Wednesday, June 19, 2013



Tuesdays are half price nights at the movie theater in Goderich.  It was a spur of the moment decision for me last night to head out & see the new Superman movie.  I don’t know what it is in movies that I am looking for at age 68 but needless to say I did not find it again with the Superman movie.   I am probably just going to the wrong types of movies.  I won’t bother telling you what I thought about the movie but let’s just say if I thought the Star Trek movie I saw a few weeks ago was way over done with fiery explosions, loooooong drawn out Hollywood fight scenes, & people carrying guns the size of train cars, then I had obviously not seen the new Superman movie yet.  And then there is all the noise.  And obviously being the oldest humanoid in the theatre why would my single opinion matter or carry any weight anyway.    Did notice one thing though….Lois Lane was packing a Nikon camera.  And, there is also & always a very positive side to movie night….it breaks up my frightfully normal night time routine.  And I like when that happens:))  






Kelly had the last few loose ends to tie up with Uncle Harry’s estate this morning so she headed off to Clinton.  Facing either my recliner, the television, or the computer again, Little Tootely Two Toots & I quickly loaded ourselves into the Jeep & hit the trail.  At the risk of sounding dreadfully repetitive again let’s just say we had ourselves an enjoyable few hours in the countryside.  Both our pit stops resulted in a couple short walks as well & a good time was had by all.


DSC_0008 DSC_0011


Question from Chris in our Shout Box inquiring if we have ever used a supplemental brake system in our toad while towing.  Quick answer to that is, no.  When we bought our 03 33’Damon Challenger in April of 07 I figured for sure we would have to have a braking system for our toad at the time which was an 03 Hyundai Santa Fe.  Ron, the extremely knowledgeable fellow we bought the Motorhome from said no, we did not need a brake system for our set up.  What!!  Ron’s business is buying & selling Motorhomes & each one he buys whether in Canada or the United States he picks up himself.  He has more towing experience in his little finger than I will ever have so I took him at his word.  And he was right.  Even with a few ‘emergency’ stops over the years I have never ever felt the need for brakes on the toad.  Ron could easily have sold us an expensive brake system at the time but he didn’t.  Have always had great respect for Ron’s expertise at FOUR SEASONS PERFORMANCE ever since.  Both our Damon 33’ Class A & 23’ Chevy Sunseeker Class C towed our our 06 Jeep Wrangler just fine as well with no brake system.  I know some States have laws requiring toads to have brakes but I don’t know what States they are & have never heard of anyone being charged with no toad brakes.




One of the great benefits of being an older guy with gray hair & a white beard is that no one sits beside me at a movie theater.  And especially so if they see an old guy hanging off the end of a cane.  I always have lots of room with both seats on either side of me empty.  Love it.  Leg wasn’t bothering me but I knew after sitting in the theater basically motionless for over 2 hours I could be in trouble when I stood up.  Taking my cane was just a precaution.  As it was, I didn’t need it.  Okay, maybe a couple times when I had to poke some baseball caps off the two young guys sitting in front of me.  Did they notice?  Not a chance, they were too engrossed in the movie & probably just thought it was flying debris from everything getting blown up on the screen.  Am I serious?  Nawwwww:))


DSC_9898 DSC_9901


And another thing I was reminded of again last night.  I never ever feel lonely or alone hanging out with myself.  Never that is until I encounter a group of people.  Kind of a strange thing but have noticed it for many years now.  If I walk into a room full of people I will immediately clam up, become uncomfortable, & look for the nearest out of the way corner.   I try to fade myself into the background somewhere.  Standing in the line up for the movie I was aware of all the young folks around me chattering away about their iPods, iPads, Blackberry’s, school, or whatever.  Felt like I was standing by myself on the surface of the Moon.  Couldn’t wait to get into the theater, find my favorite center screen seat, & slink down into obscurity.  Also observed at the end of the movie after exiting my seat how many people were shuffling slowly up the aisles with their faces bent forwardly down staring intently at their glowing palms.  In those palms were tiny screens all lit up as people seemed to be panicking for phone messages & texts they may have missed during the movie.  And OMG what if one of the Kids had missed a Tweet.  Ah, tis a different world we now live in.  I kinda prefer the Moon idea thank you very much.  Beam me up Scotty, I’m ready to get out of here……………….


GROANER’S CORNER:((     A guy dies and is sent to Hell. Satan meets him, shows him doors to three rooms, and says he must choose one to spend eternity in. In the first room, people are standing in crap up to their necks. The guy says "no, let me see the next room." In the second room, people are standing with crap up to their noses. Guy says no again. Finally, Satan opens the door to the third room. People are standing with crap up to their knees, drinking coffee and eating Danish pastries. The guy says, "I pick this room." Satan says okay and starts to leave, and the guy wades in and starts pouring some coffee. On the way out Satan yells, "O.K., coffee break's over. Everyone back on your heads!"    

- Tourists see the world, travelers experience it.
- Home is where your pet is:))
- "If having a soul means being able to feel
love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals
are better off than a lot of humans."
(James Herriot)
- The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails -William Arthur Ward
- The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...AL.
- It is not so much having nothing to do as it is not having the interest to do something....AL.


  1. Al, you should see our family. If we get together with our daughter and son-in-law, BOTH of them are on their i phones. Hubby and I are on our Galaxy phones. Finally our daughter will announce, "Alright already, ENOUGH of this!" and make everybody put their phones away!
    Love your photos today!
    ~~Cheryl Ann~~

  2. I don't like the noise of movies today either, especially with surround sound. The movie makers seem to pay more attention to sound than is warranted. I don't think Casablanca had that much noise, and it was a war story!

  3. Groaner's Corner made me laugh out loud. I agree with you about the Superman movie ... I kept asking myself "is it almost over?" I have to admit I'm one of those "phone people".

  4. We haven't been to a movie in so long that I don't even remember what the movie was. We do enjoy renting from Redbox sometimes.

    Great comparison on the photos. I bought Lightroom software and just cant make myself learn all it has to offer. I am still lacking in the photo editing area!

    Love the lilipads!

    Hugs to Pheebs.

  5. Beautiful, lovely, gorgeous photos tonight. Thanks for sharing them! Just love the Lily Pads and of course, since I am a birder, the Doves.

  6. The grandkids wanted to go to a movie today so I took them...and dropped them off! I'm better off to watch something at home without all the loud noise and pulsing light (save a headache).

    Great pictures of the lovey doveys!!

  7. We went to a movie last winter in Texas and enjoyed the experience a matinee on a rainy day.
    Love using Picasa for editing.

  8. Ok big guy get ths dust off your tel-o-photo its show time
    well for some i sleep late theres no life in the AM BUT for you ,you little moonshine guy you have this

    "supermoon" peaks on Sunday, June 23, 2013.
    A supermoon occurs when a full moon coincides with the moon being closest to Earth in its orbit, also known as perigee. The near perfect timing of these two celestial events makes the moon appear larger and brighter in the night sky.

    The moon will be closest to Earth at 7:32 a.m EDT on June 23, but you will be able to see the supermoon shining bright on Saturday, June 22 as well.

    Sunday's supermoon will appear 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than a regular full moon does, NASA scientist Michelle Thaller tells ABC News.

    The June supermoon with be the largest in 2013 — the moon won't come this close to Earth again until August 2014 — but you can expect another supermoon on July 22. The last supermoon was on May 25.

    While a supermoon does bring extra-high tides, the extra gravitational force is not big enough to produce any significant changes in seismic activity for those who are concerned that the moon's close proximity to Earth will trigger earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

  9. Our son and bride also have their phones going all the time. But Jim and I are almost as bad. We usually rent the movies we watch. That way I can get up and move around.

  10. "Man of Steel" was partly filmed in the next town from us, Plano, IL. Plano was Smallville, and they shot some of the explosions there too. I only want to see it so I can see if I can pinpoint some places in Plano that I know...That movie didn't get great reviews.