quilter person.  Geeeezzzz, some of the guys are even married to quilters:))  Jeanie's husband has just entered the blogging world as well so you might want to have a look at ROJOS RAMBLINGS.  Tell him The Bayfield Bunch sent ya:))  And check out Gerri & Art's blog at THE 2 BALLS.  Sounds like amongst a bunch of other things, Gerri is a very experienced reptile handler!!


On our Middlemarch Road drive a few days ago we came upon something we had not expected to see in this area.  On the east side of the Dragoon mountains about half way to Pearce we spotted a Saguaro Cactus standing tall on a hillside.  First one we've ever seen this far southeast of Tucson.

DSC_5165 DSC_5164  DSC_5166



We had an email from Cindy & Dave this morning.  They are set up at Belle's place in their 5th wheel & have run into a few work related problems.  There is a problem with the electric running to the boxes at all 6 RV sites so Dave is having problems running his power tools.  At the time Cindy sent the email Dave was working on fixing a sink for Belle.  Kelly & I are so grateful to Cindy & Dave for coming to Belle's aid.  As many of you blog readers know I am not mechanically inclined whatsoever & to have a caring couple arrive carrying their own tools with the ability to use them is nothing short of a miracle.  This Wisconsin couple & their dog Shadow arrived at a perfect time.  Kelly & I were able to get the ball rolling but it is people like Cindy & Dave who can keep it rolling.  I am hoping to get over to Belle's to-morrow for a couple hours so we'll see how things are going & how that Belle gal is doing.  She is having a few problems getting onto her blogsite so maybe we can work on that for a bit too.  I would like to take a few more pics for Belle's blog as well.  If anyone RVing in the area knows how to set up a full blown website that would be much appreciated.  Belle had a nice website but the fellow who did it put everything in his name including passwords, etc.  When he finally 'got lost' did Belle's website!!

Ok, that's about enough out of me for another day!!


GROANER'S CORNER:((  During my brother's wedding, my mother managed to keep from crying---until she glanced at my grandparents. My grandmother had reached over to my grandfather's wheelchair and gently touched his hand. That was all it took to start my mother's tears flowing.
After the wedding, Mom went over to my grandmother and told her how that tender gesture triggered her outburst.
"Well, I'm sorry to ruin your moment," Grandmother replied, "but I was just checking his pulse."




The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now....AL.


  1. Hello Al and Kelly,
    I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am to read about all that you're doing to organize help for Belle Starr. I think of her often.

    I'll do what I can from here to keep spreading the word with links from my blog and in my newsletter.

    Happy New Year and Bless your kind souls!!!

  2. Al and Kelly,

    What you have started with Silverado Ranch seem to hit waves all over. Like a magic spell it runs from blog to blog and from group to group, and I see it now all over. You have started something wonderful, and of nothing else - you helped me realize how nice, supportive and great is this community of Full Time RVers, in which I am proud to belong.

    I Love your B&W work. I think your photos are of high quality and add a lot to your blog.

    Did you decide on your handheld GPS? We are following Nick's suggestion and Patti got addicted to geocaching lately. It is a very nice game.

  3. That saguaro you found.There are similar ones down here in Mexico.Maybe that one is a border jumper.

  4. All we can say is -- keep on doing what you're doing -- for Belle, and for all your readers. And that sepia of the ranch land was great! Good old Picasa, but it takes a "user" to make it work.

  5. I'm with you on the "S" stuff Al, I avoid it whenever I can - and, that's most of the time. That's a very nice shot of the old flatbed wagon too!

  6. Thanks for the plug on the Blog. I agree you have some really great pics. good luck with your visit with Belle today.


  7. Al, your humor really cracks me up!!! I love that kind of stuff,,,,,Ole bell have any bronc's she needs busted,,,,,or calves roped and tied? If she does I could stop by, I just happen to have my boots and spurs and lasso with me.....Now I'm not to bad with a wrench, welding and cutting torch, but I'm a sad carpenter....
    Keep on with that neat humor my man!
    Oh, by the way your pictures are second to none!!

  8. Al, I can host a website for Belle, no charge. I have a reseller account. Just let me know the domain name she wants. Can build a starter site as well. Check out

  9. What you've done for Belle is a wonderful thing.
    You might want to check out to put up a new site for Belle. It's free, and I would be happy to help, if you wish...just let me know.
    - Mary Ann