Saturday, March 13, 2010



CITY OF ROCKS STATE PARK, NEW MEXICO  (didn't have any pics for today so have thrown in some previous trip photos)

A second beautifully calm morning had us out of the rig early but by 11 we were driven back inside by high winds & blowing sand.  A warm front is moving into the area & it's the big winds that are bringing it here.  Had put the flags up earlier but had to get them down again while they were still in one piece.


No Blue Angel jets out this way from the El Centro Air Show so maybe they were all blown over into Texas somewhere.  We spent all afternoon inside reading &  doing computer stuff.  Wow, talk about exciting times.


RICK had a good post in this morning about why he likes his RV lifestyle just the way it is.  I sure wish I had some of that contentment stuff he has.  A lot of other RV'ers have it as well but it seems I was out to lunch somewhere the day all that stuff was passed around years ago.  You would think by the age of 65 I would be getting myself slowed down a bit & catching up on some of that there contentment stuff, but ya know what....I don't think it ain't never gonna happen:)))))



Had a question about the pile of rock's photo in last night's blog.  I had positioned the sun directly behind that pillar of rocks & noticed it shining through a couple holes in the stones.  That gave it the fiery eye effect.  Many miles directly behind lay the Imperial Sand Dunes & with all the kids out there with their ATV's, Dirt bikes, & dune buggy's yesterday there was a fine dust cloud on the horizon.  The sun sitting on the horizon filtered through that dust giving the sky an orangey  look.  Photo was taken at 200mm & F/9.  A little assistance from Picasa 3 helped refine the color & contrast as well. 



I am always in a bit of a dilemma about our 'Blogs We Follow' list.  I try to keep it reasonably short for simplicity & ease of reading sake but after I read Donna's post from 2 TAKING A 5TH today about having 300 sites on her list I guess that should tell me I have lots of room to expand my list.  Aw no, I don't think so!!  Every once & awhile I will come across an RV'er just starting out in the blogging world.  If I find it interesting I sometimes put it into our list for awhile hoping to give the new blogger a jump start on their blog.  I remember well when I first started out, the feeling of anticipation as you check your SITEMETER about a hundred times a day to see if anybody read it.  A couple hits, maybe 10, & then holy smokes after a long while your all the way up to 25 & on a roll.  WoW!!  I like to think by sometimes putting a new person's blog on our site it can maybe add 40 or 50 hits over night for the new blogger giving their blog a nice boost .  And, that makes me feel good.



However, there is a more troubling side to the 'Blogs We Follow' list that bothers me.  In order to keep the list short, & to keep the emphasis focused on fewer blogs as opposed to blogs becoming lost in a multiple blog list, I have to let some go & that is always an agonizing decision for me & not something I take pleasure in doing.   If I wasn't a sensitive person I wouldn't give a hoot about dropping blog sites........but I do, & I'm sure other bloggers have thought about this as well.


I have some regular blogger friends  who have been on my list almost from the beginning & others who have drifted away.  I can always tell when feelings are hurt though because folks blogs I have decided to drop, & who used to leave comments, immediately stop leaving comments & just seem to drop right out of sight.   Oh well, just one of the little on-going bumps along the old Bloggerville road:((



We have been monitoring the weather carefully & it still looks cold for going anywhere too far north so our 4 corner States visit is still off the drawing board.  However, tomorrow morning we will have the big wheels rolling eastward again heading for somewhere over in Saguaro Cactus country.  Where too??  Dunno.......that just takes all the fun out of it.  Now, let me do I spell contentment!!




Harvey's grandfather clock suddenly stops working right one day, so he loads it into his van and takes it to a clock repair shop.
In the shop is a little old man who insists he is Swiss, and has a heavy German accent. He asks Harvey, "Vat sims to be ze problem?"
Harvey says, "I'm not sure, but it doesn't go 'tick-tocktick -tock' anymore. Now it just goes 'tick...tick...tick.'"
The old man says, "Mmm-Hm!" and steps behind the counter, where he rummages around a bit. He emerges with a huge flashlight and walks over the grandfather clock.
He turns the flashlight on, and shines it directly into the clocks face. Then he says in a menacing voice, "Ve haf vays of making you tock!"




The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...... AL.


  1. Your comments about blogs you follow...I couldn't believe you posted that.

    Nanette and I were just talking about this today!

    I have dealt with the same issues on our blog as well.

    We also want the list to be meaningful so just the other day we had to drop one to add another.

    It was not an easy decision.

    We are finding there are some things about blogging that were not explained to us in the Blogging for Dummies book.

    Ken and Nanette

  2. Hi Al, I think if the wind would just stop for a good week or two, your contentment level would rise dramatically.

    I know what you mean about adding newcomers to your Blogs I Follow list. I still remember the day you added mine way back last May and I couldn't figure out where everyone was coming from until I checked my referrals - The Bayfield Bunch!

    So, if you're thinking about dropping me off - I'm just going to have to stop these comments I'm making - that'll teach ya for sure!

  3. You seem to be pretty content with life - getting irate about the wind blowing, or folks getting too close to your space, isn't discontentment, in my way of thinking. You appear to me to me to be pretty happy with your life and travels, helping people, and trying to convince us you are a cursmudgeon, whereas you are a big ole pussycat! (We've all got your number.)

  4. Seems to me like you are very contented with your RV lifestyle. You like to get up and go whenever you want to do so! I don't think being content means you have to be any "one" thing. I like the unknown opportunities of RVing. We sometimes plan (or over plan) and then 2 days later throw those plans out the window for a new plan. We aren't content with any "one" thing either. But we are content with the RV lifestyle. Make sense? Maybe thoughts are wandering because we are not content sitting here in Tumwater for much longer.

    Can't wait to read where the Bayfield Bunch goes next. Travel safe and have fun.

  5. If your not content about being out in the country, you could have been with me today on the Las Vegas strip. There were millions of people going every which way. No place to stand, no place to sit down. No place to park the car, but of course there were seats in the casinos. Perhaps the wind will not be such a bad memory, compared to being here.

  6. Hmmm...wondering if we're on you "chopping block" list, since I haven't been posting much lately (or leaving very many comments)? The weather FINALLY got much better here, so we've been out and about on the motorcycle. I'm still taking lots of photos, but I've only been taking the time to download them, not edit them...I figure I'll have time to catch up while I'm back home in Michigan in a few weeks. Your blog has been a real inspiration to me and I enjoy reading it regularly. I always make a beeline for yours, Margie's, Rick's, Gypsy's, and a few other's each day, when possible. I'm following about a hundred or so blogs, but, most of them don't post very often, and I'm following many of them out of curiosity, or because they're "friends" of yours or one of the other's. I have already deleted some as I go along and try to find my "rhythm" here. If you find the need to delete me, well, "you gotta do what you gotta do", and I'll still wish you all the best....(but, I hope you won't). Later alligator,
    Mary Ann

  7. Just want to thanks for adding my Blog.I had no Idea that I would have the hits that I do. If it were not for you I feel sure my numbers would be a lot lower.
    I am having a lot of fun with the blog. and we are looking forward to getting these health issues behind us so we can get back out there and start Blogging real time. But I would almost bet I still kick in an old story from years ago... did I ever tell you about when... LOL


  8. I just love the photo of Max looking out the window....sweet!

  9. I'm with Gypsy on this one Al, you seem pretty content with your lifestyle roaming aimlessly across the SW. To copy your style "Contentment is probably a measure of your lack of discontent and except for the occasional rant about your lack of contentment you seem to have a lack of discontent in your life."

  10. Hahha Gypsy said it best!

    Karen and Steve

  11. I agree with Gypsy... you seem pretty contented to me, taking hikes, working on your photography, playing with the dogs. I don't think of the desire to move frequently as discontent - we move way more often than you do, always wondering what's down the road and looking for a new view (and new meal) - but discontent? What the heck is that??

    We would be very discontented RV'ing the way Rick does, but that is one of the many great things about this lifestyle - you can follow the path that makes YOU happy, and others can do the same.

    Re the blog roll: I never look at it! I've never put one on our blog, and don't look at other peoples, as I use Google reader to subscribe to delivery of the blogs I like to follow. I've never really understood why some bloggers add a blog roll... now you've given me a reason why NOT to have one. Once again, to each his/her own...

    Your blog is on my permanent "subscription list", along with Gypsy, Rick and many others who live a different RV'ing lifestyle than we do.

    Can't wait to see where you go next.

  12. That's one scary looking RV! Reminds me of the bedroom wallpaper in the house we've bought. LOL

    Don't ever get contented, I enjoy your blog just the way it is!

  13. Thanks Al for the great blog topic.

    I have to repeat what Rick has already stated. The very day you added me to your "Follow List", I started noticing an increase in traffic. I took a look at the "Referrals" tab, and sure enough, there was "The Bayfield Bunch". I appreciate you doing this for me.

    I feel good knowing that people are taking a few minutes of their day looking at what I have to say.

  14. Everybody already said it so I won't repeat other than to say I agree. NOW - I've tried to drop blogs I follow, but they don't drop! How do you do that? THey all show up in my daily "reading list" but I do skip over some, or just glance quickly at some and pass 'em by. Can't figure out how to drop somebody. And "Referrals" tab? What's that? Boy, I feel like a newbie out here with all you folks having sitemeters, referral tabs, hundreds on your Blogs I Follow list!

  15. Travel safe,,,my grumpy old opiniated twin!

  16. Well Al... Contentment is different for each of us... We like to float around and see different things and camp in everything from very rustic campgrounds to paved sites. As far as blogging goes I follow 80 blogs including yours because you write such great articles and have fabulous photos. I don't think you have ever visited me but that's ok because I am still going to come around & visit you! Have a GREAT day & travel safe!!!!

  17. great photos on your blog..!!found your blog through jerry and suzy..will enjoy reading and viewing all your older posts!

  18. We have a very large list of blogs that we follow regularly. We originally had the idea of putting a blog roll on our site but soon realized that:

    1. There were just too many to list

    2. If we left anyone out by mistake we didn't want any hurt feelings.

    So we decided it was best to not have a "blogs we follow" list at all.

    We are faithful blog followers to many and those blog owners know who we are. :) Our link has been added to a lot of blogs - some remain and some have deleted us. To each their own! *smiles*

    We really enjoy blogging about our adventures and our lifestyle in general. Everyone has the option to follow us, occasionally read our blog or just delete us all together. We appreciate all of our readers. Lurkers included. :)

    We may not be included in your "blogs we follow" list but we still love the Bayfieldbunch and will remain your faithful blog followers. <3