Thursday, April 01, 2010



A RESTFUL STOPOVER IN WINGHAM, ONTARIO TODAY (don't ask me what the French writing is on the side of the van.....haven't a clue)

Have been having a few problems getting the wood splinters out from under my fingernails because I have been sitting here scratching my head trying to come up with a blog topic tonight.

As some of you know I drive a mobility van part time in our area when we are home from the southwest.  Started with the company about 6 years ago & did a lot of driving for a few years even keeping one of the vans here at home for awhile.  But, then we started going south in the winters so I was replaced by another driver.  It was only logical.  The company has kept me on as a part time driver when we are home though & I fill in for other drivers wherever needed.  We transport mainly elderly folks in wheelchairs to doctor's appointments, hospitals, medical centers, dentists, etc.  Sometimes to weddings, funerals, visits to friends, shopping, groceries, etc.  I've always liked the job so have hung in there the last few years despite the lack of worthwhile driving hours.  Think I made enough last summer to buy about 3 tanks of gas for the motorhome.  But, not to complain. 

Today I had a nice run in the one non-wheelchair van the company has & I enjoyed just getting out into the countryside for a drive.  Picked up a lady in a town north of here & drove her to a Doctor's appointment in another town 20 minutes away.  Had a one hour wait so spent that in a Tim Horton's parking lot sipping away on a Timmies.  I was back home by 3:30 this afternoon.  A drive through rural Ontario is nice at any time but to get paid for my time is always a nice bonus.  But far more important than the money is the fact of having something to do.  A purpose.  A reason to get up in the morning.  And working with elderly folks in wheelchairs is also doubly rewarding because at the end of a day you go home with a feeling that you have done something very worthwhile that day.  And, you have done it right.  And, you know it's something that a lot of other folks would rather not do.  Just one of those things.



Another nice thing about being home is not having to be subjected to night time television shows.  In the motorhome our computer desk is directly under the television.  Kelly likes her shows & I can't stand them so when doing the blog each night in the rig I have my Sony headphones on & my stored computer library tunes cranked so I can't hear the sirens & gunfire going on over my head.  At home here our television is in the living room & the computer is in the sunroom so it is much nicer for both of us.  I have a big view of our entire front yard with all it's birds, bunnies, frogs, squirrels, chipmunks, & any neighbor's driving by.  But, more than that, I am totally free of night time television shows.  Don't have to wear my earphones & keep my head down.  I have an on-line music station I listen to with continuous uninterrupted music playing through a computer stereo system.  No sirens, no victims screaming, no soap opera dramatics, no bad acting or gunfire.  Just nice soft, groovy, ambient music filling the air around me.  And the station I listen to is called,  SOMA fm   If you go there, just click on 'Groove Salad' & that's what I will be listening to.

I have complained about CNN news before with it's habit of tunnel visioning a particular news item of interest to them & repeatedly playing clips over & over & over & over.  And the seemingly never ending commercials!!  I'm convinced CNN is really an infomercial channel with a few Wolf Blitzer bites thrown in for good measure.  But, I sure would prefer CNN when we are on the road compared to the other totally stupid (IMHO) network moronic newscasts I have to endure every morning.  What multi-million dollar executive ever came up with that imbecilic idea of hauling the newscasters outside & standing them in front of a crowd of screaming, yelling, waving, & jumping up & down, people.  And by the way, I'm sure they are cued to scream, wave. & jump, upon command.  It doesn't bother Kelly at all but it drives me totally bonkers & I sit there in my chair with my hands over my ears when the cue cards go up.  Kelly likes the morning news & I would probably sooner thrust my hands into boiling water.  And I would appreciate the news better if there was just one mature newsperson at the anchor desk!!  Why does there have to be a whole 'gang' of people do the news.  That just turns the news cast into a jousting match of childish silliness with each participant trying to out-funny the next person.  Whatever happened to the maturity & no nonsense news broadcasting of the Walter Cronkite's of the world.  Two grown up newscasters I can handle but any more than that & it's kindergarten time.

Ok, that's enough out of me for today.  Those wooden splinters under my fingernails are actually smoldering now so I'd better slip outside & stick my hands in the frog pond.  Not to worry, there's no frogs in our front yard pond yet so no frogs will be harmed as the result of my little rant...............10-4!!!!


GROANER'S CORNER:((  And because it is Easter........

  • What would you get if you crossed the Easter Bunny with an overstressed person?
    An Easter basket case!
  • What's pink, has five toes, and is carried by the Easter Bunny?
    His lucky people's foot!
  • How does the Easter Bunny keep his fur neat?
    With a hare brush!!
  • How did the soggy Easter Bunny dry himself?
    With a hare-dryer!
  • Why is a bunny the luckiest animal in the world?
    Because it has four rabbit’s feet!
  • Why was the Easter Bunny so upset?
    He was having a bad hare day!
  • Why does Peter Cottontail hop down the bunny trail?
    Because his parents wouldn't let him borrow the car!
  • Why did the Easter Bunny have to fire the duck?
    Because he kept quacking all the eggs!


    The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...AL.


    1. Okay.. I just HAVE to pass on those easter jokes.... ok?

      Karen and Steve

    2. Al, we have a second TV mounted in the back bedroom up high on the wall across from the bed. Loyce loves to lay back there and watch the corny nightime tv stuff. While I work away with the front tv in the more conservative off mode. Perhaps a second tv would be a cheap investment for your sanity!


    3. Hey Al, you forgot to tell about when you do get a wheel chair customer how your back feels after the contortions you go through to put your big body, like mine in a narrow aisle that is now occupied by a chair that has to be tied down. Not to complain though, I do thank God for the health to still be able to do these tasks,as I am sure you do. Sam & Donna.

    4. I agree 100% with your assessment of those morning talk news shows. Luckily, we seldom ever turn either of the 2 tv's on until after dinner. Great rant though, I hope you got those splinter fires put out before you got burned too bad!!

    5. First time leaving a comment, hope I get it right.
      Love your blog Al, your photos are magnificent, all of them, but that "little motormouse" is so sweet, from here where I live on the other side of the world she puts a smile on my face.
      I've been reading your blog for a while now and enjoy it so much, please don't stop. Also love your groaners corner, I've sent the Easter ones on to my friend, hope you don't mind.
      Happy Easter to you all. Carole

    6. To be contrary, and I love to do that -- your Groaner's Corner was awful! Too corny! Too simple. We prefer your long drawn-our dramas with a punch line at the end. You get penalized one Cowboy Cookie for that one. (We baked two batches of CCs yesterday, because Rick is coming through soon.)

    7. Heard you had a birthday recently, too. Hope you had a good one..As for the got it, the moon and some stars...what you don't know is that on the other let I have the zodiac moon..So I figure that way I have it all..the sun, moon and stars..What can I say..Sun happened on my 50th,(12 years ago), Moon and Stars the next year , 51st..went with my daughters for both...

    8. I agree with you about TV in general. I am in a constant quandary about whether I should more American and buy a TV, but there are more reasons not to, so I have been about 1-1/2 yrs TV-free. It's ironic that I don't miss it, but I feel like it's something I should have.

    9. Kelly, hope you are not upset with Al's rant.... I too watch some of those shows. Just to take my mind off the day...