Thursday, September 30, 2010



I think there were 7 or 8 of us in the darkness & I had no idea who anyone was except for one fellow I may have gone to public school with.  He really didn't seem to be part of the group & his face was turned away.  The surroundings were not familiar & I had no idea where we were or what our purpose for being there was except that it seemed we were getting ready to go somewhere that was not good.  No one was speaking but there was a kind of communication.  It was all confusing.  In the distant haze I heard a small dog barking somewhere.  And then, the dog was much closer.  Without being able to determine where the barking was coming from I recognized a familiar furry voice.  In a kind of floating motion I was somehow lifted out of the group.  Blurred red lines emerged from the darkness & I was able to make out what appeared to be the numbers 214.  The small dog barked again.  My sleepy brain struggled to reach a conscious state.  Dimensions were changing.  Recognition factors began scrambling together enough to tell me it was our little Motormouse barking & the blurred red numbers were on my bed side table clock telling me it was 2:14 in the morning.  Slowly, the foggy realization came to me saying,  if you don't get your can out of bed right now, somebody is going to pee on the living room floor right in front of the patio door!!  Oh, twas quite a confused awakening I had myself this morning alright.  And quite an ungainly scramble down the hall to the living room too.


Weatherman had said we were in for another warm sunny day so figured it would be perfect for a photo tour on the motorcycle.  It wasn't to be.  Never did warm up a whole lot & much of the day was overcast.  My cold weather motorcycle days are well behind me now & that is just where they can stay.  No need to freeze my fanny off no more for no good reason!!


The day was spent puttering here & there with mainly Motor Home things.  Nothing major, just piddely little time consuming things.  Move this over here, carry that over there.  Put some glue on this & stuck this to that.  Cleaned another air vent screen, tightened a screw on a floor lamp, put some smaller bins into some bigger bins, spent half an hour looking for a piece of speaker wire that my brain refused to tell me where I had left it a week ago. I just generally chased myself around in circles determined to hang a 'productive' label on my day.



Kelly was quick to point out to me the 24 comments on our blog today.  It was kind of a 'told you so' pointing out too!!  We thank everyone for their understanding into Al's ever changing ways, moods & ideas.  Notice I said 'we' & not I:)) 



It has not been a good food week for Al.  Monday, Kelly made a cherry pie & after tasting it, didn't like it.  I thought it was totally delicious so ate the whole darn thing.  Tuesday, Kelly made a chocolate pie & after tasting it, didn't like it.  I thought it was totally delicious & am in the process of eating the whole darn thing.  Saturday, handyman Bruce is coming over to widen all our doors & reinforce our floor:((



A brunette suspects her boyfriend of  cheating on her, so she goes out and buys a gun.  She goes to his apartment  unexpectedly and when she opens the door she finds him in the arms of a  redhead.  Well, the brunette is really angry. She opens her purse to take out  the gun, and as she does so, she is overcome with grief. She takes the gun and  puts it to her head.  The boyfriend yells, "No, honey, don't do  it!!!  The brunette replies, "Shut up, you're next!"


Tourists see the world, travelers experience it.

Until one has loved an Animal, part of their soul remains un-awakened.




The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...... AL.


  1. (I left this comment but I don't think it "took" the 1st time. Please delete it if I sent doubles.)

    I wish my spider web photos would come out as clear as yours did on the blog today. It's just about perfect!

    Cherry pie, chocolate cake, hmmmm.

  2. Wow that first part was a dream? Freaky!!!

    Nice photos!

    Glad we can comment again!


  3. Great spider web and mushroom photos but I'd rather have seen the pics of Kelly's Cherry Pie and Chocolate Pie.

    Then maybe, just maybe, one of those 'self portraits' you do on occasion where you'd be looking like King Henry VIII (the big guy). Even with that, I'd still eat all the pies just like you did!!

  4. So, did motormouse make it outside in time? You shouldn't leave us hanging like that! :) I understand her need to sometimes do this in the middle of the night. Great pics!

  5. Pie, cake, donuts, cookies.....doesn't matter, just bring it on!

    I do have a bit of a sweet tooth.


  6. Before my sugar abstinence, Donna used to indulge me in pies, although I never got to eat a whole one, now she makes sugar free cherry which somehow is't quite the same but still good.Glad to see you are back in the saddle and getting ready for the 2010 Great Bayfield Bunch Adventure.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  7. Al, that was one crazy dream. I'm thinking it was a good thing you were awakened when you were. ;)

    I love the spider web and fall leaves photographs, so much definition but my favorite today is the rain dripping off the pine needles, I can almost smell the scent of rain and pine.

    Be well,


  8. Guess you are learning, now about those pies though, I wouldn't mind a piece myself.

    Heard that groaner before but I noticed a subtle change, back to the fact that you are learning.....:)

  9. We sometimes get awakened in the night by our two cockers. It's usually a whimper not a bark. Beautiful pictures as always.

  10. It's a dirty thankless job, but someone has to clean up what Kelly won't eat!! I'd call that tidying up the kitchen....