Tuesday, May 25, 2010



Whewwww, we had ourselves another record breaking heat scorcher of a day here.  Not sure what the official temps were today but I heard on the radio that it was our hottest May 25th on record.  I'm guessing we were somewhere around 90F with humidity to boot.  Predictions are for a long hot summer.


I am an early bird type person which simply means wherever I go I generally like to get there on the early side & this morning was no exception as I headed out with the mobility van for a neighboring town.  Took my time & totally enjoyed the beautiful morning drive through the countryside before arriving in a little town about 30 miles away.  Picked up a fellow with an accompanying  care worker & drove them to a neighboring small town for a medical appointment.  Picked up another fellow right away with his daughter assisting & then a phone (Blackberry) call had me picking up another lady going from the same hospital to home.  Busy morning for sure but everyone was in time for their appointments & Al even had a few minutes to grab a Tim Horton's coffee & sandwich in there somewhere.  I'm off first thing in the morning again to another small town in the area & transporting someone to another medical appointment.  Yep, I'm a happy guy to be working alright & you may notice my posts may be a little more upbeat because of that:))


When I got home this afternoon I figured I had better kick on the A/C because the doggy guys seemed a little droopy from the heat.  Hadn't had the A/C on since last summer so when I flicked the switches I was not surprised the A/C did not come on.  It's just the way things usually are & figured we would have to call the A/C guy.  I was sure I had done things right but figured I'd wait until the head honcho mechanic got home before making any calls.  It took Kelly all of about 30 seconds to have the A/C going!!  She simply checked the fuse panel & noticed the A/C breaker switch was in the 'off' position.  So, with a flick of the switch we were soon huddled under heavy blankets with wooly sweaters on trying to stay warm.  At no time while trying to get the A/C on this afternoon did my brain reach out & tap me on the shoulder & say, "hey dummy, check the fuses!!" 


All of tonight's photos are a small example of what you can do with your Picasa Photo program with just a little imagination & a few clicks of the programs easy to use buttons.  No magic or rocket science here, just an easy to use photo program that can be downloaded from Google for free.  Try it, you will like it:))  PICASA 3.6


And when I clicked on 'Live Writer' tonight it said there is a new version LW available so am wondering if anyone has taken the plunge.  What is your opinion?  Newer versions of things are not always better versions of things so I'm hesitant to try it until some of our wiser computer blog sages write a report on it......whaddya think Rick.


Both Kelly and I had to do a bit of running around tonight to help a couple of folks in the Park with some minor computer problems, so I'm a little late getting to the computer, therefore a shorter blog.  Yes, I can hear the sighs of relief out there...............:))


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A. All were invented by women.


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  1. Hats off to Kelly! Stay cool now.

    I agree, it is a good thing to have a reason to get up in the morning and do something useful. THAT'S WHY I'M GOING CRAAAAZZZY!!!!

  2. I love your photos! Follow along our blog...we do the opposite of what you do...leave Arizona in the summer and head up to Canada! We hit the road tomorrow. www.wylie-wanderings.blogspot.com

  3. I admire you for helping the folks with the medical appointments. Great stuff. And so are your photos! Great stuff!

  4. WOW Al! Your flower photos absolutely ROCK! My favs are the tulips! Guess what's on my desktop?!

  5. I downloaded the upgrade, yesterday ,but to be honest with you I didn't see any obvious changes, and it performed the same, so I don't have a clue what was upgraded. Not much help. huh. I'm sure Rick or Kelly will be able to out smart this not so sharp computer guy. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  6. Yep, I'm waiting for you to download that newer version of Live Writer before I try it Al.

  7. I haven't had a chance to download Picasa yet. Maybe I can do that once things with the new rig settle down. I do believe your pictures are so good because of the photographer, not just Picasa. :)

  8. Your pictures are beautiful, Al. And Picasa is a great program-but you have to have an "artists" eye to get what you get-to even know that's what you want to get!!
    so don't sell youself short! You are an artist!! And I enjoy your art!

  9. New Live Writer update? Yeah, I saw that too and clicked on it immediately and couldn't wait to see the new version! Nada! Nyet! Nuthin!

    Live Writer is part of a package of application programs called Windows Live. The "updates" were to some of the other applications(i.e. Messenger) but not to Live Writer itself. Too bad as there is supposed to be a new edition of LW being released soon.

    Great examples of the versatility of Picasa too, Al.