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Good friend & fellow RV Blogger RV SUE & HER CANINE CREW rolled into our area a few days.  Only took a couple emails back & forth for Kelly & I to drop over to Sue’s scenic & nicely secluded boondocking site & I might add very familiar location.  Same location we vacated just over a year ago to move onto our house property in Congress.  Ahhhh, tis the good life that Sue & her crew live:))



Been just over a year since we saw Sue & the crew or should I say since Pheebs had seen Bridget & Spike.  Lots of wagging tails.  Great to see Sue again & we ended up sitting under her Casita awning on a beautiful Arizona day chatting away for the best part of 3 hours.  And I may add, an enjoyable 3 hours at that with lots of ground to cover & catching up to do.  Roads traveled, mutual friends discussed, some techno talk, RVing ideas shared, etc. etc.  I like when I am able & feel comfortable enough to talk with a fellow RV Blogger who also understands well the in’s & out’s & up’s & down’s of blogging.  Nice to know a fellow boondocking RV blog writer who shares many of the same thoughts & feelings I do.  Sue & I are very much alike in many ways & it’s always interesting & fun to talk with her about the great outdoor boondocking & adventurous lifestyle many of us so much prefer.  Our need for privacy, our desire to be away from the norm, & our quest to be independently free.  Ahhhh yes, I always enjoy talking to folks with like minded interests, ideas, & experiences:))


DSC_0022 DSC_0016 

And a very informing email from a reader this afternoon that I feel bears reprinting here.  It has to do with Canadian Snow Birds & the length of time they can be out of Canada & more importantly……how long Canadians can remain in the States.  This is an ‘eye opener’.  Reader’s email in part says……………..”



‘Please be aware that the Canadian rules for how long you can be out of Canada and the American rules for how long you can be in the United States are NOT the same’.



Just "google it" and you will see - there is a lot to learn - many new rules effective 1/1/13



Yes - Ontario allows you to stay out for 212 days and still keep health insurance etc .

But the United States only allows you to be in this country for less than 6 months - Apparently, a Canadian snowbird is allowed to travel under an "understood visa" - but if you are going to be here longer than 6 months you must apply for and get a real VISA and that may not be easy to do.


Also, you may be required to pay US income taxes - and if any US border agents become suspicious of any attempts to manipulate the system you could be denied entry or put on a restricted list and not allowed to enter the US for several years”.

DSC_0037 DSC_0039

Well, for we Canadian Snow Birds that is a bit scary to say the least.  And especially for those of us who own property in the States.  In no uncertain terms I guess that puts an end to any plans for us traveling to Colorado & Utah before the snow flies in the mountains this coming September.  It also backs up our Ontario departure time to mid October again.  Well, it was some nice imaginative thoughts & travel plans I had while it lasted:((



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  1. Can you make shorter trips to the state? Go to Colarado for f few weeks, then back north into Canada and then ack down? Do you have to go all the way back to Ontario?
    How long can Americans stay in Canada?

  2. A great opportunity to renew your friendships! She sure does have a great neighborhood. We might do that some day.

  3. I rode right by Sue's RV the other day,,,,4 of us riiding 4 wheelers,,,I thought I recognized that RV...We were anxious to get home and it was dusty so we hurried on home. I was working on a gun, trying to get it to shoot properly. Ya don"t see many RV's out in that area anymore.... I was curious about that little antenna she had on a pole. I'm an antenna guy and would like to know about that one.....

  4. Great pictures of your visit to RV Sue's. She sure does have a green spot in the desert right now. I always enjoy reading about the antics of Spike and Bridget. Nice that Pheebs got in a good visit too.

  5. as I was reading today..saw the first picture of RV Sue and her rig and recognized the tree and wondered where the 'cows' were?..and low and behold scroll a little further and there they were!
    Great little spot she has there and fine 'neighbours' too!
    as for the time allowed in the states? 182 days is what I thought the magic number was for those of us from British Columbia..

  6. Nice to see you all together out in the desert. Plus seeing the Weavers. Won't be long now before I'm on top looking down on you all. Bummer about the VISA BS.

  7. What great fun, I really enjoyed seeing the friendship in those pictures. The dogs even radiated good ole friends. Wow so much to worry about with Canada, I hope you can get it worked out so you can travel like you planned. Now if you were here illegally there wouldn't be any problems...I know be nice Tammy

  8. We have been aware of the 182 days per calendar year in the USA for years and certainly don't want to be denied entry for our southern migration.
    When we made a quick drive to Ontario in December for a family function we were quizzed on our return to the USA. And one question was why did we cross the boarder last August? The only way he knew this was by scanning our passport. We had only walked on a small ferry and went into Michigan for lunch and a stop at the duty free shop. In the USA for about 4 hours. They are watching us.

  9. Why not go to Zion now Al and Kelly on the way home, the weather is great there. The "Oh, The Places They Go," folks are having a ball right now.

  10. Al and Kelly, thanks for sharing your visit with RV Sue. Your friendship shines, and the dogs really are enjoying themselves, too! Kindred spirits all aound...

  11. Reading this blog post warmed my heart, Al. You say the sweetest things.

    How fast time flies when shared with you and Kelly, my good friends.



  12. So cool to get together with Sue again, she is a special lady.

  13. What a great pic of Sue and the doggies! So lovely that you were able to meet back up again.
    Nina & Paul

  14. What a sweet gathering of all of you...from a huge fan and follower :O) Tell Kelly she sparked an idea in my head...I'm going to embroider on my fav pair of jeans as we travel! It's 15 degrees wind chill in central IL so I was drooling over the nice golden brown tans, shorts, and flip flops! Sending positive energy until you cross that border...hoping you figure out some more ideal options! That's got to be tough!

  15. A very informational blog..I was unaware of the US rules of travel too...I do understand though..The "bad guys" are trying to sneak into the USA at every opportunity...Too bad all you "good guys' have to suffer for it!!

  16. Hi, I'm Sharon from Florida. Also known as freespiritwoman on Word Press. I have been following Sue and the crew for over a year now. Tomorrow I am looking at a Van, hoping to start traveling myself this year. Look the pictures you took. Sue and the crew look happy and healthy. look forward to connecting.