Tuesday, December 28, 2010



With bad weather approaching we figured we’d better lay in some supplies for a couple days so it was off to Bisbee’s southeasterly little burb of Warren we went.  Had heard there was a nice breakfast place called,'Mornings Cafe’ in Warren’s East end, so it didn’t take us long to find it.  Nice colorful southwestern d├ęcor & not too busy…..just the way I like it!!  Figured we would like to try another place other than the Bisbee Breakfast Club for a change.  The BBC is very popular & often times there is a wait for a table.  Because of the large number of people the BBC can seat, it is generally on the noisy side.  Noise is not something I get along with any more!!  We enjoyed a quiet breakfast at ‘Mornings Cafe’ & will probably return again if we are in the neighborhood.


DSC_1053 DSC_1057 DSC_1052

From ‘Mornings’ it was over to the Cochise Animal Hospital where Kelly put me on the list for a distemper & rabies shot hoping it would improve my disposition.  She also had her fingers crossed I wouldn’t bite any of the staff while there either.  Had me fitted for a muzzle & picked up a package of chewable dog treats for me too.  While there we also picked up a bag of dog food for the guys:))


Ace Hardware has built a spanking brand new store across & down the Naco highway a bit from the Safeway store so we dropped in for a look see.  It’s a nice bright store in a rather tired area of the old mining town of San Jose, now part of overall Bisbee.  Store is spiffy, well stocked & likely has everything you need.  It is also new enough to generate a friendly staff still eager to be helpful.



Groceries at my favorite Safeway store & we were back to our digs east of Elfrida by 1:30.  Although not physically taxing, these little shopping forays totally knock me out & by the time we get home I feel like I’ve been dragged backwards up & over a mountain top!!


I have always been one for hanging nicknames on people, places & things.  But perhaps it is pets that bear the main brunt of my labeling.  For some unknown reason, even to me, there seems to be a ‘Frog’ theme running through my nicknaming.  I have absolutely no idea why that is except, that it is.  My nickname for Max all these years & the one I use most is, ‘Bud.’  He is also ‘Buddy Boy,’ the ‘Budster,’ ‘Frog Boy,’ ‘Frog-a-log Dog', ‘Mr. Dog Face,’ & just plain, ‘Mr.’ 


Checkers I call ‘Swamp’ most of the time but she is also saddled with, ‘Frog,’ ‘Frogger,’ ‘Swamper,’ ‘Swamper Hog’ or ‘Big Old Swamp Dog.’  She has a habit of walking along & just flopping down anywhere so that has also garnered her the names of, ‘Flopsterson,’ ‘Flopasaures,’ & Flop-a-lot.’


But, it is our little Cora who carries the heaviest sack of nicknames.  I never much cared for the name of Cora which she brought with her when she came to stay with us.  After watching her energized playful personality years ago, she became the ‘Motormouse.’  My current name for her now is, ‘Beans.’  That comes from the fact she wakes up some mornings raring to rip & just ‘full of beans.’  She is also commonly referred to by me as, ‘Weiner Dog,’ ‘Weiner,’ ‘Weinerly Beans', ‘Buffalo Beans,’ ‘Muffin Face,’ ‘Schnutz,’ ‘Mouse,’ ‘Beansy Bum,’ ‘Motor,’ ‘Frog Face,’ ‘Baby Beans,’ ‘Bat Face,’ ‘Beaner,’ & ‘Beanzy.’



Sometimes when Max & Checkers are walking side by each down the road I often think, there goes ‘Sir Frog-a-log’ & ‘Lady Flop-a-lot.’  As well, I often refer to the guys as the ‘Bayfield Bums’ therefore giving all of them the collective names of, ‘The Bumster Gang’ or ‘The Funny Face Gang.’  Oh, tis quite a time I have here with all my changing nicknames for my Pals:))  I’m not sure what name the guys have for me but it may not be printable anyway:))  Oh, & does Kelly use any of these names for the dogs??  Nope, just me.  To Kelly, they are simply, Max, Checkers & Cora!!



Had a very productive couple of hours at Monday’s Photo Group in Elfrida.  Through the use of Picasa’s 3.8 photo program plus accompanying photography tips I was able to help the folks in attendance make their already good photos look just a tad better.  Cropping, saturation, contrast, graduated tint, soft focus & focal B&W were just a few of the tools I was able to help people with.  What a great feeling for me when I am able to do something helpful like that.  Those couple hours just made my whole day:))


Looks like we have some bad weather coming in on us towards the end of the week.  Temps steadily dropping, rain in the forecast along with the chance of snow.  Overnight lows of 18F.  After all the great weather so far this winter, I guess it’s just our turn to head into the dumpster for awhile.  And yes, Arizona does sometimes get snow:((



How nice to have a large library of Big Band music on my laptop.  I don’t much care for night time television so while Kelly watches her shows I strap on my headphones most nights & head on down one of my many memorable music lanes.  Tonight I was in the mood for Glen Miller, The Mills Brothers, Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey, Vaughn Monroe, Vera Lynn, Les Paul & Mary Ford, The Andrews Sisters, Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington & Etta James, just to mention but a few.  What a wonderful age of music those years were & how fortunate I am to remember that music as a small boy.  To this very day, whenever I listen to that golden age of music it has a calming effect & gently takes me by the hand & walks me back through the years to an age & a time unlike anything kids of today will ever remotely understand.  It was an age of true music.  An age of golden voices, mellow strings, horns & true masterful talent.  The song writing was sensitive, melancholy, intelligent & reflected a bygone era we will never see or feel again.   How fortunate I consider myself to be, as a small boy, to have spent my early childhood listening to what may well have been the greatest music era many of us will ever remember.  What will the kids of today have to remember……!!


GROANER’S CORNER:((  I stopped at a friends house the other day and found him stalking around the kitchen with a flyswatter.  When I asked if he had gotten any flies he answered, "Yeah, 5 .... 3 males and 2 females."  Curious, I inquired as to how he could tell the difference.  He answered, "It's easy, 3 were on a beer can and 2 were on the phone.

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  1. Tucker and Oliver want to say hey,
    we have nicknames too
    Tucker is also called:
    Hey there Buddy
    Oliver is also called:
    PO Man
    and when they are together..they are my 'boyz'..see, Al..we all do it....love the 'bum shot'!!

  2. I had to laugh out loud, Al. Just yesterday when visiting our friend with the Boston Terrier, I read that "when training your dog, you should always be sure to use exactly the same name so you don't confuse the dog". Doesn't seem that your crew looks too confused, they must just be really smart dogs!

  3. I agree with Malone!
    My Bella goes by Bella, BellaSmella, Boo, BellaBoo, Beast,BooBoo, and some that Robert calls her but I can't put them on here...Gotta love 'em! K

  4. Sammy gets called Samster, Sammybaby, Sam Cemente, pookie among others.

    SD gets called alot of other names too, mostly luka (not sure where that came from) and loopie.

    I guess we just get tired of their real names?

    Nice groaner!!!

  5. I remember all those big band names you mentioned especially Glen Miller as he was my Dad's favourite and it seemed his albums were playing in our house all the time while I was growing up.

    Great pictures tonight! Nice looking diner too. I like diners like that!

  6. I certainly hope Kelly arranged for you to have a heartworm test while at the vet - can't be too careful ya know.

    I call my dog Lady or Lady Lou and once in a while something unprintable.

  7. Collectively ours are The Doggers .. or the Muttenheimers.

    Duke has morphed into Dookie Palookie or the Dukemeister.

    Duchess has noteably become Dumb Ducky. (the name fits)

    I used to have a Sheltie that had a very long string of names that was said all in one shot: "Kasha-Burger-Dip-Dog-YoyoHead-Spaghetti-Brain"

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  8. I have been gone from the blogging world for a while & I am trying very hard to get back on the bloggin track... I have missed my blogland friends! Your post as always was very intertaining and the pictures really GREAT...
    Travel Safe

  9. I'm thinking the Bumsters probably just put up with your chameleon like name calling, and go on about their business. :) Just like Emma aka Emma-shmemma, aka pill face does with me.

    I like that shot of the black-chinned sparrow...

  10. We have to agree with you about the music, although Suzy is way too young to remember that (she thanks me for that comment!). One day, when our older daughter was in her early twenties,we had some early music on, and she commented to her Mom, "That is music to commit sin by!" Her Mom was properly shocked, but Deb was right -- very romantic and sensual music. Probably a good thing today's kids AREN"T hearing it!

  11. Please keep the snow in Az. We are happy here in California without it!

    Weather here is not so great for the next couple of days also...

  12. ACE is the PLACE!

    I'm not a music man,,,,,,,My only opinion is there are 2 kinds of Music, Country and Western......

    My Kids didn't agree with me neither!!:-)

    Honker in,,,, its a stormin up here in Congress...Down to 42* at noon!! and rainin slightly.....We're sending it your way!!

  13. Go figure...We're back in Illinois and it's gonna be rainy and 51 degrees New Year's Eve!! Lay low and keep warm!! Hope you had a blessed Xmas..!