Sunday, May 05, 2013


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Kelly was packed up & headed for Cambridge by 9 this morning. A short time later Pheebs & I were Jeeped up & heading off on a back roads tour. A stop at the Canadian Tire Store first netted us a new battery powered Black & Decker weed whacker. I left our 2 year old B&D whacker in Congress. Weeds are exploding out of the ground all around us here so a new whacker was hurriedly in order. Out of respect for neighbors I don't like making a big noise with power equipment on Sundays so Monday morning I will officially declare war on weeds & whack my way around Weedville for awhile.
A message in the Shout Box this morning told us Aunt Jean had safely made it back to Sarasota Florida. That journey involved an early morning car ride to London, a van ride to Detroit, a plane ride to Baltimore, a two hour wait, another plane ride to Tampa Florida & late night car ride home. Tires me out just typing all that so you can imagine how tired Jean must have felt by the time she got home. Still enough energy left to fire up her computer & send us a message though. Yep, that's my Aunt Jean alright & she's made of some pretty darn good stuff I'd say.........:))
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I've been aware for quite awhile that I look kinda frumpy. When one doesn't see oneself from afar one really does not have a concept of what they look like. Everybody else does though.  Wasn't until Kelly brought me a pair of better fitting Blue Jeans home this week that I realized the two faded pairs I have wearing since the turn of the Century hang on me like a couple old long forgotten dusty potato sacks.  I did dress much better years ago but somewhere along the line I turned the corner from trying to look good to just plain feeling comfortable. At least with baggy pants I can bend over easier, get up off the ground better, & I don't nearly break my leg in half getting on & off the motorcycle. A shirt flopping outside my pants instead of crammed into my pants just makes a whole lot more sense & makes me feel a whole lot more comfortable. No fighting to put on shoes anymore either. I just take the laces out of the darned things & flop my way along. 
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Always hated wearing hats & it wasn't until we began RVing back in 06 that I started setting the darned things atop my dome. I was totally hatless for the best part of 62 years. Now it's kind of hard to not go along with the logic of wearing a hat. First & foremost it keeps that bright sun out of my eyes. Second, I can hide under it. When I see someone approaching I would rather not talk to I can just kinda dip my head & the brim hides me from eye contact as I stealthily slip on by.   And thirdly, it hides my thick mop of hard to manage & sometimes scary hair.  But here's the thing, I much prefer my Mr. Flumpster look nowadays as opposed to my Mr. Natty Dresser look from back in the 80's. Soooooo glad I finally grew myself out of that stage & got myself comfortable in my own threads. Of course there is another whole way of looking at all this but I don't think I'd better go there.......................
In a recent interview with Canadian singer/songwriter & humanitarian Tom Cochran I heard him describe song writing as a form of therapy. Couldn't agree with him more & I also understand the close connection that therapy analogy has to many Bloggers such as myself. It's actually an opportunity for some of us to sit at our keyboards each day & write about things on our minds. Sometimes those things are not easily said or verbally talked about.  However, for some of us, thoughts & feelings can sometimes be easily written about. Writing for many Bloggers is a form of daily therapy. Not all of us have those perfect happy-happy, bouncy-bouncy, back to back, awesomely awesome days. You the imaginary yet real people reading our posts are in fact the Therapists. You are the real reason many of us put the time & effort into our weekly or daily posts. You patiently listen, your understanding is appreciated & your comments & emails are always important feed back for any Blogger. Again, just a big thank-you to all the readers who have hung in over the years through the ups, the downs, the gray days, the funny days, the flubs, the mistakes, the embarrassments, the high points & the accomplishments. Without you folks reading there wouldn't be much incentive for some of us folks writing..…………………………
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And here is what you never want to happen to you in your whole RV lifetime.  Check out what Tammy & Art from “IT'S GOOD TO BE US” recently came across.  We have all made our embarrassing & costly RV mistakes so I do feel for this poor fellow who made a quick decision………….& it cost him:((
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GROANER'S CORNER:(( A pastor was giving a lesson to a group of children on the 23rd Psalm. He noticed that one of the little boys seemed disquieted by the phrase "Surely, goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life..." "What's wrong with that, Johnny?" the pastor asked. "Well," answered Johnny, "I understand about having goodness and mercy following me around but I don't want Shirley following me around all the time. She's a gabby gossip and a pain in the ass!"
- Tourists see the world, travelers experience it.
- Home is where your pet is:))
- "If having a soul means being able to feel
love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals
are better off than a lot of humans."
(James Herriot)
- The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails -William Arthur Ward
- The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...AL.
- It is not so much having nothing to do as it is not having the interest to do something....AL.


  1. Well I do agree with the being comfortable part, but I kind of figure that someone else (your mate) does have to look at you. Personally I really don't want to look like a homeless person in my mate's eyes. So although I do dress for comfort I also try and look presentable. But to each his own, I say.

  2. Comfort yes, I hide behind my hats and vest but then I stand out. But thats me, comfortable, get a new vest once in a while and even some new hats.

    Some times I even put on respectable clothes, just because it makes her happy.

    Loving this weather thou now shorts!

  3. But you didn't even give us a picture of your respectable jeans...........! LOL

  4. If someone would just design super comfy clothes that look great too, we'd all be much happy campers.

  5. My "other half" has his favorite clothes. Never wants me to wash them; they'll just get dirty again. And they're his "work clothes". That's all very fine, but when he wants ME to go somewhere with him, he can change his clothes. He doesn't complain too much.

    As to your using your blog for therapy; I think that is a two way street. Your opening up; saying what you think and how you feel; is an inspiration to readers. That sincerity of yours makes this world a better place. You are the one who deserves the "thanks". Oh, and I didn't even mention the fabulous pictures we get to see for free!

  6. Love the beautiful photos of the trilliums, violets, and may apples. Really is spring now!

  7. I am not a blogger, so I don't make a lot of comments. Yours is always the first blog that I read. I love the honesty that you have in your blog and the fact that your days are more like ours...not always awesomely awesome. I enjoy the advice you give about photography and all of your truly awesome photos.

  8. Comfort clothes are the best! I always wondered why people don't get burried in PJs. Who wants to spend eternity in tight dressy clothes?

  9. Hi Al and Kelly, I'm excited to hear that you're getting the larger RV. The layout is almost exactly like ours! The only different is that our door is a little further back and there's a chair behind the passenger chair (that doesn't swivel). Consequently our countertop is much shorter. I really like that part of your layout better. The rest is the same and we love it! We use foldable tables. We plan to use the overhead bunk for storage so will put some faux cabinet doors up there to cover the bins. We tow a Samurai. Anyway, I'm excited for you and I think you'll be much happier with the larger size. Grace & Steve (in Tucson)

  10. Amen to that last part...
    Box Canyon Mark

  11. Those May Apples take me back to my kiddo days! I'd sneak off to the woods and pretend that they were umbrellas.