Saturday, May 08, 2010




Because of wind warnings, low temps, & snow showers, we had ourselves a totally inside day.  Kelly spent some time on the desktop computer downloading I-Tunes for her I-Pod & I struggled along with my mammoth photo organizing project on one of the laptops.


In Friday's blog I expressed some concerns about a new website called, RV There Yet, that has been gaining popularity in the on-line RV community.  I was a bit leery of it but took the plunge when I saw the logo on some fellow blogger's sites.  A couple other folks voiced concerns as well & if you read RICK'S blog this morning he expresses his thoughts about RV There Yet & what he was able to learn from the way the site operates.  I  have reconsidered our affiliation with RV There Yet & have requested our blog be withdrawn from the site.  I received a courteous email this afternoon confirming it had been done.


While thinking about this whole RV There Yet thing this morning it occurred to me that I was basically doing the same thing by posting our blog on Facebook.  If people read it on Facebook they are not going to stop by our blog site, therefore I am actually working against myself.  So far I have resisted doing any serious advertising on our site but had I been running ads I would have been short changing myself for sure.  We get too soon old & too late smart huh:((


GROANER'S CORNER:((  I would like to share an old Native Canadian chant. Each year during the first week of April, the Native Canadians would wake up at sunrise and repeat their chant over and over. They said this powerful chant primarily for three very important reasons:

1. To ensure that their crops are bountiful and will keep them and their families fed all year;

2. To ward off harm/evil;

3. And gain great wisdom.

It goes like this:

Oooooh waaaaah (pause)
Taaaaa foooooo (pause)
Lie aaaammmm (pause)

Now repeat it without the pause. As you repeat it more often and more quickly, its message becomes clear and you will become wise! Try it. It works very well and very quickly!!!


Tourists see the world, travelers experience it.



The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...... AL.


  1. I thought I'd never that Canadian chant! Good one.

  2. OK, A, I will not read the FB version no more... But it was so convenient, although comments will not stay with the blog.

  3. Thanks, Al, you've given me another reason to hate FB - one can never have too many reasons!! Glad to see you got untangled from the other site too. Thanks for the shout-out and please give Kelly my best wishes for a Happy Mothers Day!

  4. Giggles with coffee!! It's the best!

  5. I notcie you are still boadcasting Douglas, AZ. weather.... better get Kelly on that little job to switch it over.
    I hope she gets to go out for a treat on Mother's Day... even Swiss Chalet might be nice...

  6. When I was a Boy Scout, the chant was similar:

    Oh whah
    (that was before it was called Thailand!)

    Same result. Thanks for sharing, and yes, we are now off RV There Yet, and never put the blog on FB.

  7. I use NetworkedBlogs at Facebook and my whole blog page is displayed when the link is clicked...not that I make much money on my blog. LOL!

    I didn't like that feature of RVThereYet, nor did I like that it was very hard to find out who really wrote the blog and how to get to it.

    Stu went to their site and his first question was, "Do all these blogs belong to someone else?". Very misleading...

  8. I guess as a solo female fulltimer, I just am more cautious about jumping into things that sound too good. The initial comment from RVthereyet raised a flag in my mind, so I didn't take the hook. I'm glad I didn't.