Monday, February 04, 2013



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Turned out to be a busy morning for us.  Finished up putting a few southwest decorations in the rig & then drove it over to the CONGRESS DEPOT MARKETPLACE on highway 89 to set it up with a ‘FOR SALE’ sign in the window.  Climbed up on the roof & put the solar panels up.  Slides out but not the awning.  Winds are too unpredictable here in the southwest to leave a rig unattended with it’s awning extended.  Felt kinda sad as we drove away leaving it there by itself.


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Sure looks bare at the south end of the house without the Motorhome sitting there now. I’m kind of a sentimental character & I do get attached to things. We have had so many pleasantly great memories in that rig over the years. And, a few sad one’s as well. The Bayfield Bunch is that Motorhome, & that Motorhome for 5 & 6 months out of every winter has been a part of the Bayfield Bunch travels for 6 years. I’m always sad to see old friends go………but wait a minute, we haven’t sold it yet.  I sure do have a habit of getting ahead of myself sometimes…………...


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Aunt Jean arrives this Friday evening from Sarasota Florida & we are seriously hoping for some warmer sun drenched weather for her. It will be easier traveling around in the Jeep this year for Kelly now that Bev & Jim in Wickenburg have lent us their Jeep’s rear seat.


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Not being sports minded people at all here, we didn’t have any interest in the Super Bowl game.  We do usually check in on the half time show though.  I lasted about a minute & that was enough of all that noise!!  The only talent I saw was in the special effects with all the laser lighting & pyrotechnics.  I really think they should raise the bar & use that prime piece of time to put together some seriously talented, gifted, & quality musicians for that half time show each year.  Enough of that inaudible hollering & bouncing around fluff so many of those generic performers do nowadays.  Come on folks, how’s about rounding up some seriously qualified musical talent for next year!! 


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While wheel barrowing some crushed stone around this afternoon I was reminded of something my Grandfather used to say.  I was just a wee little feller & we lived in a small southern Ontario village.  There was a forest less than a mile from our house we called ‘Kaufman’s Bush’.  Each year in around this February time we would sometimes here the first cawing of Crows.  Grandpa always said that when the Crows cawed up in Kaufman’s Bush, it always meant Spring was just around the corner.  It was the raucous cawing of Crows I heard overhead this afternoon that reminded me of my Grandfather.  Of course here in the southwest these noisy flying fellows are called Ravens.  A slightly larger version of the Crow, but the same rasping sound.  I wonder if my Grandfather ever knew that…..



It is not unusual for me anymore to fall far behind in my blog reading.  I just have not kept up with everyone like I used to just a few short years ago.  Doing some reading this afternoon I caught up with a fellow Blogger who has been on my side bar a long time.  Reading his latest post I saw something was wrong so backtracked a few posts until I saw Sam’s post from last Wednesday.  Sam’s wife Donna, is facing very serious heart surgery this coming Friday.  Reading Sam’s post I sensed the urgency, the fear, & Sam’s deep love for his wife Donna.  This is a difficult week over at, SAM & DONNA - 5TH WHEEL VAGABONDS.    




- Chevy V-8 - 8.0 Vortec engine on a Workhorse Chassis
- 51,000 trouble free highway miles
- 2 slides, 5500 Onan generator with 125 hours
- Back up camera & hydraulic coach levelers
- 2 Kyocera 130 watt solar panels, 2500 Trace inverter & 4 in-line 6 volt batteries
- Plumbed for a fuel efficient indoor propane heater
- About 12,000 miles on all new tires
- New toilet in December 2011
- Two new tailpipes in August 2012
- New coach battery in July 2011
- No roof leaks & roofed re-caulked in October 2011

- Small built in computer desk
- New upgraded flat screen Toshiba TV with DVD player
- New Fantastic Air vent fan in 2010
- New upgraded awning in 2008

- Windshield sun screens
- Sirius Satellite Radio antenna on roof
- Fridge & brake recalls up to date & about 10,000 miles on the last oil spark plugs in 2009.
- All onboard systems work, including the A/C & furnace
This Motorhome is set up for boondocking, is in good condition, & has many traveling miles left on it. 
Email us at................


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  1. I wish you a quick sale. Really nice rig.
    I will be selling my Trailer in Pinetop this spring or how ever long it takes. Can't put it up now as I sure don't want to go up and empty it out in the freezing cold.

    I really enjoy your pictures they are great.

  2. Maybe putting the size of the solar panels would be a good idea.

  3. Good luck with your sale. Sounds like you have an abundance of good memories using that rig.

  4. The add looks good, and I think the price is right, just need the right buyer. Will pass it along. Good luck.

  5. Sounds like a really good deal on the Damon. Should sell fast.

    Love that picture of Pheebs at the end.

  6. Great price for the rig! Jim and I were thinking that it would be a good sell for some North Dakota Oil Worker since there's a shortage of housing in the area. If there is no sale here, Craiglist it in Bismarck, ND and make the interested party pick it up for that price.

  7. Rig looks great! Very reasonable price too. The tires and solar are a big plus. I think the interior paint is beautiful, and you should have a better chance selling it in Arizona than in Canada. Will there be any problems with title transfer because it is registered in Canada?

    Best wishes for a quick sale.

  8. Boy I love the pics of your rig. It's really beautiful. If we hadn't just gone with this trailer we might've been ending up with that motor home.

  9. I love the colors and decor of your motorhome, and wish I could buy it. But even if I could buy it, I doubt I could drive it! Good luck.

  10. Its a good deal, just need the right exposure and its gonna be gone... And like you once you list something, I consider it as good as sold...


  11. Good luck on a quick sale. Saw your rig on Craigslist, looks great!

  12. the rig looks great..sure hope it is a quick sale for you!

  13. I wish you good luck selling your rig. Since Spring is coming that might make it the right time to get some interests.
    I agree on the halftime show...gee there are lots of talented musicians out there!

  14. Lots of luck on the sale of your Damon. It sure looks spiffy. I like the openness of the front area but never thought of that. Don't forget to list on Craigslist. That's a great place to find buyers.

  15. Beautiful rig! I love the decor, too! Are you looking for a smaller one?

  16. Good luck with the sale guys! And I totally agree with your comments about the halftime show--UGH!

  17. Al, looks like WE have some catching up to do too! Didn't know you had decided to sell the old beast. Certainly understand sad feelings. We have pretty much decided to hang on to old Rosie; in fact we are outfitting her for long-term travel again -- gotta keep our hopes high, you know.

  18. Al & Kelly, Thank you so much for your concern and prayers, We are just waiting it out now and hoping all will go well. I sure hope your MH sells fast I know how it was when I was excited about buying our latest fiver. Soon as it's sold you will find a nice deal waiting hopefully. Be safe out there. Thanks again my friend. Sam & Donna...

  19. Drove by the Depot today on the way to the Post Office and saw your rig sitting there. Looked for the Jeep to see if you were near.

    We are at North Ranch for a few days then back to Casa Grande.

    Wish you and Kelly the best in selling the rig.

  20. I would love to have the room and upgrades of your motorhome but I'm afraid I would be running over curbs and who knows what else. Hope you can get it sold so you can get what you want.