Thursday, March 03, 2011



My internal Ontario body clock started the day off for me at 2:30 in the morning again.  Max had to go out at 3 so I stepped outside with him.  How nice it is not to have those freezing cold night time temperatures over here in southern California.  So nice to comfortably stand out under the stars again.  I see the summer constellations are swinging into view from the East & readying themselves for their annual march across the summer night sky in a few months.  My old buddy Scorpios is looking as grand as ever.  Looking to the North I could see the glow from a ka-zillion million lights on the other side of the San Bernardino Mountains.   The megapolis of cities was alive for another night.  And, it also told me that RICK had left his 5ver’s outside light on again!!



I had today’s blog about our Split Mountain/Wind Caves drive all set to go this morning already but our day somehow got very busy so I will post the Split Mountain blog Thursday.



Nice to read KAREN'S blog & feel the excitement as they visit the great southwest for the first time.  A few days ago they were underground at the great Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico & later on to the  White Sands National Monument.  Also note in their blog how considerate these two people are in regards to their fellow RV’ers.  Now, why can’t everybody be like that!!  Karen & Steve are in a very special place of ours for a few days right now but I will let Karen tell you about it in her blog later:)))))


Ever wonder what the mountains around Sedona Arizona might look like cloaked in a veil of snow?  KEN & CINDY lucked out a few days ago by being in the right place at the right time with their camera:))


Ivan from ROADTRIP 2010 rolled into the neighborhood Monday afternoon & is parked about half a mile from us just over a ridge.  On our walk this morning we trekked over to Ivan’s to see him & little cutey pie Hailey, Ivan’s treasured little feline friend.  Had ourselves a good old RV chin wag & a tour of Ivan’s rig.  Funny to watch Hailey & the Motormouse having a go at each other through the safety of Ivan’s 5th wheel living room window.  Always nice to see Ivan & you never know where he is going to pop up next.  By the way, a little birdie told us Wandering Willy has made it home to BC safely.



DSC_0206  DSC_0207





We knew John & Judy from RV LIFE ON WHEELS had rolled into the area yesterday but this is a vast land out here near the Clark Dry Lake Bed & we didn’t know exactly where they were.  On our walk over to see Ivan this morning we looked for their rig but could not spot it.  This afternoon shortly after 3 we heard a Motor Scooter roll in behind the RV.  John & Judy had spotted our big American & Canadian flags while going by on the highway.  They recognized the flags from photos I have had in the blog.  John said they have been following our blog for about 3 years now & told us we are the reason they came to the Southwest last year.  I’m happy to report they just love it here & that always makes us feel so great to think we have had a positive influence on someone’s happiness.  And, as usual with meeting RV Bloggers there was no shortage of things to talk about.  And again, here was another great easy going fun loving couple that we felt totally comfortable with.  I could see us ram rodding around out in the desert with our Jeeps maybe next year if they are in the area again.  Great people for sure.  Check out their latest blog about what happened when the bicycles came loose on the back of their Class C.  It wasn’t nice & involved their Jeep which they were towing at the time.  If that wasn’t enough, John had a mishap with his newly built gas powered model airplane a few hours later…  WE KNEW THERE WOULD BE DAYS LIKE THIS.


DSC_0223 DSC_0225



Jean & Skip from TRAVELS WITH JEAN & SKIP are heading out in the morning heading for a stop at Joshua Tree State Park before heading further north.  We slipped over to see them before they left & meet their 3 doggy guys.  Jake, Louie & Sophie are 3 loving high energy guys who would make the Energizer Bunny look like he was going backwards.  Sophie & Louie are Boston Terriers & big Jake is well…..big Jake:))  Nice to see their Class A with all the renovation ideas.  Skip is one of those handy carpenter guys & I am one of those yakky Blabberfingers guys. (as evidenced by tonight’s long blog again)  We may see them shortly along the road because we are heading for the same areas they are….only a few days later.  Safe travels guys & give those pooches some smooches for us:))







I think this was a record day for us visiting with people here in California.  Ivan, John & Judy plus Jean & Skip.  We are getting to be quite the social Butterflys I’d say.  Tomorrow I plan to stay in bed for the entire day so that I have absolutely nothing new to write about tomorrow night & can then fit in my Split Mountain blog:))


And, a final few thoughts on what what one commenter has termed, ‘The Lemon Gate Blog.’  I did wake up this morning feeling much better than the day before about all this.  It is true that I am waaaaaaaay to sensitive for my own good but it’s the way I have always been & figure it’s the way I will probably continue to be for these last remaining years.  I thank readers for their many comments & emails.  Thinking back I probably shouldn’t have used the word ‘Snitch’ in that Lemon episode.  I explain that now as having my Tom Sawyer hat on when I wrote that.  I think Tom & Huckleberry may have snitched a pie or two & some cookies in their day & my off handed slightly humorous reference about that set the wrong tone.  And to answer the question of why I posted about the lemons in the first place I can only say that it was a happening that was part of our day & it never occurred to me we were doing anything wrong & it certainly never remotely occurred to me that it would generate a negative response from some folks.  Kelly reminded me this morning of the thousands of positive comments & hundreds of emails we have received over the last few years & not for us to take a hand full of negative responses & let them bring us down.  Thanks to everyone for their understanding comments, support, & advice:))


Now, with a word about the commenters I hasten to add this….we received two emails of apology this morning that we graciously accept.  I think there is a lesson to be learned here for all us.  We sometimes say things in haste while sitting comfortably behind our computers in the security of our own homes.  It is so easy to type out some careless thoughts & hit the ‘Send’ button before rethinking ourselves.  I’m sure we have all done that at some point including myself.  The internet with all it’s email & instant messaging programs, comment access & open forums plus the advent of blogging is akin to the old wild west days where the old saying went something like, “shoot first & ask questions later,”  It is so easy to ride into town, shoot up the main street & just keep on riding right out of town the other way.  When we hit that ‘Send’ button it’s kinda like a Cowboy stepping out into the street, pulling out his 6 shooter, leveling it & firing a shot off at the other feller down the street.   Once the trigger is pulled there is no time for second thoughts & no way of running down the street after the bullet to stop it from hitting it’s intended target.




We live in an age where we computer people are all blazing new trails every which way just like in the old west.  Not a lot of rules & regulations out here.  Encounters are going to happen, personalities are going to be challenged & some shoot outs are going to occur.  The lesson in all this for me is just as everyone has suggested.  Toughen up & don’t get my Mossmagator in such a big knot.  Hopefully we can all move forward from this Lemon Gate affair having learned something from it to be better people….. & even better friends…10-4:))



Q: How can you tell if an elephant is in the refrigerator?
A: The door won’t shut.

Q: How can you tell if an elephant has been in the refrigerator earlier?
A: Footprints in the butter.

Q: How do you get an elephant into the fridge in the first place?
A: Open door; Insert elephant; Close door.

Q: How do you get a giraffe into the fridge?
A: Open door; Remove elephant; Insert giraffe; Close door.

Tourists see the world, travelers experience it.
The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails -William Arthur Ward
The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...... AL.


  1. We love you, Bayfield Bunch!!!!!

  2. Can't believe it I am the first one to comment, and what a comment it is, You & Kelly are my kind of people, if you lived here in the States you would be in the Silent Majority. I for one concentrated on Kelly's happy face and didn't even see a lemon. Be safe out there.. Sam & Donna.

  3. It's a great thing meeting so many bloggin friends... Always nice!!! As far as the lemongate.. most never gave it thought...4 beautiful lemomns which made a beautiful picture. Snitched is just a fun word to use and was cute. Anyone reading your blog regular or knowing you would know you would never really STEAL anything! And there is nothing wrong about being sensitive... Love your post and look forward to reading them everyday.
    Have fun & travel safe

  4. The pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Theres nothing wrong with being sensitive.

    Travel Safe
    Dawn and Denise

  5. You two are really becoming social butterflies. That's really nice!

    All the emails and positive comments on your blog speak volumes about how much the moral majority truly appreciates you.

    To the small minority of lemon heads, well,....bah humbug!!!!

    Don't ever lose your expressiveness Al, it's clearly in your makeup.

  6. Al, As I commented on Rick's post, Frankly Scrlet, Who gives a d**** about the lemons. It's very trivial at best.

  7. AMEN! Now let's get really naughty and muddy up those tires on the Jeepster!!!

  8. Al,you sure have a way with words. It's true, words are like a gun slinger's bullet, one you pull the trigger and head out of town the damage is done and no one is held accountable. Happy to see you have dusted yourself off a bit and are back at what you do extremely well after the "Lemon Gate" episode.

  9. That you and Kelly are becoming social butterflies is an understatement! Glad to see you enjoying the southwest and also meeting other folks who love it as well.

    For me, it's becoming increasingly difficult to write a blog or to comment on others when I have to read and re-read, and weigh every word, to make sure some thought police isn't looking to trip me up over it. I am getting weary even trying. Glad you are back on track.

  10. have a great day Al and Kelly!..nice the analogy of the 'shoot first and ask questions later'!!

  11. Welcome back!!! ;-)


  12. Al this is the 2nd time I've noticed this, but your pictures don't have the "bayfield bunch" copyright on them?

  13. Al, our homebase is across the river from Hannibal so Huck's 'snitched' is a word that didn't jump out as us like it apparently did for a few. You have such a wonderful way with words, I hope lemongate will not detract from your ability to be so open. We your audience are very lucky to have found you and your unique talents in both written word and photography.
    If it weren't for our online friends like you and your lessons learned, Ken and I would be in more nail-biting situations like driving in to Jerome with a motorhome!
    We have had one of our grandest adventures ever these past two months and our most cherished memories are of places like Borrego and Why/Ajo--places we would not have found were it not for you or other folks in your circle.
    Your words today about communication in this new online 'social network' world are spot on. It can be hurtful sometime, and sometime our words can be misconstrued, but rest assured that you have a friends out here, many who haven't even met you personally, who feel a kinship with you and are very appreciative for the time and efforts you put into this blog art of yours.
    Hugs, C

  14. Ahhh, Scorpios. That explains a lot. LOL I have learned about that "send" button the hard way, Al. Sometimes email communications can get totally convoluted, and what you thought you said turns out completely different from what the sendee read. It's a big difference talking face to face in the real world and trying to communicate thoughts on paper. Especially if you are a fast typist and just ramble on what is on top of your head as I often do. Such as here. LOL Good to have you back with such a great post.

  15. Al, as your long-time friends and readers, we are very happy to see that our contribution to Lemon-Gate is short lived, and we can be back on track!

  16. Thanks for being kind about the high energy dogs. They were wild, I guess because they hadn't had company over for a few months. Jake was asleep by the time you got to your jeep. It was great meeting you and Kelly.

  17. How vast is the difference between "snitched" and "gleaned", eh? Two great words, so expressive.

    You never know how someone else with react to your words, written or spoken - though of course the written word is far more likely to be misinterpreted. Someone whose day is going poorly will read your writing with a negative "ear"; next day, perhaps it would cause them to chuckle instead. Your use of "snitch" in the sense of benign mischief didn't ring any alarm bells in my head. :)

    Glad to see that you are rightside up again.

    Safe travels,

  18. It was geat meeting you and Kelly today Al! Great to run into fellow Canadians, and thanks to you for 3 years worth of blogs that I have followed and learned from... You are the "Blogfather"!


  19. I've been misunderstood many times! One I never understood was when I complemented a blogger on her determination to pay off a huge debt rather than walk away from it. I said she was "honorable."

    There were several hostile, berating comment from her other followers that called me "judgmental!"

    So, I now try to keep all my comments very blah.

    But it's hard. I have to many opinions!

    I don't care who picks up lemons, or where!