Saturday, March 31, 2012




It has been a very stressful day for us.  I woke up at 4 a.m. & our little Motormouse was very, very, sick again.  It has been a difficult day.  We plan to leave for Ontario first thing in the morning & we’re hoping we can get our little Mouse home OK.  She is not in pain, just stopped eating again & may have thrown up some blood.  The Vet had said the next stop for her would possibly be surgery & we do not want to put our sweet little 15 year old Motormouse through that ordeal.  Our hearts are very heavy tonight.  


Because it was the last day at Arizona House we were up early & hit the decks a running.  I won’t go into detail about all the things we had to take care of but I can tell you we did get our electrical problem solved:))



MIKE over at North Ranch left us a comment this morning informing us of a garage in Congress that was pretty savvy about Motor Home problems.  We had tanks to dump so slipped over to North Ranch & took care of that plus topped up our propane tank.  On the way back we stopped at the B & B Garage on highway 71 in Congress.  In less than 5 minutes the fellow had solved our electrical problem.  There is a re-set button located (hidden is a better word) up front in the engine compartment on the drivers side.  He tested a few wires with a tester then reached around behind a conglomeration of wires & said, “try that.”  ‘Success’:))  Kelly hollered out the window that the interior lights were on.  It was $10 well spent for us & what a huge relief to have that problem solved.  We now know where our re-set button is……do you??


DSC_0002 DSC_0001


While traveling, we leave our fridge on propane as well & it cycles on & off like the water heater.  We may be wrong about this but we’ve always thought the automatic refrigerator ‘igniter’ was electric & on the 12 volt system.



Had to make a quick trip to Wickenburg to return some hardware store stuff  that we had not used or were wrong electrical parts, etc.  Returned a few things to the Alco store as well & came away with over $50 in refunds.


Mike at North Ranch had lent me a garden rake a few weeks ago so we dropped in on the way back from Wickenburg to return the rake.  Pat wasn’t home but Mike was busy in his shop reloading bullets.  He & Pat do a lot sport target shooting.  Mikes a great guy & it was nice to see him even if it was only for 20 minutes.  We knew the Motorhome was warm inside & we were anxious to get back & be with our little Motormouse.



We managed to get all the house windows covered with a collection of curtains, wraps & Mexican blankets.  Drained the hot water tank, turned off the electricity, checked that all windows were locked, etc.  Our little Arizona house was all set for it’s long summer hibernation.  Can’t wait to get back in October & continue with our creative property plans.


DSC_0033 DSC_0003-001


Our home in Bayfield will be needing a lot of attention when we get back so I will be focusing on that in the coming days.  Always a big yard clean-up this time of year & I don’t mind doing that.  Keeps me busy for a few weeks & I need that.  In another week or so I will be feeding Birds & doing battle with pesky Squirrels for another 6 months.



We are not big Birthday or Anniversary people here but somebody had a Birthday today & it was not me, Pheebs or Motormouse.  Putting this in the blog tonight may land me in some very big trouble.



It was very sad earlier this evening as I walked through the house taking many photos for our records. I was sad, the house was sad & it just seemed like the few pieces of furniture we had managed to gather together were all sad as well.  But, I have a head full of great memories from this past month & I know from experience that once we turn the key Saturday morning & get the big wheels rolling, my mood will change & I will once again be up for the challenge of the journey.



GROANER’S CORNER:((   Do you realize that in about 40 years, we'll have thousands of little old ladies running around with tattoos?

- Tourists see the world, travelers  experience it.

- Home is where your pet is:))

- The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right  now...AL.


  1. I am so sad to hear about the Mouse. But please don't extend her life. It's not fair to her. She just wants to be in your arms and surrounded by your love. And Max and Checkers can hardly wait to see her again. I'm sorry.

  2. Safe travels to you guys; hope the journey home is uneventful. Happy Birthday to Kelly and an extra hug for the Motormouse from us.


  3. Happy brthday to you know who, though it sounds like a stressful bday. But you got some problems solved and are ready to roll. I hope the Mouse gets better, maybe a second opinion along the way if there are questions about what's wrong, these little ones can be pretty tough. I had a little dachsie that lived to be 19.

    Safe travels and don't look too hard in the rearview mirror as you're pulling out, cause you might hit that big saguaro, and it's pretty stickery. Come to think of it, that sorta applies to life in general, doesn't it?

  4. I hope the vet in Bayfield will be able to figure out what's going on with the Mouse. Take care:)

  5. Happy Birthday to YOU!
    So, so sorry your sweet motormouse
    is sick again. I know your hearts are heavy.
    May God bless and keep you all on your travels to your other home.

  6. I'm so sorry about Motormouse. It was a very difficult time for Jack and me when Lizzie was sick. She had incurable Lymphoma, so I held her in my arms as they put her to sleep one final time. I will never stop missing her, but I had promised her that I would never let her suffer. She didn't. It's one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, but it was my obligation. I would have hated to see her in pain.

    I hope that whatever problem Motormouse has is not serious. Please keep us posted about her. I've come to love her through your blog.

    Safe travels home. Let us know you arrived safely. I hope you continue to blog while at home.

  7. So sad for you and the little one. She has had so much trouble this winter. I know you will keep her as comfortable as you can. Maybe she will rebound one more time when she gets home to Bayfield.

  8. Safe and enjoyable travels to you all. Glad to hear the motorhome electrical problem is solved and so sorry to hear about little Motormouse. Hopefully she will make a full recovery!

  9. I'm sorry to hear about MotorMouse. I won't say Happy Birthday Kelly because I know it's just not a happy day for you. But many, many blessings on you this coming year. Glad you got the electrical problem solved. $10 sounds like a good number to me. Six months will go by fast and before you know it you will be heading back to the AZ house.
    Praying for traveling mercies for you .
    ~Betty and Joe

  10. We get so invested in other peoples lives, even if we don't actually know them or have met them. Have a heavy heart over poor little Motormouse. Hope all go well on the way home. Safe travels, enjoy the view. Glad the electrical was a simple thing.
    Happy, happy day to Kelly!!!!

  11. Glad to hear it was a cheap fix for the rig.
    sure hope little Cora rebounds from her illness. Makes my heart ache thinking about her being sick.

    Safe travels tomorrow.

  12. Happy Birthday to you know who!..
    so sorry to hear about your little Motormouse..hope the journey home is without a need to stop at the vet! travels as you make your way north!!..October really doesn't seem that far away!!

  13. So sorry to hear about Motormouse. Maybe a road trip will help. Sure glad Mike mentioned B&B. I've been there before and always been happy with the service.

    I'm sure it's difficult to leave you new home so soon. But adventure and Canada calls. Look forward to reading about the up coming journey.

    Happy Birthday Kelly! (To late, it was FB.)

    Keep the rubber down. ;)

  14. Oh no, so sorry to hear that little Motormouse is not feeling well again. It's amazing how one can come to really care for others that are only met through words and heart is heavy at the thought of little Cora being sick. :(

  15. Safe travels Al, Kelly, Pheebs and Motormouse. Tears and prayers as I read your blog this morning.

    Bev in

  16. Real good that electrical problem was and easy fix. Hope Cora dies get feeling somewhat better for the trip home. Hope you plan to celebrate with Kelly on this special day.

  17. Away playing golf yesterday. Just read your email. So sorry to hear that Cora had a relapse. Thought she had conquered whatever it was that made her sick. Hope she will make it home okay.So relieved the rig problems weren't serious. Safe journey home. My thoughts & prayers are with you always. Love & hugs...Aunt Jean

  18. Good morning Bayfield Bunch ~~

    Many concerned, yet hopeful thoughts will be traveling with you as you make your way back to your Bayfield home over these next few days.

    It seems Cora's been putting up a good 'fight' to continue her life with all of you and I can understand why. Sending along a bunch of good wishes to your little Motormouse.

    Safe travels

  19. I sure hope that your little Cora makes it through this. It's so hard to watch them and feel so totally useless when they are sick.
    Drive safe and take care, and Happy Birthday to 'you know who'.

  20. SO SO very sorry to hear about your little Motormouse!! We are not sure we will ever have another dog because we are not up for such days anymore!! It truly breaks your heart!!

    Safe travels.
    Elizabeth in NC

  21. So very sorry to hear about Cora, wee Mouse. She may be telling you it is time; I know you won't let her suffer. It is so very difficult. Can hardly believe it is time for The Bunch to be heading North again! Seems like you just got here! Safe travels with thoughts and prayers for Mouse and all of you.

  22. It was good seeing you both yesterday, but sad your leaving...Our thoughts will be with you on the safe. Anxious to hear all about it...

    Although I didn't realize it, that big hug I gave Kelly yesterday was also a BIRTHDAY hug!!

    Hard to believe that we are just 2 months from being up in the Black Hills at our place.....

    We have little MotorMouse in our thoughts also....Bless her.

    Gonna miss you guys, but we will look forward to seeing you next year and staying in touch all summer...

  23. So sorry I missed you.yesterday. I wanted one more hug before you left. :-) Kelly I hope you had a good day on your birthday but I know it wasn't a "happy" day with little Motor not feeling good. We are sending lots of thoughts and prayers your way. Have a safe trip home and if you think of anything that needs to be done at the AZ home that you forgot, just let us know. We'll take a "drive by" when we're in the area to check on it. We'll be here till the end of May. Big hugs and we're looking forward to seeing you when we all get back here in a few months. Drive safe....

  24. Hope Motormouse gets to feeling better and perks up as you get on the road to home. Travel safely.

  25. Al, Kelly, I'm so sorry little motor is under the weather again. I know you will do your very best for her. Be safe on the road.

  26. So, so sorry to hear about the Motormouse! Travel safely as you head home across the country. The house will be waiting patiently for you to return in the fall. And those of us on FB all knew it was Kelly's BD!!

  27. Virginia says:

    Happy B day to Kelly! You certainly have so much to celebrate this year. Feel sad also you have to leave AZ and Motor is not doing well. She is hanging in there for you I think. You have made that house a beautiful home. So happy for you. Have a safe trip back east.

  28. Guys,
    When this exact scenario happened to our dog it was diagnosed as kidney failure. You haven't mentioned Mouse's creatinine numbers or any other diagnostics, but the bloody vomit is a sign. With severe renal failure the disturbed body chemistry starts to eat up the stomach lining. If the Vet has mentioned that it could be kidney failure... I'm so sorry to say this, but her time is up. She will suffer so much more if this continues. She could eventually bleed out from her stomach. Don't do that to her. It's a horrible thing to witness. Good luck. Stay strong.

  29. So sorry to hear the news about little Cora. Safe travels to you all.

  30. Happy Birthday, Kelly! Sorry to hear about many emotions with the house and Mouse..our thoughts are with you as you make your way northward.

  31. So sorry about Motormouse. It's so difficult when that time comes.
    Travel safe!

  32. Arf Arf Grrr Bark Bark Yip Grrrrr Whine Whine Whhhiiinnnnneeeee

    (from Ducky and Duke to MM)

  33. Arf Arf Grrr Bark Bark Yip Grrrrr Whine Whine Whhhiiinnnnneeeee

    (from Ducky and Duke to MM)

  34. We will be sending good thoughts and prayers for little Cora. Safe Travels home!

  35. We'll second Jim and Sandie's recommendation. What a wonderful find of a reset button, Everything in life should have a reset button if needed, and it should be hidden away, lest we overuse it.

  36. Prayers for MotorMouse to get stronger and better. Prayers for you and Kelly for a safe trip home.

  37. May the spirits of all who love their pets surround you and Kelly as you decide on Mouse's care at this time. She knows she is loved! Safe travels to Bayfield.

  38. Glad you got your electrical problem solved. I am so sorry to hear that Motormouse is not doing well. We got some bad news about Poppy earlier in the week but didn't want to write about it until after the kids go home. I really do understand what you're going through and am sending hugs to you, Kelly and the fur kids. ♥

  39. Sorry to hear about Cora. I was hoping she was getting better. Have a safe trip home.
    Sylvia K.
    Murrieta, CA

  40. Happy 30th birthday to Kelly :)

    I can't say much more but to echo the sentiments of the other blog followers on Cora's condition.
    As you well know, from Max and Checkers, the dogs let us know when it's time.

    Safe travels home and I sincerely hope Cora does get better and it was something minor.

  41. We are so sorry to hear about Motormouse, I know she was a big part of the family. You guys take care and safe travels.

  42. Our hearts and prayers go out to little Motormouse! Our pets are like our children, I know it is so hard at this time!

    Happy Birthday, to some one special!

    Safe travels on your return to Bayfield!
    Grant and Kathy

  43. So disappointed to hear of Motormouse's relapse. It sounded as though she was recovering quite well over the past week or so.

    Prayers that you have a safe trip back to Bayfield, and that Cora makes it back home safe & sound one more time. Of all the dogs we've had -- and there have been many -- we've only been lucky enough to have one make it past 13. Every day I'm grateful our Bailey wakes up in good health (besides having lost most of her hearing, and being limited to short walks these days). She turned 12 on Dec 31.

  44. happy birthday so so very sorry to hear about Motormouse :(

  45. Our hearts are heavy with you.

    Safe travels. I understand the sad. It's leaving home all over again. Heck, I get sad each time we leave our now-favorite piece of desert (the latest one is always the favorite).

  46. I have been following your blog for several years now. Sometimes you never get to met the people you follow, but you get to know them through their writings. You, Kelly and the furry kids have become part of my blog family, so I'm sending prayers and healing energy your way for little Cora. Wishing you, Kelly and the Furry Kids a safe journey home to Canada and I know you will get good news on your condition. I know you both hate to leave your new home so soon, but it won't be that long before you get to return in the fall. I was so glad to hear that the electrical problem was an easy fix. My birthday wish for Kelly is a beautiful rainbow and a night sky where the stars are so bright that she can touch them. Peace

  47. It is so sad to hear that Motormouse has had a relapse. We hope that she will improve during your journey home.

    Safe travels, take care!!

    And Happy Birthday to whomever is having one.... :)

  48. I've felt uneasy all day as my thoughts have been with you. I'm so sorry to hear that Cora has left you. Hope you will be able to get her little body across the Border. I can understand this must be a very sad travelling day. Take care & stay strong. Thanks for letting me know about Cora. Love & extra hugs...Aunt Jean

  49. We just read that Cora has passed on in Kelly's post on facebook.....

    Dogs are soo special.... God gives them to us for so short a time and then they have to go.....

    There's tears in Kansas....

    We send our strength to help get you home......... Rod

  50. I am so sorry to hear about Motor Mouse. I am not sure if your trip home will take you anywhere near Stillwater, OK but the Oklahoma State University Veterinary School is phenomenal.

    We took our English Bulldog there last year and was so impressed with the veterinary staff and students. They have an awesome program.

    Our Daisy dog had an inverted corkscrew tail that had been a problem to keep clean and an aggravation to her with the almost daily cleaning. The last straw was a serious infection that popped up overnight and was very painful for her.

    So, we made the decision to have her tail amputated. Major surgery for a bulldog is very serious due to their lack of a nose and their large barrel chest for airway needs. And, amputation of the tail is serious and can have major complications if not done right. They are actually doing surgery on the spine.

    We live almost 3 hours away so we had to take her to Stillwater; then come home and wait.

    They did the surgery the next day. There was a senior clinician over the surgery and a resident in surgical training that did the surgery and she was great. She called me as soon as the surgery was over to give me all the details.

    Daisy was assigned a 4th year veterinarian student to care for her. Each student is assigned only one animal. She called me twice a day and kept me posted on Daisy's progress.

    Daisy had to go to ICU due to low oxygen immediately after surgery and in ICU she had 24 hour care by a vet tech and student vet tech. Again, superb care.

    They are a teaching hospital and tail amputations are not common so Daisy's surgery was filmed and will be used in the surgical courses for future students.

    Just wanted to let you know in case you felt you needed to have Motor Mouse checked out on your way home.

  51. Happy Birthday to Kelly.
    I'm sorry to hear that the little Motormouse is sick again. It's too bad our animals can't tell us exactly what is wrong or hurts.
    Have a safe trip back home to Canada.

  52. Oh Al & Kelly, Our hearts goes out to you both and Pheebs. We are so sorry to hear of litte Motor's(Cora) passing. So many wonderful stories over the years of that little one. Tears are flowing here in Oklahoma for you. Am sending a healing hug your way.

  53. Al and Kelly, I am so so sorry to hear that little Cora has left you. I was so hoping when I read your post this morning that her relapse was only temporary. :( Tears and thoughts for both of you tonight....

  54. I am so sad for your loss of little Cora. My thoughts are with you at this time. Safe travels...

  55. So many comments, Al, Kelly! And what everyone expresses are also our feelings. Be safe on the road!

  56. Oh no...we are so sorry to hear about Mouse. We were so hoping that she would make it "home." Know that there are many thoughts with you on this journey...Hugs ((()))

  57. Happy Birthday, Kelly. Your new home looks great. Safe travels!

  58. I'm crying here too in Mississippi. Rest in peace little dear Cora...

  59. Al and Kelly,

    We are so sorry to hear about little Cora, so sad, the tears are flowing.

  60. So sorry About Cora. She was a good little dog. Our thoughts are with you

  61. A good friend had her wonderful dog of 15 years put to sleep today, he had cancer and was failing fast, in spite of chemo and all kinds of stuff. He was a big version of Cora, a big yellow sweetheart. His name was Jeb.

    I read about Cora and was feeling sad about both her and Jeb, so went out tonight and looked up at the stars - so many up there - just to get out and away from averything. And I'll be darned if I didn't see something that looked like it could be old Jeb running through the night sky, all happy go lucky, really stirring up a trail of stardust - and there right behind him was someone that looked like little yellow Motormouse chasing him, and several other dogs on their trail, ones you and I both knew from long ago.

    They were streaking through that night sky like blue metallic meteorites!

    You know, they're always with us. Hugs.

  62. So very sorry to hear about Cora. Praying for peace and strength for both of you. Not much of a happy birthday without all the family members. Cora was a sweetie. Safe travels.