Friday, February 01, 2013




Woke up this morning feeling better than I thought I was going to feel, so with that thought in mind I made it a point to begin the process of putting our Motorhome back in order.  Not all the 6 years of clutter mind you, just the necessary things that will make it nice, cozy, & livable again. 


On the long drive back from Quartzsite Thursday I was thinking the same thing so many commenters have said.  Just wasn’t meant to be & somewhere down the road something better will transpire & the reason for Thursdays disappointment will become clear.



Just want to put in a good word for the 3 people we dealt with at ‘RV’s For Less’ in Quartzsite.  Dan, Summie, & Danielle all treated us fair & tried to make the deal work in our favor, but in the end it was a 4th party, their Boss from a different dealership, who didn’t like our ‘southwest taste’ & squashed the deal by offering us much less for our coach.  Thanks to Dan & Summie for trying, & thanks for your honesty.


Okay, moving right along, it’s time to get the train back on track.  And, I guess that means my morning weather report.  Hey, I’m Canadian you know & we Canadians do get a bit pre-occupied about our weather.  We were pushing 70 today under clear blue skies & any day we can leave our doors wide open is always a winning weather day for the Bayfield Bunch:))




About mid morning, Kelly headed off to Wickenburg on a grocery run.  Of course with Kelly it is never just a grocery run.  She’s always bopping in here & there checking out sales, looking for bargains, & forever keeping an eye out for free stuff.


Pheebs & I stuck close to home keeping busy with the Motorhome re-structuring & just general puttering around type stuff.  Painted all my garden tool handles Taos Blue.  Not only protects the wood from weather but makes the shovels, rakes, etc more visible & easier for me to spot.



JANNA is still having problems with Spam & has had to block her ‘Anonymous’ commenters again.  I & many others have had this same problem.  I blocked Anonymous comments a long time ago but left a different kind of option open that has worked well for years.  I have a ‘Shout Box’ in our right hand column & for anyone who can’t comment as Anonymous in our blogger comment section, they can always comment as a Guest in my Shout Box.  Or, they can easily add their name.  I’ve had that Shout Box for maybe 3 or 4 years & so far so good.


Ever notice how people say things to you without ever thinking about what they are saying. And they will say the exact same thing to the person they meet before you & the next person after you. I swung into the McDonald's drive-thru line one time & ordered up a Burrito & coffee. When I rolled up to the cashier window she said, "I must be dyslexic this morning." She was half talking to herself as well as me as she seemed to fumble with a roll of quarters. I wanted to reach out, put my hand on her shoulder & sincerely say, "thank you so much for an original greeting." Doesn't it just bug ya when people say, "Hello, how are you today." It's a robotic programmed quip we all have that comes out as an automatic saying, & do most people really care when they say that to a passing stranger. If they did they would stop & wait for a response. But they don't, & just blow right by & lay the same saying on the next person. Wouldn't you just like to turn around some time, grab hold of a person & say, "Soooo, you really want to know how I am today do you!!!!"


As I rolled up to the second pick-up window at the same McDonalds another lady fried my brain with the standard high pitched, "Have a nice day." That decades old worn out insincere verbal piece of dung is like fingernails on a chalkboard for me. It's another one of those habitual programmed responses that doesn't mean a hill of beans. That busy window lady couldn't care less if I ate my Burrito up side down or drove over a flock of lost fish worms.


Have you ever been not paying attention at a grocery store & crashed your cart into somebody & have them tell you they're "sorry." My fault, but they say they're sorry. What's with that. I'm the one who should be saying, 'sorry' but of course I never do because the other person has already apologized for my mistake. No point in two of us standing there trying to out-sorry each other because before long somebody else would come speeding around the corner, crash into us & say......well, you know!!



GROANER’S CORNER:((   Karaoke bars combine two of the nation's greatest evils:
People who shouldn't drink with people who shouldn't sing.

- Tourists see the world, travelers experience it.
- Home is where your pet is:))
- "If having a soul means being able to feel
love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals
are better off than a lot of humans."
(James Herriot)
- The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails -William Arthur Ward
- The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...AL.
- It is not so much having nothing to do as it is not having the interest to do something....AL.


  1. Well looks like all is coming around for you now.
    When customers came in my restaurant I would say "Happy Monday" (or whaever day it was) threw then right off base and they thought I was nuts. But you know what? I cared and made their day and they remembered me.
    Take care and I know all will work out for you.

  2. no pictures of the bright blue handled tools?..too bad..
    just stopping in to say are you today?.. :) and yes I will wait for a response!

  3. Don't be too hard on those poor folks at McDonalds. I think their entire day is one big script. Must not be much fun to say "would you like fries with that" a zillion times a day!

    Love the morning light on the coyotes. Sure shows up their colors nicely.

  4. Whenever anyone asks me "how are you?" that probably doesn't give a snit, I usually answer "well , I'm here." That is about as meaningless as their question.

    I guess I'd rather they ask how I'm doing or bid me a good day than ignore or swear at me.

    dog do the same thing to each other, but for them it is a butt sniff and tail wag. Just a greeting.

  5. Sorry about the RV sale but you know you just have to wait for the right person....someone who will appreciate what you and Kelly have created.

  6. How in the world do you get those great bird and wildlife shots. I spent hours today hoping to see a Persian Ibex here at Rockhound State Park in NM with no luck.

  7. Wonderful pictures of the coyotes and the red tailed hawk, Al. Have you ever been driving and come up to an intersection that has a four way stop, but no the same time that somebody else comes up in one of the other side streets and has to stop? Sometimes a bit difficult to determine who is going to go first, usually with some waving and hand gestures going on. (No, No, not "those kinds of gestures", Al.)

  8. I think those poor souls are told exactly what to say and how to say it. Seems to be happening more and more. I know they were even trying to give us a script at our walk in counter at the IRS. That's when I decided enough was enough. However, I will apologize if someone else ran into my cart. Not sure why I do that. Guess I'll have to ponder that one.

  9. I suppose an apology for them being a bumbling idiot is better than threatening to beat the snot out of them.....LOL

    Anyway, I'm glad your over that nasty sales manager that didn't like your motorhome... Maybe in a week or so if the sunseeker is still there, he will soften up some.. Or with luck maybe you can find a different sales manager, they do change at Q..... Keep your salesman in your friends list for a while... Great deals sometimes take ....... Time....

    I started on the Goldwing in November when they told me that I couldn't trade in the white scooter..... No way Jose! But finally in January I got the deal done... Took 6 weeks...

  10. I think most businesses tell their employees what to say. A convenience store I frequent always has some kind of candy or slim-jim by the register that they ask if you want to buy. I have heard the manager jump on employees if they forget to ask. One of these days I'm going to tell him I'm tired of them asking me to buy something. The only reason I go there is because they are the only store in town that sells Diet Cherry Dr Pepper.

    I have already told Sam's that I'm tired of them asking if I want to update my card for $30. I have never seen anything they have on sale that I want and I don't want to pay extra to go to Sam's at 7:30 am. Boy I'm getting crabby in my old age. lol

  11. I just love the looks of a coyote, and you caught them very well in the photos.

    I always got so irritated with the "How are you today" crap, but the last few months I've been replying in a bright voice, "I'm just fine, and how are you?" It's amazing that it makes me feel a lot better than what I used to say to myself when the clerks went into their spiel.

  12. I generally let the "How are you greeting" just pass. However, if I'm having a BAD day or just want to mess with the greeters mind I'll respond with "I'm better but getting over it."

  13. Al, try this: Whenever somebody asks you "How are you doing?" say: "Who cares?" and you will see most times there's no answer forthcoming.

    In continental Europe people say "Good Morning" or "Good Day" or "Good Evening" and even "Good night". I like that a lot better.

  14. Gypsy said: "I always got so irritated with the "How are you today" crap, but the last few months I've been replying in a bright voice, "I'm just fine, and how are you?" It's amazing that it makes me feel a lot better than what I used to say to myself when the clerks went into their spiel."

    Good for you Gypsy! I imagine the clerks also would feel a lot better when that was said said rather than if someone just frowned or grunted at them.

  15. Al, thanks for the thought about putting a shoutbox on the blog. Lately there have been more annoying anonymous comments, so hopefully this will be a nice alternative for folks who don't want to mess with the increased security on my comments input form. Cheers for that and for sharing your world with us!

  16. What is more aggravating to me is when you are completely ignored like at Walmart when they check you out and don't even say boo to you. Sorry about your RV, I'm sure the perfect one will come available for you someday. Those Coyotes look like they are on a mission for "FOOD"

  17. One I hate, HATE more than the "how are you today?" question is "How is your day going?". I really dislike that because I know they could care less.

    Sometimes I apologize to a person for their action when they fail to. Some folks are rude and never apologize for anything. At least by doing it for them, maybe they'll get the point.

    Love your coyote photos!