Thursday, April 22, 2010



Lubricated the rails under the rig's main slide this morning, cleaned the battery terminals, ran the rig's engine & generator up to temperature & then discovered we have a nasty leak in our kitchen faucet.  I have the feeling a cold snap we had awhile back may have cracked the plastic fitting in the faucet assembly so we are going to have to get that replaced.  Also wrote down the rig's tire size today because for sure we are going to need new tires all the way around before we hit the road again in the fall.  The Goodyear G670 tires look fine but I checked the tire dates & they were made in May of 2002 so their safety expiry date is long overdo.



I threw the 3D Pipe photos in last night's blog for no other reason than to just break up the usual pictures of birds & flowers just in case folks might be getting bored with that stuff.  It's a real challenge to refrain from being repetitive with the blog when not out traveling to new destinations on a regular basis.  I try to vary the topics as much as I can as well but when your sitting in the same location month after month that can be a real challenge.  Blog repetition can be a rut that is hard to get out of.  Our daily reader numbers continue to drop but that is to be expected because after all, this is first & foremost a travel blog.  It's a travel blog that is just temporarily stuck at home for a few months right now:((


Some people might suggest only doing the blog while traveling & of course that makes a whole lot of darn good sense.  Some fellow travelers do that & it works well for them but they are not a blabber fingers like I am.  Blogging & the photos that go along with it have become a very enjoyable hobby for me whether we are on the road or not.  Gives me an opportunity everyday to vent the thought process.  Why be selfish & keep my life all to myself locked up tightly in my head.  That's where headaches come from you know!!

DSC_7181GROANER'S CORNER:((  Did you know the secret to success is knowing who to blame for your failures.

Tourists see the world, travelers experience it.



The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...... AL.


  1. I agree with your comment about being "creative" with a blog. I wasn't going to blog when we got home, but I feel like I know the people we have met online....and I think it is nice to see where everyone lives and comes keep on bloggin, Al..Maybe someday we will be fortunate enough to meet The Bayfield Bunch, but even if we don't, we feel like we are already friends....

  2. I, for one, never get tired of the floral and bird photos. They are beautiful. I also enjoy your posts, no matter if you're on the road or busy at home. Just keep posting. Sorry to hear of your needed repairs, but that's RV life for you!

  3. I like reading some travel blogs because of the great info and pics regarding places we may like to visit someday. In following certain blogs, I've begun to feel like I know the bloggers and consider them friends I've never met. (mostly never met) So, even when some travelers return to their hometowns, I still want to follow their lives and interests there as well. Makes sense to me. And are one interesting guy and I couldn't imagine leaving your blog just because you are back in Bayfield for a while. Keep being a blabber fingers.

  4. I was at the Pilot station in Booneville, Mo, and I thought of you Al. Since they charge 6 cents extra for a credit card in the semi truck lane, I was around front in the car and pickup lane. Credit card there was for the posted price, but it stopped at $75. Oh, oh, Al wouldn't like that! Had to hang up the hose and start again with the credit card. Sometimes the pumps want my zipcode, but since we use all numbers down here that isn't much of an inconvience. But Al, you were right there, as I rang it up the second time and took $20 more.

  5. That garter snake looks like she's fixin' to offer you an apple! Great photo.

    I vote you keep on blogging - even if the numbers drop a bit they'll all be back and wonder what they missed!

  6. Know what you mean about the tires, we just did that, OUCH!

  7. Al - love your blog and your updates. We have also been doing some tire maintenance... as in buying new ones for our toad.

    I can see why you have so many followers-- you keep you blog interesting, have some definite photography expertise and great pictures, you have a great writing style, you guys enjoy each other and traveling etc.

    It has been great to see how your numbers have really taken off over the last year and I am sure they will continue even if you aren't traveling.

    Thanks for posting and looking forward to the next one. It is a regular on my 'review rv blogs list'.

  8. I enjoy your blog and love your pictures they are beautiful. Please keep blogging you definetley have your own opinions lol

    Brenda Brown

  9. Hi Al, like you wrote, keeping up blogging while 'off the road' can be difficult. I've already had some misgivings about how I'm going to possibly blog everyday from now until the end of the year while I'm home! I'm a blabberfingers too, so maybe I'll just make my blogs shorter.

    Keep up with the great bird pics etc. though as I never tire of seeing them or any of your photos.

  10. Golly, Al, your other readers love you as much as we do. Keep 'em coming. As you kniow, I don't blog daily, and I have a difficult time coming up with TIME to blog. And i worry too much about which pictures to use, etc. I'm about too weeks overdue with the next blog about TUmacacori mission, but it's coming out soon. Hang on to your bird and flower pictures, be enjoy them.