Sunday, July 25, 2010




As soon as I stepped out the door into the cooler air this morning I could feel my humidity depleted energy levels begin to rise.  After having dragged my butt around for weeks on end I found myself outside with the hedge trimmer & weed whacker taking care of some much needed & long neglected yard work.  Another coat of paint on the utility trailer panels & then if was over to the neighbor's to trim up a Magnolia tree & other shrubs.  If it hadn't been Sunday I would have fired up the mower & did some grass cutting as well.  It was a productive morning & I never hit my recliner for a snooze until 12:42 P.M. & that's about the time some humidity began to creep back in.


A very special thank you to our latest blog followers, Kathy & Robert from SEASHELLS & OVERALLS & Carol from CAROL K's JOURNEY.  Just when I had all but given up on our Follower's list, you folks rode into town & perked up my day:))  And thanks to Janna & Mike from TIN TEEPEE/LOG CABIN for pointing out my geographical error in yesterday's post.  The Kofa Mountains are indeed in Arizona & not California.

Well, in keeping with the latest 'Blogger Buzz' I figured I'd do one final blog on it with a slightly different perspective & tell you how a typical blog day goes for me.  I often wonder how & when other folks put their blogs together, where they get their ideas, favorite times of day for reading or writing blogs, what formats they use & in what sequence do they put things together like pics & text.  Do they use more than one computer & do they do their blogs all in one sitting or stretch it out though the day.  I used to do the whole thing after supper but I've kinda gotten away from that now.


My day begins in the dark because I am generally up around 5 a.m.  Beside my recliner on a small table sit's our older Toshiba laptop.  I have a cushioned Ikea laptop pad which the computer sits on.  I lean back in my cushy recliner as a floor lamp dimly lights the keyboard.  I sometimes have a little laptop Motormouse asleep on my lap as well.  (I got a big lap) Soft ambient music floats quietly out of the stereo while Kelly & the dogs are all sound asleep in various parts of the house.  I have the patio door beside me slightly open so I can hear the birds waking up.  Quite often it is a Cardinal who starts the day.


First site I always check on is my Hotmail account to have a look at what 'comments' have come in overnight & how much trouble I have gotten myself into.  Next, I check our Outlook Express email account & that is followed by Sitemeter where I see which way the previous day's  'visit' numbers have went.  Up or down.  This is followed by a look at our 'Feedjit site because that tells me which photo's people find interesting enough to look at.  From there it is off to check my Gmail account which in turn springboards me on to have a look at what's going on in my Facebook world & see who's doing what to whom.  My last stop is our own blog site to check my 'Shout' box & 'Follower's' section on the way to our blog list of fellow bloggers.  This is where I begin my blog reading for the day.  I try to read each blog as I go down the list & comment accordingly.  It is also at this time where I may or may not pick up an idea for the day's blog & as often as not I will begin the day's post at this time.  My whole morning blog routine generally averages about two & half hours.  In this time period I may also check some weather sites.  Might do some Google searches & web browsing as well.


At different periods during the day I check our desktop computer for any updates in our Hotmail or Outlook Express accounts.  Short snoozes in my recliner during the day may be coupled with adding a bit more to the upcoming blog via my laptop.  Generally around 5 in the afternoon I may have most of the blog roughly thought out & assembled.  I do it all in an Outlook Express email format on the laptop & after supper around 7 I email that copy to my Gmail account & then slip into the sunroom & pick it up on our desktop computer there.  I then copy & paste it into Live Writer on the desktop & make any changes where necessary & often add further content.  It is also at this time when I unload all the photos from the cameras into the Picasa program on the computer & begin the process of editing each & every photo.  Depending on the number of photos, this can take awhile.   When finished I add all the photos to the blog, re-read it a couple times looking for mistakes & decide if there is anything I should edit out.  If everything is OK I hit the 'Publish' button & away it goes.  Total time invested in putting the blog together from start to finish would probably add up to about 4 hours each day.  Sometimes longer if I have publishing problems.  My home blogging routine is much the same as my routine while we are traveling because I do everything basically the same way.  Only difference is different place, different time zone, & different comfy chair:))


I never ask Kelly to read the blog & see what she thinks because she's liable to tell me & that could alter my content.  She never asks what I am going to write about either which is just as well because I don't always know myself what I am going to write about.   I do my own editing & spell checks & keep my fingers crossed that I haven't messed anything up too bad.  Some mornings Kelly might point out a spelling error if she reads the blog & that's about it.   I don't know really know if she reads it or not all the time & I am just too darned afraid to ask.  It's just one of those things we don't talk about. 


Well, I just received a blunt comment in my Hotmail account on this past Friday's Do's & Don'ts post.  I knew when I wrote that post I would be walking a thin line on how it was going to be interpreted.  My intent was to help, not to hinder.   In hindsight I should probably not have used the word's 'do's & don'ts' because that just rattles people.  My mistake there & I have since gone back to the post & changed the title.  Yes, blogs are about anything you want to write about & what content you want to put in your blog, etc.  I was only suggesting that if you are interested in, & like to write about the NASCAR racing circuit , the Masters Golfing Classic, Motocross, wind surfing, basket weaving, or parental guidance seminars it might be better for your blog if you post it where people with like minded interests can read & comment on it.   And with the huge number of growing blogs it is just humanly impossible to keep up with everyone's blogs.  Wished I could, but I can't.  I have blogged about my feelings on this many times before & expressed my regrets about blogs slipping through the cracks but it's just the way it unfortunately is & until there is a way to replace the fallible human brain's memory cells with a state of the art mega memory computer chip I'm afraid people's feelings are going to be hurt & feather's ruffled.  I wish the commenter well & I do understand her hurt feelings.


GROANER'S CORNER:))  Three old guys are out walking.  First one says, 'Windy, isn't it?'
Second one says, 'No, it's Thursday!'
Third one says, 'So am I.......... let's go get a beer..'


Tourists see the world, travelers experience it.




AL'S SMUG MUG PHOTO GALLERY (a work in progress)

The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...... AL.


  1. Hey Al! This is my thought on blogging..When blogging becomes "work" and not just goofy spontaneous "fun" I will bail out. So far, it is tons of fun...I don't stress about what I will blog about (obviously)...I just make it up as I go along..Sometimes I let my photos guide me in what I will blog about...sometimes my big mouth takes over and I just keep going on and on...and on...I still love it, I still do it..but if it ever ceases to be fun, I will totally jump ship!...just me, being me...

  2. The tiger lilies are my favorites!

    Isn't it amazing what a cooler day can do for one's energy levels. I can't wait for autumn.

  3. As always Al, your pics are great !!
    Enjoyed your process in blog writing and it shows much thought. What I really liked was the concept of opening the door a little to hear the birds awaken -- priceless!! For everything else there is MC.
    Mike & Gerri

  4. I remember those hot "sticky" days well...growing up in your neck of the woods! (One of the reasons why I live here on the west coast!) But as your photos so clearly show...Mother Nature is GORGEOUS EVERYWHERE! I just want to say how much I enjoy your photos and what a treat it is to have a beautiful new one for my monitor almost every day! Thanks Al...they brighten my day!

  5. You certainly use a different process for assembling your blog than I do what with all the writing, copying, emailing etc. I just write mine in Live Writer and publish it.

    I have a few different methods I use for assembling and creating blogs, but they are too long to detail here - maybe a future blog!

    It's kind of strange these blogs - as soon as you voice an opinion, someone offers you their opinion saying you should keep your opinions to yourself!

    It's definitely a mossmagator of a problem!

  6. we are all entitled to our opinions!..that is what make this country great! for writing my blog?..some days are not blog I say nothing..when we have a blogworthy day?..I use live writer..load the pictures and hit publish!..thats it..plain and simple..keep being you!..there is no blog is all a personal preference!!..some are funny all the your pal Nellie..and some are just a basic..What we did today??..itis all interesting no matter what or how!

  7. The process is different for everyone. Each of us has spurts of creativity which needs recorded with what ever means of recording is at our fingertips at the time.
    The email thing is something I have never thought to do. It adds a step, but perhaps a step that spurs creativity! So if it works for you carry on!!
    Please keep blogging even if you write it on a scrap of TP and nail it on the wall!!!!

  8. Great pics again tonight! Good blog too! I figure if people feel offended by my blog, they can just stop looking?

    I don't know maybe it's just me, but it's like trying on a pair of shoes, you strut around a little in them and see if they fit, and then you decide if you want to continue wearing them or not.
    Blogs are a little like a pair of shoes. You check it out, try it on, read a little and if it doesn't suit you or fit with your wardrobe, you go out and find another pair?
    Take care, see you tomorrow! (I happen to like these shoes...)

  9. Thoughts and opinions. That's all blogs are usually, and people shouldn't get all hot and bothered about them. I may be a Pollyanna, but I think everyone is doing fine and I love to read the wide variety of blogs that are out here in this RV lifestyle area. At least an opinionated person is "thinking". I don't have to love their opinion to still love their blog.

  10. I'll think of you tomorrow morning when I hear the birds singing "Good Morning!" My procedure is similar as far as checking all the email, FB, then the blog.
    I've always kept a camera with me, it's almost as important as my wallet! At the end of the day, I reflect on what has mattered most to me and just write. I guess as the new wears off I'll do more planning like you do!
    Love reading your posts!
    Blessings, Kathy

  11. You definitely have your blog writing down to a routine! Mine, so far, is much more spontaneous. When a thought comes to me about something to write about, I sit down (on my comfy couch) and open up Live Writer. I can't keep up with all the blogs either - I have my favorites that I read whenever they post something new, and then there are others that I only go to when I have some extra time to just surf the web. I don't know why some appeal to me more than others. I think it's along the same lines of why does someone like to read the types of books they do - its different for every person.

  12. Hey Al, I too subscribe to the when it isn't fun anymore it's time to seriuosly think about it. Same goes for my Railroad club and other extra activities, I like Donna just let it flow and whatever comes out, oh well. You seem to have those traits also. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna

  13. You are right on this one! I am interested in how people do what they do and where they do it from when it comes to blogging. It has become one of my almost daily routines as well and a real hobby. But I don't hear many refer to it as a hobby.

    You put in a lot of time and it shows. You have a great blog!

  14. Interesting topic, great pictures...what's not to like?

    I agree with Margie. Each person's blog is different and that's what makes the bog unique and worth reading and gives us an insight into that person's personality.

    To me, blogging is definitely a hobby.

  15. Yup Al, your blogging is a great way to peek into your life... and I love the variety of blogs out there that I follow. If they were all the same, that would be boring!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  16. Nice to know that someone else spends as much if not more time getting their blog ready to publish as I do. :) I was beginning to wonder if I was crazy...