Thursday, February 18, 2010


Well, this Windows 7 is sure trying it’s best to drag out the worst in me.  Just lost or misplaced all of my photos today.  Some  menu keeps coming up now saying the files cannot be found.  I am not impressed nor do I have patience with all this so tomorrow I go back to good old  reliable XP!!!!

Before I forget again let me say Checkers is doing fine since her nasty brush with the Teddy Bear Cholla over in the Kofa Refuge south of Quartzsite.   The stickers inside her mouth appear to have dissolved & all the barbs are out of her fur.  Good thing she had a thick coat or those Cholla barbs would have been right into her skin.  When she got into the Cholla plant the barb clusters clung  to her fur so she naturally tried to pull them off with her mouth & that is how she got all the barbs in her face.

In the recent movings & scramblings from the Kofa’s to here plus degraded Verizon service I have got behind in some of my blog stuff, not to mention emails again.  Have been meaning to welcome followers, Wil, Jim, Katie, Rollie & Gena, plus Wayne & Roberta.  Thanks for following us along folks.  And, it looks like Rollie & Gena have landed in the magic 100 followers slot.  Who would have ever thought we would one day have a hundred followers.   Who would have ever thought one day we would be here where we are.  Who would have ever thought of any of this!!

Kelly was busy with Deerpark Lodge stuff on the computer this morning so I hustled myself up to the top of the large hills to our west called Coyote Mountain.  There are some well worn paths in these hills from a group of folks on the other side.  A lot of Canadian boondockers  favor a spot called Peg Leg Smiths tucked into the southwest end of Coyote mountain & the hills there make for some nice easy walking.  It was Peg Leg Smith’s spot that was recommended to us by a fellow RV’er over in Slab City a couple years ago & that’s how we ended up over in this neck of the woods finding Borrego Springs.  We took one drive into Peg Leg & got right back out of there again.  About 30 or 40 rigs all herded together & that was waaaaaay to many people in one small spot for us.    And yet here on the other side of the hills there is literally hundreds of acres of wide open spaces.  Just another one of the those little worldly mysteries that continue to baffle me.  Well, in my opinion anyway:))

Had myself one of those rare moments of calm patience this morning & seized upon it to quietly sit outside the motorhome & clean my camera gear, telescopes eyepieces, binoculars, etc.  Even managed a few small equipment repairs.  All went well with nothing getting smashed & nobody getting hurt.  This little spot outside has quickly become my very favorite little place to be as I sit here again in the cooling shade of another very warm California day.

Had a lot of trouble posting the blog last night so I was up burning the midnight oil several times.  I think Laurie is right about our poor Verizon connection being the root of my problems & not Live Writer or Toshiba.  Will not try to post another  photo album & will try to cut down on the number of photos.  What do you think are my chances of doing that second one??  Zero to none I’d say!!

Had to go bring Checkers back from a neighboring RV this morning.  She is a naturally friendly & curious dog & loves to go visiting.  Doesn’t matter if the rig is half a mile away, she’s still gonna go there.  We are fortunate to have such a sweet friendly dog but there are things that go ouch out there in the desert & besides, we don’t want our dogs bothering other people.  Not all folks are dog friendly either.  Checkers loves children & is drawn to them like a magnate so we have to keep a close eye on her.  It is another reason we prefer to be away from other RV’ers.  Our dogs can get barky at times & we are sensitive about disturbing people. 

I think one of the main boondocking factors for me is the issue of…….noise.  Don’t know why but I have become very sensitive to noise these past number of years.  People noise that is!!  I don’t mind jet aircraft overhead or even the ka-rump of heavy bombs in the mountain ranges from time to time but human voices from another campsite will send me into a tizzy & if it’s loud drunken party noises it will send me about 6 feet off the ground in a hot volcanic plume of anger!!!!  ATV’s or dirt bikes being raced through the desert by immature, inconsiderate kids will cause me to wish them many bad happenings.  Don’t mind train whistles in the night but screaming kids will turn my brain to mush every time.    Probably the worst offense to my ears right up there with drunken partying is somebody else’s music.  And I don’t care what kind of music it is, even if it’s my kind of music, I don’t like it because somebody else is playing it at a rude, inconsiderate, & obnoxious level.  And even if it isn’t loud, don’t matter, cause if I can hear it, I’m not going to like it!!   I am very picky about when, what, & how I listen to music & it’s just another reason I do not like to be camped anywhere near anyone.  Doesn’t matter if they are the finest folks on the planet, people noise is people noise!!  And how about those people that come over to your site & chew up 5 hours of your time standing around talking about totally nothing except what great guys they perceive themselves to be.  Men are the worst for this hands down.  Or how about that couple who want to bend your ear off non stop with all their latest totally boring kitchen cupboard door handle renovations.    Just another reason we prefer the chattering of birds, the howling of winds, the blowing of sand, the beating of rain on a rubber roof, & the yipping of coyotes.  Now to me, that ain’t noise & that ain’t too bad of an opinion either:))

And, out of fairness I should add something else here.  Although Kelly isn’t as extreme as I am on some of these points, we are very much like minded on many things.   It’s just that she has far more patience & tolerance than I do  & with 5 kids to her credit I think she has come by those traits honestly. 


It’s Thursday Feb 18th & I just found my pics from yesterday & dropped this one in to make sure it worked…….and it did.

GROANER’S CORNER:  Groaner’s corner will be back tomorrow night when I switch back to the other laptop & XP.



The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...... AL.


  1. Noisy neighbors (or nosey neighbors) are the pits, that's for sure.

    I kind of like that mournful sound of a train whistle off in the distance. Right outside the RV door, well, that's another issue.

    Anyway, have a great evening Bayfield Bunch!

  2. Were we twins separated at birth :-)


  3. Isn't it great that we have wives with so much patience,,,,,Ms Pat has so much its unbelievable!! She has 5 children also. I'm just like you,,,have NONE!! People that want to talk, or ask me a question, then tell me how they do it or what they have,,,,tick me off to!! Because after 15 years of this full timing, I really don't CARE how they do it*^#@*!... Right on my man!!

  4. I can take a bit of people noise but not much. The music, however, can drive me up the wall. Especially when they are trying to keep it low and all you can hear is the steady boom-boom of the base.

  5. My you feel better getting all that off your chest? LOL!

  6. I'll keep this very short and my presures down...i agree! Enjoy those warm rays and that clean equipment! Bob

  7. Yup... just can't understand the thrill of parking like rows of sardines in tin cans... in parks of 500 sites. YUCK! One time went to Lake of the Clouds in Porcupine Mts. in the U.P. of Mich... we were in sites SO close to the neighboring campers that we could hear the next guy fart, burp and snore! From INSIDE his camper! That is just toooo close.

    I wrote about one of our times camping next to noisy folks:

    Karen and Steveio

  8. Great blog, Al - even without pics! Once you get a good connection again, most of the annoying problems should disappear. I have to say I agree with 100% of what you had to say today about miscellaneous noise - from humans. I sense from today's blog, the "old curmudgeon" is back - and, that's a good thing. No, it's a "great thing"!!

  9. We agree, noisy neighbors are no fun. We live this lifestyle to get away from certain noise pollution. Even though we have children they are very respectful of others. We have had people tell us that they didn't even realize we had children in the RV until they saw them playing outside. It's all in common courtesy and parenting skills. :)

  10. We appreciate most of what you've said. We don't mind having neighbors -- considerate neighbors -- but the long talkers and the loud noises aren't welcome at all. We meet a lot of nice people while RVing, and sometimes we never see them again. But sometimes we meet nice folks from Ontario or BC and we can learn something new. Even if we later forget it, we remember with pleasure our good encounters. So - hang on to your standards, we'll keep ours, and we'll meet somewhere in the middle, and we'll all have a grand time!

  11. Wow. It's good of you to let people know how you feel about stuff. If you were to read this blog casually, and not get into these few posts with your rules, you could very easily be mistaken for a fairly gregarious fellow. I think blogging (and blogging well and you do) naturally attract people to you, and people generally want to be around other people, especially popular fellows like yourself. Enjoy your solitude when you can get it. After reading this blog, I would be far less inclined to seek you out for a visit, even if our paths were to cross. You are entitled to live your life the way you want, it's just that I find this kind of media is used to actually connect people, not keep them at bay. Take care, I very much enjoy reading your blog!

  12. There is a couple, Bert & Janie Gildart, currently camped at Peg Leg. They have an Airstream. They are travel writers and have published several books. They have photographed and written quite a bit about Anza Borrego. I enjoy their blog as much as I enjoy yours. Great photos and good writing = a good blog in my books. Check it out....

  13. Oooh, don't come to the Slabs, it's hella noisy here.

    We actually don't mind people all that much since we spend half the year at our remote place in Colorado. We're hermits, but not just wannabe hermits!

    Now go get out and enjoy the scenery crankypants! ;)