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THAT IS A SALT WATER POOL AT DEER PARK.....I cut those Cherry tree limbs off a week ago & Kelly stuck a couple birdhouses on them:))

Again I am short of photos so quickly cracked off a few shots at Deer Park Lodge where Kelly works.  I was there today trimming a lot of overgrown shrubs etc.  The rest of the pics are from my photo files.



Grand Bend Ontario is a small village on the shores of Lake Huron about 20 minutes south of us here in Bayfield.  On the Southside of the river in 'the Bend' is the Grand Bend Yacht Club with it's dockside buildings & moorings.  One of those buildings is a taller replica light house.  In the winter time that lighthouse acts like a beacon for us although we may be up to 3,000 miles away in the Arizona or California desert.  With a few magical clicks of our computer mouse we are able to instantly check on the weather back home with an actual bird's eye visual view of the Grand Bend harbor area.  And how is that possible??


On the top floor of that light house, inside & out of the weather behind a window, sits a live webcam mounted on a tri-pod.  This cam takes a photo once every minute 24/7.  From the warm comfort of our Motor Home in a windblown desert location we can see how much snow is on the ground or ice in the river at any time.  Are they having a snow storm or is it a bright sunny day back home.  Sometimes we see people & cars on the screen.  Maybe even a sea gull or two sitting on a post by the river.   We can even see a partial sunset out over the lake some evenings.  In the springtime when we check the camera I particularly watch to see when the ice breaks up in the river because once the ice is gone we know it's time to start planning our journey home.  Here you can see the live view from that GRAND BEND WEB CAM

DSC_7586  (click to enlarge)  DSC_7585

Be sure to read LAURIE'S POST about their visit to the Memorial crash site of Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania a few days ago.  The fourth plane hijacked on September 11th, 2001.


I think it was TRAVELS WITH EMMA who had a question a couple days ago about how I decide which camera lens to take with me when I head out the door.  Our morning walk takes us through a pine forest with a few open spaces here & there.  Anything moving is likely to be small & of the wildlife nature.  That lends itself to a telephoto lens so that is generally what I carry.  I have been trying for the past couple of years to get a picture of a flying Kingfisher near the pond so every morning I have my camera & telephoto lens locked & loaded as I approach the pond but so far he has just been too fast & elusive for me.  For hiking I carry two cameras with 2 separate lenses that covers all the basis from 18mm wide angle right up to 300mm telephoto.


<<<< FILE PIC WITH MY 2 CAMS & OLDER 55-200MM LENS (June 2009)

While reading a few blogs this morning I came across some folks talking about blog followers & how some followers come & some drop away for whatever reasons.  As human beings we are all so vastly different yet so much the same with our many varied interests, preferences, & ideas.  As RV folks we all have a common bond in our love of travel & an alternative lifestyle different from what is considered 'the norm' by the majority of house people.  Full Timers of course are way out there on the leading edge & we Snow Birders are not far behind with our winters in the south.   Week-end RV campers bring up the rear with shorter get-aways whenever they can.   Within the RV lifestyle are many mini lifestyles as well & quite awhile ago something occurred to me about our blog which concerned our, 'blogs we follow' list in the right hand column.'  I realized we are in a minority of our own, even right here in our own blog.



As anyone knows who has followed The Bayfield Bunch for any length of time, we do not fit 'the norm.'  (and we are quite happy with that) Not only at home here but in the RV world as well.  And I emphasize the word 'we' when I am talking about all of this by the way.  The vast majority of RV folks are RV Park people which means they prefer nice level concrete sites with full hook-ups & all the comfy amenities like pools, spas, & shopping malls.  We prefer to boondock in out of the way quiet places & enjoy the natural world around us.  A lot of folks like to go from point A to point B & stay there for the  whole winter.  Three weeks in any one place is plenty long enough for me!!  Most east coast folks prefer Florida, Georgia, & Texas but our preference is New Mexico, Arizona, & California.  RV people are an extremely sociable lot with constant visiting & socializing.  We as a rule prefer to hang out by ourselves & avoid all that pressure.  We like to hike & go places by ourselves & not in groups.  We are not 'food' people & heading out on restaurant excursions in search of fine foods is not up our alley.   Seems most of the folks love to have the 'Grands' come for a visit.  I'm still trying to figure out what the heck a 'Grand' is.  Got a fair few religious speaking folks on our list too & once again we find ourselves in a minority.  Most RV people are animal lovers though so we definitely made the normalcy grade there but it's no wonder I get myself into hot water sometimes on the blog here when I express my thoughts & opinions from time to time.  (like tonight for example) As I said before, in an odd sort of way, we are a minority on our own blog............................


GROANER'S CORNER:((  And did you know that very bad decisions generally make for very good stories:))


Tourists see the world, travelers experience it.




AL'S SMUG MUG PHOTO GALLERY (a work in progress)

The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...... AL.


  1. I am part of your minority, except that I do write about my grandchildren once in a while.

    I wish I was more sociable because travling alone would be easier. I like being with people, but not for too long. My workamping experiences have been good for me in that respect.

    I love the natural world and hope I never have to go into a crowded park again. Once in a while I need the laundry facilities, or something like that, but never a pool, social room, potlucks, happy hours, etc.

    The nice thing is that this sort of life has something for everyone. I just want less of it, not more.

  2. I always look forward to your photos they never fail to be sharp and clear and the colors are always beautiful. You are great the photographer.

    one question-when I click on your photos to enlarge they really do enlarge to a nice size. Mine don't seem to enlarge much bigger than the size I posted and they don't open in a new page.

  3. We can easily handle a minority of one.

    keep on keeping on, ya doing good.

  4. Al, I think we are all a minority on some areas, and go with the flo on others. We are unique and different in our own way. For example - you are using a Motor Home, you are snow birds - this is not a minority, but on other areas as you mentioned - you are.

    We are full timers but not retired, We still use RV Parks, but as secluded as pssible, and hardly socialize, We love to hike, and we do it just the two of us, and I think if I will try to show either way (unique or not)- I could find those groups were we are a minority, and those groups we are with the flow.

    At the end of the day, we choose whatever work for us, our desires and our life style. Some of it will be unique, jusy like we are, and some of it - not.

    No doubt, from the little time we did spend together, you are very special talented and interesting couple, and that what makes you... you :)

    And by the way - we love when the grands are coming, and from what I know those are pack os 1,000 dollars.

  5. I don't think there is anything wrong with being a minority of (or in) anything. That is what makes all the blog following and reading so darn interesting. I think if every blogger wrote of the same things that I write about I wouldn't be interested. We aren't much for boondocking, but I sure find your adventures in that area fascintating.

    What are "Grands"? Al, you crack me up. I know some that aren't really all that "grand".

    Have a great week (what's left of it)

  6. I take 'minority' be be 'unique'. You and Kelly have a special style that is your own. This RV lifestyle can be done many ways as you have noted. In the same way we are also a 'minority' in that we have not found a group that does it all the same way as we do either.

    But there is plenty of commonality with the other 'minorities' that we feel a special bond and camaraderie with. In many ways we are all different but in many ways the same.

  7. I think I read your blog because you are different and I love that. Reading and hearing about how others think and do things expands our world. Opinions too, the only opinions I don't like are from those who think their opinion is the only one. Keep sharing Al, you often make my day.

  8. Isn't it great that we are all unique, and put our own twist on how we live our lives? I don't think anyone can be categorized into one mold. (or should be for that matter) I prefer the natural solitude of wildlife resefuges, but find myself presently enjoying an RV park for a month.

    I also enjoy an occasional potluck, especially when I get tired of talking to myself. :)

    Today's groaner is so true! And aren't we all story tellers?

  9. Gee, I wish we could be the first commenters, because then we wouldn't sound like "me-too" all the time. Everybody needs to do it their own way. We are based in a fine RV Park with a grand clubhouse and all the wonderful activities (no pool), but we seldom go to the clubhouose except for the occasional meal or to do laundry. We don't join the activities, but we are glad they are there in case we wanted to. We do like meeting fellow travelers, especially bloggers. And we love your blog and so many others.

  10. Hey Al, some folks might read this blog and come to the conclusion that you're just a 'miserable, old, anti-social curmudgeon'! But, not me! I believe you are a 'happy, content, self-sufficient old curmudgeon!'

    In reading this post, I was able to check off several items that I am in agreement with you on, a few where we are quite different and a couple that I'm not really sure about.

    I hope you stay in the minority though as it will make your blog continue to be interesting and entertaining!

  11. My husband and I are just starting to venture out from our home rv park in Julian, CA. I'm more social than my husband is. I'd like to try at least 1 rally. My husband not so much. I like hook-ups, my husband doesn't care. I walk. My husband hikes. So, we're going to do a bit of everything. Variety is the spice of life!

    By the way, if you don't know the desert area around Ocotillo and Borrego Springs is experiencing an earthquake swarm. There have been over 1,000 in the past week....all supposedly after shocks from the big Easter Sunday quake.

    Your photos are gorgeous and I always read your tips. I'm always interested to see what it's like in other parts of the world. I look at your photos and think "Now why would he want to leave all that beauty?" Ah yes. Snow.

    Thanks for your blog and the links you provide. I stop by every day even if I don't comment.

  12. You and I aren't Normal,,,,,Wouldn't it be terrible to be Normal?
    I enjoy you not being Normal,,,I never was Normal......
    Keep on being un-Normal!!!

  13. Yup, we gotta be a "Me Too" comment here... that is why we love your blog so much! The places you go to each winter are right up our alley. I have marked some on the maps and will venture out to see them sometime soon when we retire. Hopefully we don't encroach on your crudmugeony space! LOL

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  14. Yup, we gotta be a "Me Too" comment here... that is why we love your blog so much! The places you go to each winter are right up our alley. I have marked some on the maps and will venture out to see them sometime soon when we retire. Hopefully we don't encroach on your crudmugeony space! LOL

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard