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Concerned, Kelly phoned her Doctor’s office this morning to find out how soon it will be before she can get in to see the Specialist in Stratford. She told the lady her condition is not improving. The Doctor’s office told her she should have the appointment 'sometime within the month'. Having not needed any real medical assistance over the years we had only heard about Canada's long medical waits & never paid much attention to it. We are both finding out first hand right now about those 'waiting lists'.  My hip X-ray was well over a month ago & I’m still waiting for an appointment to be set up to discuss my options………….My kidney stone situation was taken care of pretty quickly last year but that was a different set of circumstances. The hospital in Tucson Arizona faxed my Doctor their test results last winter well ahead of our arrival home in the Spring. By the time we made it to Ontario a series of further tests & appointments had already been set up by my Nurse Practitioner & I moved through the system fairly quickly culminating in the laser procedure on May 28th. I suspect the size of the large kidney stone & where it was lodged helped speed things up as well.   

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Years before we were the Bayfield Bunch we were the 'Dreamweaver's'. No idea what made me think of that this morning but I recall back in the late nineties living on the old farm near Fullarton Ontario we decided on that name after buying an old & aging 17' Class C Dodge Centurion. It was our first RV. We were very new to computers in those days but I do remember putting some kind of site together even then. It was probably 5 years or so before we even knew about Blogger. In fact I'm not even sure if we knew what a blog was back then. I remember having a few pics on the site along with some kind of blurb. I don't think anyone ever saw it except Kelly & I but at least it was a start to something we knew nothing about. Those were exciting days. But I did have a slight inkling even back then maybe something just might come out of all that darn fancy new space age computer stuff. Digital photography was new to me & had re-newed my lapsed interest in a 35mm photography hobby I had dropped years before.   Traveling has always been in my blood, & another long lost interest from years gone by made it's presence known again. Writing:)) Kelly's son made up some lettering for us & you can see our Dreamweaver name & website on the back of our rig in the photos below. The whole RVing thing was new to us but we were eager to learn & get out there & be a part of that daring lifestyle. We began weaving our dreams into a plan & that is how our first name came about. 'Dreamweavers'. It wasn't long before large pieces of the giant jigsaw puzzle started falling into place & we began to realize how to tie all our interests of Traveling, Photography, RVing, & Writing together. Yes indeed, those were exciting days. You can see how young we looked back then & our dear boy Max was only a year or two old.   NoteNoteTHOSE WERE THE DAYSNoteNote 

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I didn't do our morning walk. Hip felt fine when I woke up & I didn't want to agitate it with a long walk & end up like I did on Monday. Kelly & Pheebs started out on the trail but had to turn back because Kelly said Pheebs kept stopping to look back for me. She just wasn't into a walk this morning without Dad coming along. What a truly sweet little doggy girl she is. While watching late night TV she lays on the couch near my chair & when I get up to go to bed she comes with me & lays either on or beside my bed. If I get up in the night & relocate back to the living room she comes right along with me & will often jump up on my lap & we'll both fall asleep again. Yes, what a truly sweet little doggy girl she is.



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Dell from PRETTY THINGS, ODD THINGS, JUST THINGS joined the Bunch as our latest Blog Followers.  It may be a slow growing list we have but at least it is still growing & we here at the Bayfield Bunch welcome you aboard Dell:))

A shorter post tonight because I am taking myself out to the movies.  Haven’t seen a movie in years but I’m going to take a chance on the new ‘Star Trek - Into Darkness’ movie.  Read & heard some good things about it so we’ll see.  I am a very critical movie goer & it’s generally pretty hard for me to be impressed or wowed by anything up there on that big silver screen anymore. 


GROANER’S CORNER:((  I don’t think we get wiser as we get older, we just run out of stupid things to do

- Tourists see the world, travelers experience it.
- Home is where your pet is:))
- "If having a soul means being able to feel
love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals
are better off than a lot of humans."
(James Herriot)
- The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails -William Arthur Ward
- The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...AL.
- It is not so much having nothing to do as it is not having the interest to do something....AL.


  1. I agree Ontario's health care is not great at all. Hope you guys can get the issues taken car of soon.
    Enjoy the big silver screen!
    We did one last winter in Texas and we really great!

  2. Awesome photos, Al - that Pheebs is something - love the header pic! My wish for Kelly is that she soon gets the help she needs to feel better. This just makes me so much more appreciative that when we have a health problem, we go to the ER at our hospital and get immediate help - so thankful for that!
    Connie in PA

  3. I love the header photo of Pheebs!
    Come to America, illegal aliens get free medical care, food stamps, housing and free phones!
    hahha... actually NOT funny but true!

  4. Al, a few blogs back you wrote about your love of travelling the back roads of Ontario... Have you come across any places that you have gone back to with your RV and spent a couple of days boon docking? I am trying to find some Georgian Bay or Lake Huron boon docking spots. Thanks Bill

  5. You and Kelly have great memories!
    The lilacs and the rain on the blossom is so pretty!

    Great header picture of Pheebs!

  6. Al, that Groaner's Corner made me burst out laughing.

    I am so glad that Kelly called the physician's office. And if she has to again, then she should.

    Praying for both of you...

  7. Back on April 26 the gallbladder surgeon issued an "Urgent" referral for me to see a gastro specialist for a procedure, and he will be operating 2 wks after that procedure has been performed. I finally have an appointment with the gastro guy tomorrow, but it is just a consult. God only knows how long it will be before I can have the bile duct cleaned out and then have gallbladder removed. So it isn't much better in the U.S. I asked the scheduler if this "consult" visit was to bill Medicare for an extra visit, and she didn't deny it.

    I hope Kelly gets seen by a doctor pretty soon. It's must be so frustrating for her.

    You got a real winner with Pheebs!

  8. Loved the old pictures of you and Kelly and Max as the Dreamweavers. You sure have had some wonderful dogs, especially the one you are now blessed with.

    Hope you and Kelly get some answers for your medical problems. Gotta say, neither Russ nor I have ever had long waits for medical care of any kind so I guess in the USA it sometimes depends on your location and maybe your insurance - don't know. Anyway, hope you two get some help sooner rather than later. Best wishes.

  9. you two were rv'ers and bloggers way before the rest of us!
    Hope Kelly gets her appointment soon, sometimes the waiting is the worst part!

  10. When you don't feel good you want answers! It's no different in the US other than we have to pay really big bucks for our medical care. Michael waited in great pain for four months to see a rheumatologist. His beloved rheumatologist just moved to New Hampshire so now we start over trying to get an appointment with a new one. I remember a few years ago when Kelly was having chest pain and she moved through the Canadian system quite rapidly--I was impressed then, not so impressed now!! We sure hope both of you start to feel better soon!

  11. Such a handsome couple...
    Love the nostalgia.
    Box Canyon Mark

  12. I agree with everyone that posted a comment ... "I love Pheebs header picture" !!!!!

    I think Pheebs likes to have her picture taken!

  13. sad to hear that you are having to wait so long for care, both of you. Many many years ago I had a heart thing somewhat like Kelly has, it took me a couple of months to get back to normal. They tried IV antibiotics all sorts of things, but the pain was breathtaking. It went away eventually and has never returned. Wishing that Kelly is well sooner rather than later, and that you get an appointment soon for your hip. Sorry to hear about this wait. I always rave to my US friends who hate Obamacare that Canadian Health Care is so good, according to real people I know, not the news. and they always rave about the waits. Sigh. Ah well....