Saturday, January 08, 2011



A high thin cloud cover this morning told us we were likely in for a cool day.  Figured it might be OK for a Jeep drive somewhere with the heater on low.  By the time we figured out a destination the clouds dissipated & the warming sun’s rays appeared.  Decided to just stay home,  catch a few rays & do some book reading.


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It was somewhere close to 3 when Kelly, at the computer desk said, “there’s a Jeep at the gate.”  I asked her what color it was & she said “white.”  Only people I knew with a white Jeep in these here parts right now was some fellow blogger folks passing through on their way west.  And, they were from Montana……..yep, it was Janna, Mike & Emmi from, TIN TEEPEE/LOG CABIN:))  What a great surprise to see them.  We first met Janna & Mike one day in the Kofa Mountains over near Quartzsite Arizona last winter.  Always nice to see folks & we had ourselves a nice chin wag for an hour or so.  It seems bloggers never seem to run out of things to talk about.  Mike said he wasn’t sure if they should drop in or not & I think people are actually a little surprised when they see that I am in fact, not as Cursmudgeony in person as I am on the blog sometimes.  Some may find that a relief while others I am sure might find that a bit disappointing.  Thanks for dropping by today guys……& see, I never even chewed the tires off your Jeep.  Maybe catch you later over near Bouse or Borrego Springs.  And, if you hadn’t dropped in today I wouldn’t have had any photos for tonight’s blog:))


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Had some questions about yesterday’s blog wondering who was doing the renovations at the Mary Kidder Rak ranch house.  The Rak’s sold the ranch in the 1940’s to a lady who remained there until her death at which time the ranch was willed to the United States Forest Service.  Am assuming they are the folks doing the restoration but I am not certain about that.  We may stop into the Forrest Service office next time in Douglas & ask some questions.  It is obvious that work had been started at one time to preserve a couple buildings at the Fort & a few historical markers had been erected.  But, it also appears those efforts have stopped & long grass has overtaken some of the markers.  The environment is once again taking over the two remaining buildings as well as the entire site of the old Fort.  The restoration work at the Ranch House looked more recent to me.


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I wonder how many people traveling up & down the Interstates are really aware of the incredible beauty in those far distant dark & foreboding looking mountains.  From a distance mountains look very barren, unappealing & void of vegetation.  I’m sure a lot of people don’t even give them a second look or could care less.  For those people who have taken the time & made the effort to venture into the mountains there is an entirely different world than what meets the eye from a distant Interstate.  Waterfalls, lakes, woodland springs, towering pine trees, flowering shrubs, tropical vegetation's, desert cactus, meadows of wildflowers & an abundance of animal life.  Mountains are a wonderland of color all by themselves.  Nothing dark & foreboding about them whatsoever…..unless you never get off the Interstate & out of your rig long enough to be a part of them.


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Ever wondered what a 10 pound apple pie looks like??  Me neither but Martha & Terry at GYPSY LIFE JOURNAL have a picture of one at the bottom of their Chiricahua Monument blog today.  And, here’s the best part for any of us folks in the Willcox Arizona area.  We can just drive right on over there to that Willcox town on I-10 & pick one up at Stouts Cider Mill 1510 North Circle I Road.  This is also the location of, LEROY AVIATION.  And, we did an internet follow up on Martha & Terry’s mention of Rodneys & found some great food reviews.  Methinks we have a Willcox trip coming up shortly:))


GROANER’S CORNER:((   A duck walks into an auto hobby shop and says to the clerk, "Do you have any duct tape?"

The clerk shakes his head and says "Nope. We don't carry none." The duck sighs and exits.

The duck comes in the next day and asks the clerk, "Do you have any duct tape?"

The Clerk rolls his eyes and says "No." This goes on for a few weeks. Eventually the Clerk gets very annoyed and threatens the duck. "If come in here one more time and ask for one more duct tape roll, I'll staple your feet to the floor!"

The duck comes back the next day and asks the clerk, "Do you have any staples?"


"Good. Do you have any Duct tape?"

Tourists see the world, travelers experience it.

The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...... AL.


  1. I see lots of mountains I'd like to explore, but it's not so easy when you're a solo, at least for me. Half the enjoyment is sharing it.

  2. fellow 'jeepers'and 'bloggers' meeting up..!..and we all know the conversations just flow!...just like old can run but you can't hide..determination outweighs all!!

  3. Great place to be in the winter...take a look at my winter storage near Barrie Ontario
    In spring we will be ready to roll again.

  4. We bought one of those 10 pound apple pies a few years back. That was on a Sunday, and that pie must have been left over from Friday. It tasted kind of tired. we haven't been back to Stout's since then. I would expect a freshly baked pie to be a lot more tasty. As for mountains -- we love 'em, but have allowed ourselves to restrict ourselves too much. As you said to us yesterday -- we'll only get there if we really want to get there!

  5. Awww what a nice visit between two of my favorite bloggers!

    That poor Motormouse looks like she wants Emmi to go home... NOW! haha

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. Looks like you a great visit with some good RV friends....and Hey Kelly...LOVE the new haircut!!! I'm a short hair fan anyway!!!

  7. Al,

    Thanks for the tip on the claw anchor. I took a look at the web site. I guess I'll get one. Sure seems to be a good solution and if it works for you, then it will work for us.


  8. 10lb. Apple Pies?? I'd forget what Jerry says and I'd be driving over there today (Sunday) and picking up one of those pies even if it was made on Friday - a quick hit in the microwave and it's good as new! Add a little (lot) vanilla ice cream and it's even better!

    Glad to see you got to meet up with 2 of my favorite blogging pals too!

  9. I was just wondering what ever happened to Belle Starr and her ranch? I know you did a lot of work last year at her place.


  10. I'm kinda glad they don't all come off the Interstate and back into the mtns and hills.... Crowds and me don't mix. I love people, but give me over about 6-8 in one spot and I'm nervious, ready to roll...

  11. What a great surprise! Glad you had a good visit!
    Blessings, K