Friday, February 08, 2013




An early post today.  We’re leaving here at 6 p.m. & slipping on down to Surprise Az to meet a shuttle van coming up out of the Phoenix airport around 9.  If all goes according to plan, we will be meeting the van with Aunt Jean on board in the parking lot of the Golden Corral.


Mike over at MIKE & PAT'S TRAVELS has an interesting post this week on how he loads his own ammunition for he & Pat’s target shooting hobby.  It’s quite a process as Mike explains with words & photos the 4 stages of re-loading bullets.  It has turned into an enjoyable hobby for him since purchasing all the bullet re-loading equipment about a year ago now.  Might want to be a bit careful though….Mike works with gunpowder:))


A few more thoughts on our new RV & tomorrow we’ll move on to some new topics…………..We all know the many advantages of having a larger RV such as much roomier living space, higher capacity holding tanks, bigger hot & fresh water tanks, etc. but when downsizing, one has to get one’s mind switched around to the advantages of having a smaller RV. And, here’s how I see the advantages. By the way, if we were moving from a smaller RV to a larger RV then I would be writing about the advantages of moving to a larger RV.


In our new 23 foot Chevy Sunseeker, starting with the engine, I like the fact it is the newer more fuel efficient Chevrolet 6.0 in this rig. I know we will not see a dramatic fuel savings, but it will be better mileage than what we had.  Also like the idea a Class C is easier to service at any garage & will fit in most any bay. We will be back to dealing with normal size tires again. Something our air compressor will finally be able to handle. And, smaller tires mean smaller replacement costs. No hydraulic levelers or slides to worry about anymore. Standard exhaust system again means a substantially reduced replacement cost compared to the long dual exhausts on a Class A. The gas/diesel pros & cons go on forever but felt comfortable sticking with the more familiar gasoline engine.


We now have driver & passenger doors & I like that. We will miss the big panoramic view out the huge Motorhome windshield but we’ll live with that. I like the idea of the smaller, cozier cockpit with better heating & air conditioning qualities. And, how sweet it is to once again have a great sound system & quieter ride. Really missed that with the Motorhome. Like the idea we have power windows now too. And, OMG what about all this new computer stuff I am seeing in the dash. I remember my first car never even had a gas gauge. (61 VW Beetle) How am I ever going to get my head wrapped around all this new auto technology. Blue tooth, touch screen, iPod, built in GPS, Sirius satellite radio & the list goes on. I am sure there are many features on this computer center I am not even aware of yet. Well, no matter, I just might surprise myself by somehow figuring things out eventually. One of the reasons I like our Jeep Wrangler so much is there is no fancy schmancy stuff in it, but here we are now with……………….oh well, despite myself I’ll probably be alright.


And, here’s another reason for downsizing at this time which some folks may think about but rarely talk about. I’ve already mentioned about it being much easier for Kelly to drive. If something were to happen to me, Kelly wouldn’t be stuck with a large aging Motorhome she wasn’t comfortable driving. If she decided to keep right on RVing, the 23’ Sunseeker would be perfect for her. As I said, not something couples may talk about a lot, but something I think couples should definitely think about in their future plans. We’re not exactly ‘invincible teen-agers’ anymore ya know……………….


After Thursday’s long post & many photos, I figured I’d try to keep things shorter today.



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  1. Hope your new rig serves you well for years to come. It is a handy size to have for State parks etc.
    Have fun with your Aunt, ours is leaving tomorrow if the North East Blizzard does not change her plans.

  2. I'm so glad your deal worked it's way out. Sure looks like a great rig with all the amenities. Hope you both get to enjoy it for a long time.

  3. You are right on target when you said your new RV will be easier for Kelly to drive if something should happen to you. you are right most people don't think about that. I am definitely thinking about it with the close call with Donna. No one gets off the planet alive, and none of us are immortal. Smart to make contingency plans as you are doing. But above all be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  4. The best of wishes on your new rig, and easier travel. Love it. We hope you have a wonderful visit with your Aunt. Precious times.

  5. Thank goodness I can drive this motorhome, but John is a hog since we got this one! It was one of our main considerations when we went to 40' diesel. We have a beautiful sound system, we just need to learn how to use it to our advantage!

  6. Hope this darn Winter weather doesn't mess up your Aunt Jean's plans for getting there tomorrow. Thanks for sharing the great photos of Pheebs! You will have fun learning to use all the new stuff in the motorhome. Now you just need to find time to take it out for a few trips yet this season.

  7. We're still a ways from actually downsizing, but we've talked about it already for many of the reasons you've outlined. Love your new rig, and I see Pheebs approves!

  8. you have some great reasons for downsizing..and Pheebes? are most welcome! we love seeing your 'smiling face'..and your mom and dad's too!

  9. My folks just downsized too. Sometimes in various stages of life, it makes sense to plan ahead. Good for you.

    Plus for smaller trips, it makes good sense for you guys!

    Love the pic of Pheebs. And have fun with Aunt Jean!

    Karen and Steve
    RVing: This Country Is Our Big Backyard

  10. I just know you will have too much fun with your new rig. Maybe take Aunt Jean out for a spin in it too.

  11. Pheebs is so cute sitting at the table. And you are right about the wife having something smaller. I think about that with our fifth wheel and truck....wouldn't want to do that by myself.

  12. I know my dogs are the cutest, smartest most amazing dogs in the world, but that Pheebs might just give them a run for their money! That last picture of her is Wonderful. I could just reach out and give that sweet face a kiss!

  13. All good valid points to downsizing...eventually it will be the same move for us..that pheebs is so cute I could kiss her face right off!!!!